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Found 12 results

  1. ok me finks me getting the idea now y so many hate hybrids ...ever tryed to look for decent elec yellows ??? GOOD LUCK...anyways out of 200 fry iv bought only 18 are keepers 9 were from 1 guy witch i tend to buy all he has ...(hopeing anyways) ..is it becouse hybrids are taking ova or ppl just want to make a quick buck and dont give 2 shits wat they breed ..i dont know when i 1st started out in this hobby there was thousands of nice yellows...now just look like washed out crap wats the go are ppl hidding these away or wat... most common asked question is y u wont so many yellows ...answer is MIND UR OWN BUSNESS..WHEN I GET TIME ILL PUT A PIC UP OF MY YELLOWS .. but if anyone thinks they got some nice ones let me know or want to comment ur thoughts go right ahead ..even if u want a windge
  2. Can any one tell me why my female electric yellow has gone black around the face and under side.She swims in a spiral spin when she's not on the bottom looking like death is knocking.I have over 40 assorted african's american's and plecko's in a 6 footer and the rest are all fine.Any surgestions would be appreciated
  3. was given a elec blue cray @15cm recently by a fellow forum member when i picked up some fish recently, if i want a mate for it are they hard to come buy and how do i sex the one ive got????????? shane.
  4. sorry i cannot do pictures only to mobile devices i have 2 fish that are approx 10cm and they appear to be electric yellow but they are fully yellow and have no black on there fins or anything just fully yellow fish could this be possible??
  5. got a conoly of elec blues trying to get em to breed dose any one have any ideas they very stubin iv tryed empty 50% of tank and not fill up to next day tryed putting other fish with em and its just not working if any one has any ideas please let me know cheers clayton
  6. how many electric yellows can i put in a 36 x 18 x 18 inch tank. Cheers Steve
  7. What should I start Electric yellow fry on?
  8. hey everyone i came home yesterday from heaps of exams and was shocked my electric yellow tank with 1 male and 4 females had 4 mouthfuls. thats right every girl was holding. 1 was a week old, only problem is that i dont no which one. when i strip them in 2 weeks can i put all of the fry in one fry saver or will they eat each other even if 1 mouthful is a week older. they are 2 days apart the others. will that affect them, as in will they eat each other. and to think these were sold 1 month ago and the fella stuffed me around. any help would be great thanks. :wink:
  9. My elec blue is holding again for the 3rd time. should i strip her or move her in to anther tank after 10-12 days. last time i moved her to soon and she spat the eggs out. any help would be great thanks jason
  10. hi i have been told that i can keep neon tetras with electric yellows is this true or will they eat them. i want a small colony of adult electric yellows in a 2.5ft tank and a few neons for a bit more colour is this ok. any help would be appreciated thanks all.
  11. i recently had my colony of yellows in my 4 foot display and they were breeding, about 6-7 weeks ago i got them there own tank 2.5 foot and hoped they would breed for me even more, but its almost as if they have all lost interest, the males pec fins have faded nearly white and his colour is no where near as bright, there a couple b/nose in with them but i didnt think it worry them? PH is prety right, and just have a sponge filter, any suggestions to try and get em to breeed?? oh and i do 20% water changes every week. plenty of hidey holes and calcium carbonate substrate. do they breed better with just an empty tank??
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