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Found 9 results

  1. WTB Microworm and/or a Vinegar Eel Culture if anyone has any close to Brisbane City? Would love to pick up ASAP! Please text me on 0423384426 if anyone has any cultures they are willing to sell. Thanks, Anine
  2. .Hello my name is Joanna We live in Sydney with my husband. My husband started almost a year ago to set his new 4Ft aquarium. He was new and didnt know much, but he is doing really well .He Has 1 Green Terror, 3 Clown loaches 1 Red tip shark and 1 Bristlenose.. He wants a freshwater fire eel and I m trying t find one for him but I cant find anywhere. Apparently yesterday I called one shop in Hurstville and they told me that it is illegal to have fire eels even though he had it o his web page... Anyway I am just trying to find one for him because we are moving places and he is going to buy a 6Ft Tank. If you can Please help me.... Thank you
  3. Just really curious to know anything about little baby eels found in live rock...I found a little guy swimming in the bottom of a bag containing live rock..at first i assumed a worm,etc but after watching his swimming style it was obvious this guy was not a worm...so yep plucked him out and I will give him a crack at the mighty game of life ...just wondering what types of eels I should consider as far as identification goes..he appears to be a dark brown/black colour with light spots on his side(I think!..umm kind of....he is one very new/fresh to the world eel so its hard to see too much)..and also appears to have a white band running down the front of his face...will definitely try to get some snaps....and also best quality food for the little guy???... ........ha ha I wish it was one of these guys :eyebrows:
  4. Hey guys, not the best pics but hopefully getting a camera at chrissy, here are my two tyre track eels Julio Emeelio The bigger guy latched onto my finger the other day and was almost flung out of the tank
  5. So today I bought the new Amazonas magazine and it has a write up on someone breeding spiney eels. The question is, WHO else is gonna have a try at doing it??
  6. What are spiny eels worth these days
  7. Hi there just wondering how hard it is to find/keep freshwater eels and do they grow fast?
  8. G'day guys and girls I am the first time user for vinegar eels to feed the African fry, just want to know how did you actually feed them to your fry? straight from the jar with the amount of vinegar in it ? does vinegar change water quality or does it do anything to the fishes? That's why I haven't begin to use it but have a jar ready to use, your help and answers are appreciated and thanks in advance guys Cheeers:cool::cool: Ryan,
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