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Found 29 results

  1. Interested in selling one off my young male umbriferurm, he's about 6 " personally breed from one off my pairs, serious offers only. Pm if interested. Shipping available for right price. Also have a few smaller ones from different bloodline if looking at pairing him up. Cheers. Oh and hundreds off fry for anyone else interested.
  2. {{{ EOI - AMAZON FISH COLLECTING & FISHING IN NOVEMBER }}} Anyone made redundant recently with a nice pay out or have some put aside for your jungle river dream adventure ?? Or just finished uni and keen for an adventure or have a round-the-world ticket on route for your new job and might want to start with a cool stop in Latin Americas We are joining a small group in South America later this November to go fishing and collecting. To help reduce costs for all, looking for more participants. Shortish notice but if you are keen and have most vaccinations already, then you are ahead. Drop me a PM for details. Gracias Ian Can only dream for this moment ...
  3. My Murry Cod is getting a bit big for his tank and it will be time to move him on soon does anyone have a good home for him. It is approx. 450long very fat eating massivor pellets. Cheers KIM
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hey guys how many of you guys would be interested in buying a poster if I got one made sort of like these old school ones Cheers
  6. hiya, I am interested in starting a fresh water crab tank, but need some guidance as to what would be the easiest type of crab to start with and what the costs would be. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wondering how much people think it would cost me to set these 3 tanks up to a sump set up and any ideas would be good. I was going to drill the outlets in the left hand sides and have a 3ft sump sitting on the left side on the ground so what size pump,heater and pipes etc will i need
  8. Just wondering if anyone had a 3ft sump they wanted to sell doesn't need to have a pump or heater but would be good if it did and as much media as possible would be great
  9. Hey All Want to of load my bristle nose - 2 x females 1 x males Size Approx - 8 -10cm Have already bred.... Pickup Only Just want the tank space really for other fish......Want gone ASAP.... Thanks Matthew
  10. Black lancer cats... Who has any atm or who would like to get some ???
  11. I have my first batch of little wrigglers and was wondering when I grow them out to about 4cm would anyone be interested in buying them?
  12. I have 2' of bolbitus ( closer to 3) x 23cm tall, in about 4-5 segments- lengths, half on wood half "free floating". If you were to cut it up for your own smaller bits on wood or rock, you would easily get 20 segments. Just curious on thoughts of prices, am thinking of swapping for something and if it was worthwhile
  13. Seeking expressions of interest from fellow hobbyists who might be interested in a possible field / collecting trip to Indonesia sometime towards the end of next year. There is no itinerary set at this stage but would be looking to include a visit to Sulawesi to hunt for shrimp and the endangered Celebes Rainbowfish that are endemic to the area. The Islands of Misool & Batanta to search for Melanotaenia misoolensis. A stay in Teminabuan for the Melanotaenia irianjaya. As well as some time spent searching for some Melanotaenia fredericki around Sorong province. Should time allow it an we can arrange some travel permits into the area we would be looking at spending 2+ days in the Ajamaru lakes region to search for some Melanotaenia boesemani and the legendary Melanotaenia ajamaruensis ! The trip will take 9-12 days return from Melbourne at an approximate cost at this stage of around $3000 p/person. This will include all flights, transfers and accommodation. Numbers will be restricted to 8 people at this stage but may be subject to change . Like I say, at this stage it is an EOI and there is a lot to organize so would be interested to hear from people who have a genuine interest in taking a position on this trip. Any Q's post them here as well.
  14. Wondering if anyone had any rocks or ornaments or ideas to help set up new 5 x 2 x 2 ft electric yellow tank pictures would be good but not necessary cheers Mick
  15. hey guys a few people have mentioned this and im willing to organise one to c how it goes just wanting to know exaclty how much interest there is im planing on having it in a hall somewhere in brisbane but in order for me to organise it i would need at least 12 people to confirm that they would book a table i would also like to have a few of our sponsors have a table set up there will b a sausage sizzle with all proceeds going to QLDAF so let me know if your interested and if you would like to help out in organising hopefully the first of many great get togethers
  16. Can't really believe I'm doing this, but I have for sale my quite large male Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" variant 1. Absolutely stunning specimen, very attached to this fish because it's so perfect. Will only sell to an established colony so it can reproduce, and is the reason for sale as I don't have the space at this stage to keep an adult colony of my own. Sale type: EOI - I reserve the right to not sell, or choose who they go to. Type: Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins" Australian Variant 1 (Link) Quantity: 1 Size: 17CM Total Length not including trailers, possibly larger. Approximation. Age: Approximately 18 months. Pricing: $PM Me Reason for Sale: Would like to see him go to a larger tank with an established colony, 6x18+, he'll be a bit cramped in my 4x2 footprint. Growing out smaller S. leucosticta and he can be quite aggressive - with my A. heckelii going on Saturday this may cause issues. Necessary photo spam. All photos other than the last were mid-late January 2009. March 8. My Location: Up whoop-whoop in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, just off the highway. Contact: Reply, PM, or Phone/SMS 0421 187 453 Delivery?: Coming down on Saturday. $5 Northern Suburbs, $10 Southern Suburbs. Shipping?: Probably not. Cheers, Ryan.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. hey guys, I'm going away for a week, leaving tomorrow. but my blue acaras laid about 5 days ago, so I have about 150 blue acara wrigglers that I can't look after. could someone else look after them for me for a week? if so ring me on 3851 1133 to arrange payment/trades and how we are going to do it. or pm your number and I'll call you. thanx, laurie
  19. Hey guys, (Mods is it alright to put this post here? i wanted the feedback of the local guys, i understand if i do start a business i will have to register as a business on the forum) Ive really been looking into setting up a small home based business (my parents have done that before - but not aquarium related) at my house on the Sunshine Coast and am looking to hear what you guys think? Ive been looking into setting it up, equipment, energy efficiency, different suppliers etc, and think it might be worth it, but want some "market research" or feedback. Would you drive up here for decent stock at decent prices? (As low as possible with a small profit). What sort of livestock would you mostly be interested in? EG: Fish - Butterflies, Angels, Tangs, Red sea stock, Hawaiian stock, Locally caught stock, Corals, Liverock, Algae, Clams, Inverts etc. Theres allready so many dry goods suppliers online and LFS it would be silly to compete with them, but i think i might have a decent chance in live-stock sales? Would you be interested in shipping? What is the most you would be willing to pay for shipping? - overnight, same day deliver, airport to airport etc. Kordon breathing bags or just standard plastic aquarium bags? Heatpacks/coldpacks or just plain insulated box? How would you prefer products/stock to be advertised? Facebook? Forum? A Website? Etc. If theres enough interest hopefully i can organise some funding etc and make this a reality, i would start off small before expanding to suit the market. Any comments are appreciated. This would be a side/hobby business to help offset the costs of my display tank etc, not my main income. Would also be great to get some industry experience, and if i start to profit i would look into breeding some fish species to allow us to avoid using wildcaught species. Nick
  20. EOI...... hey i have a 25cm+ flower horn for sale he is big healthy fish make an offer
  21. I think that Eoi should bad remove from the trader thread it's stewpid we should just have FS , WTB , FT it's FOR SALE or it's NOT.
  22. No bigger than 3 inches, need to get rid of asap.
  23. Check my WTB Thread in Trader, 7 Available http://www.qldaf.com/forums/hybrid-trader-29/wtb-king-kong-parrot-42037/#post251812 I thought some people might miss this as I started the thread as a WTB Cheers
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  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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