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  1. Can anyone tell me if our bristlenose has eggs or is unwell? She normally hides a lot but is sitting on the aquarium floor. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. I was googling how to manually hatch fish eggs and found a video where they put some killifish eggs in a Petrie dish in a saline solution of some sort and they hatched within 30 seconds. I was just wondering if anyone else has experience with this? I got 60 fry naturally - the ones that got eaten I've been using a turkey baster to make them hatch for the last two days and I would say I have about 80 more (you can see a couple of 2-3 day old ones top right) There still seems to be plenty of sets of eyes They are attached to a log so I would have to get them off the log first. Any ideas? Or should I be more patient and just leave them to hatch? They are desert gobies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys My mum just sent me some photos she has some eggs In her tank and not sure if they are the pleco's or not nothing else should be breeding in there but there is some yolo loaches that might. The eggs are in 3 clusters around the tank Hopefully the photos upload Is there anything we can do to move or protect them as there is also a goldfish in the tank Cheers
  4. Angelfish laid eggs in 55 gallon community tank first time, any input as to what I should do would be great. Have an extra tank with cherry shrimp Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys just want to do a little thread on these Albino BN eggs that were abandoned by their father. The father decided after a day of car the eggs were too boring to care for or something and left them and is now on the other side of the tank on more eggs. So I decided I could try hatch them myself. So I put them in a little 25l tank still In the cave cause the buggers were not going to budge (annoyingly) and put an aerator in the cave to oxygenate the water it is now day three of the eggs under my care with more updates to come. PS I know hatching these eggs is easy but I just thought I'd share. Cheers TheAquaHolic001
  6. Hi again guys, one of my peps keeps kicking his eggs out of the cave. He has done it twice in two days. He has bred and successfully raised twice before. Yesterday i noticed he had kicked them out, before I had chance to nock up a tumbler the eggs had disappeared....I thought they had been eaten. This morning he kicked them out again so I know they were not eaten but they are gone again now.... Either taken back in by him or eaten by the others? I don't want to move the cave while he is seemingly so skittish. Have never bred these guys before and don't know if this is common? The he tank houses only the adult peps and some juveniles, long fins and blue eyed lemon juvies. I have put a blanket over the tank on the cave end (it's an L shape corner tank) as its in our living room. any suggestions on what I should do if he continues doing it?
  7. Just found one of my bn fanning some eggs. Never had this before so unsure what to do. So my question is do I leave in the tank or move them. They are in with some small cichlids which I could move to another tank of do I move the cave with eggs and bn thanks in advance
  8. Well i picked up 2 lots of trio l333 plecos around 2 months ago and the other day i found a bunch of eggs 30 or so next to ones cave first time for me. i put the eggs in a ziss tumbler now waiting for them to hatch. So stoked about it
  9. Hey everyone Just a quick question.... I managed to capture two of my acei tanzania breeding... I saw the female acei pick up at least 20 eggs... this was just over a week ago...however she no longer looks as though she is holding...however...my female yellow lab has a mouth that is stuffed full of eggs - the fullest I have ever seen it...I did not observe her breeding and until 2 days ago she did not seem to be holding and now her face is really full....could she be holding the eggs from the acei?... I ask because in the yellows last batch there were 2 yellow and two acei tanzania babies (one got eaten) but the surviving one looks all tanzanian - does not look at all like a hybrid...is black with the typical yellow marking on tip of tail that acei have..this is my yellow lab's third batch of fry since I have had her and she is a good mother (she actually hides her babies and guards them)...has anyone ever heard of mbuna stealing or holding another females eggs?...could she have scooped up any eggs that were missed or spat out? Thanx.
  10. Hey Guys, lately i've notice my 2 peacock bass cleaning one of the flat rocks in the tank and I thought they might be breeding. A couple days later and ive noticed about 200 little eggs on the rock. please help I need to know what to do. Do I take them out of the tank? Will the parents eat them? What to feed them,how when etc?
  11. Pretty excited to see my 4 forest jewels pair off and lay eggs!!!! Sorry for the bad photos... it was a mixture of crappy phone and shaking with nervous excitement?
