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Found 12 results

  1. <BR><BR><BR><BR>I got some blue endlers at an auction a while back, and got two variants that are interesting IMO.... Couple of these, that seem to lack the red pigment. and one blonde boy Which excites you more? Excuse dirty glass.
  2. Hi I was wondering if there's a strain of guppy the looks like a tiger endler. I have had a look at yellow cobra guppys but is there anything closer to a tiger endler? I have a heap of tiger enlers but I would like a stain where the female has some colour as well. Thanks
  3. http://m.youtube.com/?reason=8&rdm=2186#/watch?feature=plcp&v=DkxmhnnFocM&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DDkxmhnnFocM%26feature%3Dplcp http://www.endlers-usa.com/viewtopic.php?p=6864&sid=ebf34fec1c8f7c77241f084e398494a0#6864 Not mine.......but Results like this changed my mind about hybrids
  4. This morning I went to feed my fishies I noticed that one of my females has a red spot/s that is visible on both sides (or maybe there is one of each side). She had started clamping (not pin point) about a week ago, straight after birth. It was a longer holding period than usual so I assumed the stress was why she is clamping. She has normal feeding behaviour, but just now she's a bit shy (which is really odd). I don't think it was caused by water parameters as the other grown female, 3 juvies and, 15 fry don't seem to be having adverse effects or showing similar behviour. (plus my cCRS are still alive XD). Params (has been established since March 12): Ammonia: 0-0.25ppm (I was told that using API 0.25 & 0.00 was a close reading and I would have to agree as my tank is a constant 0.25 with no prior worries) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm Ph: 7.8 (no worries for the endlers..) Tank mates: Other Endlers of varying age (no full males yet), 5 Tetras, CRS, RCS Would anyone know what's going on with my poor girly? I was given a suggestion that it could be NTDs from my tetra but I got the Tetra in April 15. The Endlers actually came in after them. I did have a tretra I took out because it had a vertical red streak down the middle of it's body that I thought was NTD, but I separated it from the tank in mid-May and it's still alive - but permanently quarantined just in case (poor thing). Also I thought NTD made the body go white? Would the disease appear after that amount of time?
  5. Just a quick question. If a male endler and orange female guppy bred will the female fry have colour on them? Thanks
  6. male endler 200 pics and this was the best of him looks mutch better in life the second picture is borowd and what they turn into 80% i need a deacent camera
  7. I love the look of the ghost fish and was wondering if they will eat endlers or there fry or cherry shrimp and if htey are the same water paramounts? and also are they best in groups or individuals ??
  8. Just wondering if anyone can impart some wisdom ... Water Params are 0, 0, 5 Bought a 2nd hand 3' tank with fish a couple of weeks ago. Have lost 3 of the fish and I'm wondering if I need to treat the whole tank - until I get advice I've thrown Melafix & Pima fix in. Endler - dead, no apparent reason or visible signs of anything & it was fine when we left this morning. Molly - had been gasping since we got it home and a couple of daysw ago it's lips went white, but a hard white ... looked like a phosphorous burn from a match head if you know what I mean .... as in it wasn't furry like fungus. In the end, it wasn't gasping as such, it just kept its mouth open the whole time. Tiger Barb - had 1 really red gill and one totally clouded eye. Progressively its mouth looked ulcerated & white (again, not fluffy fungus) and went really red where it wasn't white. Any idea from the above what I should use? I'm hoping to get away without knocking the bio filter out because it's only just had a brand new cannister filter put on & has a few small seeded internal filters going until the cannister is fully seeded. Thanks so much for any advice you can give. Cheers Di
  9. Male Black Bar Class P Endler
  10. I thought I was seeing things. I have a "double-double" sword tailed endler.
  11. Originally set up in Jan 09 As it is today
  12. Just wondering what is the difference between Endlers and Guppies? What should you be looking at? What makes them different? Just Curious. Jenny
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