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Found 34 results

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/monster-of-the-deep-washes-ashore-at-lake-macquarie/news-story/8f2443d358ed9e0fd69929377d0029d0 Monster pics
  2. because not all blennys are lawnmowers..........
  3. Would those be ok together with some large rainbows? From The Native Dude
  4. Sorry if this is in wrong section. Not sure if it belongs in here or in the native section. Im wanting some info and feed back from people who have them. Also was wondering if anyone has any of these for sale. Or where I can get some from. Can these be caught from the wild https://www.livefish.com.au/tropicals/natives/golden-eeltail-catfish-10cm.html
  5. Hey guys so just watchng good old river monsters on youtube, and came across this video long story short its about electric eels, and this tribe well... i dont want to spoil it. enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgyJcuouzkk
  6. I was in shop this morning an seen a Spiney eel I thought were all gone haven't seen one in a shop for ages.
  7. Found myself at a glen view pet shop today and they had a funky looking cattie that had a eel like tail/body. Any idea what it is, looked super sweet but knew nothing about. Forgot to google it or write the name down and now im fascinated... Was about $20 (special) and 5cm+ if that helps, oh and was silver. Cheers.
  8. My next tank for my mangrove jack is going to be a 6x3x2 and I am wondering if there is any way I could keep my eel with him. They are in separate tanks right now but I would like to keep them together in future. I'm wondering if this would be possible and if anyone has done it before
  9. Hey guys just got back from a a stay at lake cootharaba. Caught myself a 40 cm longfin eel and decided to keep it. I've been on the net but there isn't much info about keeping them in an aquarium. I'm just wondering if anyone is experienced in keeping and if so could give me a few pointers about food etc. at the moment he has been in the tank for an hour and is already smashing hikari cichlid gold.
  10. Hi I've got 4 golden eel tail catfish 2 at about 20cm and 2 at about 15cm lately they've been chasing each other around and they have what looks to be scratch marks up their sides could they be wanting to bread or is it something else
  11. just looking at a rough price as i got a guy selling a few and he has given me first dibs due to a job i did for him they are about 780mm -850 long thanks guy for all your help matt
  12. Hi guys. Hoping for some help. I have a 7" roughly 5 year old spiny eel that has all of a sudden not able to move his body past his 'neck'. He can bend his head all the way around to touch his body, but the rest of the body is not working. He is also having issues staying right way up too. He was eating, but not now. (Was always hand fed). Do you think maybe he has had a fright, ran into something, and broke his neck? Or is there some other issue? He is in a 5ft tank all to himself apart from a couple of Cuckoo's.
  13. I just got a short finned eel (about 70cm) yestoday, and so far it has rejected feeder gudgeons, flakes, bugs and veges. Any idea what I should feed it? I'm getting kinda worried now.....
  14. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with the above species before, or even know anything about them. I am in the process of setting up a 4FT Juvenile Native Tank with 2 x Neosilurus Hyrtlii (hopefully around the 5-6cm mark) and 2 x Australian Bass (around the same size). I have chosen these two species, as they both take me back to my childhood fishing Somerset Dam with family and friends (not that you can catch Neosilurus Hyrtlii there, but the normal Tandanus, I believe it was Tandanus anyway). The Australian bass will be purchased around the same size. Within the aquarium, they should have the same growth rate (so I have been told) so one species wont grow larger then the other and start being a bully. I have been trying to find information on the internet specifically about the Neosilurus Hyrtlii regarding Diet and Habitat, but I haven't been able to find anything detailed. I have spoken with a couple of people who have witnessed these amazing catfish in their local habitat and they have said that either gravel or sand will be fine, but most people will lean towards gravel for the substrate. I don't want to assume that like the Tandanus Tandanus they will eat insect larvae, prawns, crayfish, mollusks, and small fishes in case this is wrong and they prefer something different. Within my tank, I will have driftwood and some rocks providing lots of places for the young fella's to hide, along with Val and a few other native plants. The tank will be set to 24c and ph around neutral to alkaline. Any information on this little fella would be wonderful! Cheers! Kieran
  15. hey guys iv been looking for a while, i want to buy a freshwater eel to go in my display tank. Does anyone know any places online that can ship? cheers
  16. hi all i am thinking of getting a frest water eel and my 6x2x2 tank with a 20cm saratoga and some convicts. are they ok with other fish? do you see them or do they just hide?
  17. Bought a new eel on the weekend off Dylan from this forum. Should be an Anguilla australis... but some of the features are off. For instance eyes are much larger, head is very round. Maybe i'm imagining it, only ever had them on the end of the line rather than in the tank Picture attached.
  18. any one no what moray eels are worth ill have a few this time next year or possibly in june july
  19. there is apparently at least one dedicated freshwater species of moray, anyone know any info? and if possible where i can get one?
  20. This is my freshwater moray eel. Seems they are a rare.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. I put this bloke in when he was the size of a small worm,couldnt find him for a few months the he surfaced again .Very hard to get a pic of as he is quick as ,cant even catch him he would be over 20cm now and is a pig
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