  12. Hey after stripping my females into egg tumblers at 21 days they sat well and the next morning 90% of the eggs were floating at the top of the tumbler and five or six were bouncing like normal what is the reason for this happening? Also I had another tumbler with electric yellows and they were bouncing by morning they all had fungus on them when I've made my own tumblers never had any trouble and now I've used someone else's I have problems could it be because there second hand and Might not of washed them properly! Any ideas?
  13. Hi all, I have a 200 ltr community tank, i have 4 Angel fish, two that seem to have paired up. Tonight when home from work i notice a heap of eggs on my cannister filter pipe. within a minute the male starts to eat the eggs, the best i could do was to use a small net and put them in a guppie breeder box hanging inside the tank (well i chucked it in a soon as i decided to try and save some eggs) The eggs aren't white but a light orange colour so they may be fertalised.... I have no more tanks to have set up as a fry tank (if I am lucky enough for them to hatch) Any ideas would be appreciated Cheers
  14. Hi all, My Dovii has laid eggs again but this time the eggs have turned dark. The last couple of times she laid we watched and waited but with no result, however this time we paid little or no attention. Soooooooo, does this mean they might be fertilised?
  15. I've got a pair of discus eating their eggs after 2 days. They have laid 3 times, once in a community tank and twice in a separate breeding tank. I'd like to know what the best course of action is other than just letting nature take its course. I've seen online a lot of people recommend using mesh or chicken wire to protect the eggs or taking out the female on the 2nd day as she's likely to be the one eating the eggs or leaving a light on in the room. Ph is 6.5. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are 0. Temp is 29. Any advice is appreciated. Tristan
  16. Hi all! I need some advice about our fish. We had been told by someone that our fantail goldfish was a male. Turns out they were wrong. We only discovered this today when I witnessed it expelling eggs at a rapid rate. This fish lives in a tank (140 litre) by itself. Fish is about 17cm long. What should we do with these un-fertalised eggs? Leave them in the tank? Clean the tank out? Help? We need some advice.
  17. Okay so my goal was to eventually breed some of my beautiful discus but it looks like they've started without me. Now I know these eggs won't last but it's just a big bit exciting! Now to get that breeding tank sorted..
  18. It seems to be a bit of brazen claim and interesting all the same... We ordered in some the White Crane Discus range as we had a number of requests for it and it was interesting to have a bit of a read of the Discus Vital. A Breeder Multivitamin Food. For feeding to discus parents. This Food will keep your breeder strong and healthy, it will enhance more eggs and sperm. The fish will give more eggs and healthier fry. Biological product added for better digestion and prevent water pollution. Here is a link to all the White Crane Food----------> White Crane
  19. So my Green Bay Snooks layed today. Anyone had any experience in raising Snook fry?
  20. .Just noticed that one of my berried red cherry just moulted but the eggs came off together with the exoskeleton. Is this common? Has anyone experience this with their shrimps? Not too concern though since they have been breeding alright in the tank.
  21. Just wondering how long fish hold there eggs for before they hatch into fry? I am new to my fish breeding it is the first time they have done it, all info would be much appreciated I have kigoma frontosa, hongi, saulosi and a elongatus mphanga holding atm I caught the fronny spitting some of her eggs out this morning but she has gone back to rolling her mouth around again. All the others have been holding for a couple of week now.
  22. <BR><BR>Hi guys, My male betta keeps deciding that he will build a bubble nest directly over the flow of bubbles from my CO2 defuser which flow directly into his nest. He decided to get frisky with his sister and now has a batch of eggs within the nest. The question I have is should I keep my CO2 regime as is, or leave it off for the duration of the spawn (Will CO2 bubbles disturb his nest/mess with the eggs)? Cheers in advance for the input. Cudders
  23. Ok I want to start a thread to help ppl. Hatch there eggs without the parents We all know some fish just will not hatch and look after there fry Severums are one of the worst I have come across So I've taken the eggs ? What's next FJ Ps this is not for me. I know how although I'm sure I will learn something
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