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  1. I already threw out the warranty. Ok so despite the high price I thought I'd buy an 100 eheim air pump for the promise of a quiet air pump. After about 8 months the outlet was half of what it was so I took it apart today to see if I could see the trouble. Put it back together and blasted thing is a jack hammer and hardly works. My advice to people is don't buy ehiem air pumps. Is this well known?
  2. Hi Team, I went to put my trusty old Eheim canister back into service yesterday and found some of the o-rings cracked. Problem is, I can't find anywhere that sells Eheim parts as showing the filter taps fitting as needing three o-rings when you can see in these pic it clearly does. Only the two larger ones connect to the hoses, while the center one has a little o-ring as well. Any ideas team? I think the canister is a 2224, but what's the go? Thanks in advance, Andrew. -Fishtraderlau in Blackwater...
  3. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  4. Post is to let people know there seems to be two different types of eheim classic cannister in our (Aus) shops. I bought a 2217 with eheim media bundle at the start of this year from a well known retail shop. It looked identical to the old 'Made in w.Germany' and ''Made in Germany' models but has "Made in PRC'on the label. If it didnt have the new COI printed on it I would not have known it was not european. Tonight I stripped it down to check the impeller/motor/magnet/shaft, and it is in excellent as new condition. flawless and not a blemish. Today I received a 2215, from a different shop, probably better known and is very well regarded. The photo on the website shows the old style classic, but I recieved this new shape. The actual cannister, hose, Quick connects, etc all appear the same, but the motor housing and 'lid'of the filter are different looking. This one is made in PRC, and looks like it is made in PRC. A quick inspection of the magnet shows the surface of it has lost part of its outer coating already. I was considering sending this back, it was not what the photo on the website showed and was not the quality that I knew eheim once had (regardless of where they are made). But then I sat down and thought it over, the other filters at a similar price point are all made to the same or even lower standards, and it does come with a good warranty, so lets see how it does. The new 2215 was advertised as having 1xcarbon, 1x white fine filter, and 1x blue coarse filter. The unit arrived filled with 1x carbon and 1x white and SIX blue pads. Would make a pretty neat mech filter itn that configuration, but I removed 4 of the blue filters and used some 3rd party bio media. http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/DSC_0690_zpsk7vbyslf.jpg The 2215 fired up straight away and feels like it has more than the 600ish LPH even at a 1.3M Head and chocka full of media. And it is running dead silent, you cannot hear the thing from more than a meter away. I will tear it down in two weeks time to remove the carbon pad and see what the impeller magnet looks like. Long story short. It seems the classics that come with eheim media are the old shape cans, made in PRC. The classics without bio media seem to be this new, cheaper looking, style. Also made in PRC. The product photo on the outside of the carton "is" accurate, so if buying online I recommend phoning ahead to confirm what the box looks like. Assuming you are wanting the older style, and not ready to trial'n'error these newer versions.
  5. New Eheim Pro 4 have been released and we have the new models. Starting from a low $349 - German made quality and a 3 year warranty. What we liked at The Tech Den with the Eheim Pro 4 Canister Filter Eheim Professional 4+ Canister filters deliver good flow through Eheim's own media and the high quality media is also included. The Eheim Pro 4 range are designed to cater for aquariums from smaller to up to 600 litres with its quiet yet powerful performance the Pro Series has always been a flagship of Eheim. Ehiem has some nice additions in this series with the added process of being able to bypass with the Xtender which is handy if you do not have the time to clean straight away or confronted with blocked media. Also only allowing the hoses to be detached when the hose adaptor is closed to prevent water mess and spills. The Self Priming makes the Pro 4 makes it nice and easy when getting it ready to run for the first time as well as consistent ongoing performance. German design and manufacture brings Eheim quality to the forefront and backing with a 3 Year Warranty supported by not only by us at The Tech Den but also backed the Australian Authorised Distributor for Eheim. The Pro 4 Series is highly recommended and ideal for anyone that appreciates highly filtered water filtration for their aquarium. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Canister_Filters_s/1951.htm
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking to chill my 3ft shallow tank of 100L. I am filtering it with an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller. Great flow. Using a lily pipe set up. Looking into a Hailea 150a chiller. Great reviews and good price. The chiller will no doubt be outside the cabinet, I've heard it's not good to be inside the cabinet. I've drawn up this extremely artistic diagram to give you an idea of where it will be in the room and know if the flow will be reduced to the point of not being enough. Two questions. 1. Will this be enough flow? 2. Is it ok to use a canister filter as the pump? (with media, Blue standard sponges, a big bag of eheim substrate pro and 1 litre of marine pure balls) T - Tank C - Chiller Next to the chiller is a computer which is rarely used and sits under the desk right beside the chiller.
  7. I have had a few of these Jagers over the years and never really had to calibrate or mess with them, but have just brought a new Jager and it is a pain in the bum. I think I might have tried to calibrate it too soon or something, I don't know.......I do not believe it is faulty. I followed the You Tube video on how to calibrate (moving red dial to the actual tank temp and then the blue dial to the desired temp by putting it to the red dial) but still I am fussing over this thing. I have it set on 25 but it is heating to 27.2. and clicks on around that time. I just cannot seem to get my head around the calibration thing !!! It is so frustrating. Any advice would be appreciated. I just wish I had never touched the thing to start with
  8. Hi all, Has anyone had experience with these before? thinking of using between water changes just to keep things looking neat and tidy, AoA website has good info on it but... Pros / Cons from first hand experience would also be appreciated!! Age of Aquariums - Eheim Quick Vac Pro * out of stock *
  9. Hi guys, Looking at buying a Eheim Pro 3 2080. I have a couple of questions that I can't find answers to. What volume are each of the 3 media baskets? Does any one use it with two intake hoses? Does the filter set come with two intake hoses and pipes? or do you have to buy the second hose and intake pipe separately? Cheers
  10. Hi all I've got a eheim classic 350 and the last couple days I've noticed it's only pumping about a third of the pressure it was its only about 2-3 months old checked hoses no blockages filter not clogged pulled out impella does anyone else have any ideas what it could be thanks
  11. Looking at some filtration for my 5x2x2 and was pretty set on the pro 2080. Saw older threads on other pages of people not being too fussed on them but that was a few years ago and they have apparently since fixed the issue. So is it worth me forking out near $600 for this or will 2x classic 2217s do the same job if not better (which I already have)? Thanks
  12. Hi all, we currently have a 5ft tank, roughly 285 litres. We have two internals filters currently, but still cycling with a few baby guppies and dwarf gourami, so not a strain on it and water is crystal clear. We have the aquatopia IF01 we pinched out of our smaller tank ( as the smaller one is way over filtered and we bought this tank second hand with only one internal in it) and a aqua 104F we got with the tank, so way underfiltering on its own. We are looking at Eheim and have arund $150-200 to comfortable spend. There are 2 options, the 2215 (350) with media added or the 2217 with no media. Can you run the classic eheims as they come (the no media, just filter pads, canister filters) or do you HAVE to add you own media? Which would be more suitable, to go bigger with the no media and maybe add a cheaper brand media of some sort (recomendations?) or just as is, if thats possible with the sponges included? OR get the smaller 350 with the media? I have been told that they dont actually run as well as they state, due to decorations etc.. and the LPH should be at least 1000 which would suggest the larger, but pretty confused We will continue to run the internal ones at the same time. The tank will house, angels, community fish, silver sharks etc... nothing too fancy, but well stocked Thanks
  13. Wandering if this filter will be ok for a 200litre tank? Mostly south American cichlids. Thanks.
  14. Hi Just cleaning my 2217 filters and was wondering if hose ,tap or o'ring fails Im going to have a big mess i was thinking of drilling a little hole in the inlet tube about 2 inches below water level do you think this will work to stop the pump emptying the whole tank if something fails anyone ever tried this . Thanks.
  15. Deal of the Day - The ever Popular Eheim Quick Vac Pro. Makes cleaning your gravel / substrate a breeze. Today only $65.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - Eheim Quick Vac Pro Ben
  16. Is there anywhere in Brisbane I can get a Eheim 2213(250) Impeller shaft? I'll take on-line places too. Cleaned the filter for the 1st time today and tonight it was making this grinding noise and when I pulled it apart, the impeller shaft came out in 2 pieces. I have put in something to steady it, but would really like to replace it asap. All places I have checked have been out of stock.
  17. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has used the eheim quick vac pro? I have got a really fine black gravel substrate, it's pretty well sand. Does it work well for the price or is there a better option to clean my substrate without siphoning all of the substrate out.? Looking forward to your replies Chris
  18. Hi guys can anyone recommend online shops to get eheim filters for the best price? thanks cheers
  19. Anyone use this brand for a marine tank? And up to what size tank can it handle? Would I need a second filter ? And what type of skimmer would you recommend? We just got a 6x2x2 ft tank that I plan on putting our oscar in and was thinking of setting up my 4 ft tank into a marine tank. I'm thinking my eheim classic and jebo canisters will be enough for 1 oscar in the 6ft tank and my eheim professional plus a skimmer in the 4ft? Any thoughts? Cheers :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. The Eheim Australian Supplier is promoting the Jager Heaters 50w, 100w, 150w and 200w heaters come with a two for one movie offer for 6 months. Here is the big point - if you are a movie buff you can do it each day if you wanted to for 6 months - now that's a savings. It is not just a one time one ticket offer. All you have to do is buy one of the specially marked heaters as shown below. For more details and terms and conditions... https://mytlcrewards.com.au/premierpet
  21. Hey everyone. so my parents are looking after my brothers tank while he is away and have taken too much water out during a water change. So the Eheim 2213 has lost its syphon. I am about to go over there to look at it and was hoping someone could give me a quick fix for this as I am not familiar with this filter. Should I just empty the canister, put the intake hose in and suck on the outtake to get the water flowing into the cannister? Or is there another solution that is easier? Cheers for the help!
  22. https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6125 Is it something seperate you connect hoses to and from, or just something you put over the in tube to stop fish and large particles being sucked up?
  23. Was helping a mate get an old second hand eheim back in as new condition, and came across this video. Made getting the top off nice and easy. Not a bad skill to know when you have a filter out of order and need a quick fix. Or want to check on the condition of internals.
  24. Hi all I have a 3 year old eheim 200 air pump that has stopped working, after opening it up I found that both the arms that operate the diaphragm, the plastic has shattered causing the magnets to come lose. anyway I'm after 2 new arms for the pump, but can't find them anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction or possibly have a set? Thank you Jacob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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