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Found 10 results

  1. The design of these things hasn't changed since the 1960s. TFH used to be full of adverts for them. I have never seen one in Australia. Does anyone actually own one or owned one and what are they like. I would love to start a thread on retro aquarium equipment. The oldest piece of kit that I have is an eheim 2213 that says made in West Germany on it that I bought in the 1980's, still works well. Anyone remember whisper pumps ? What is the oldest piece of kit that you have and do you still use it ?
  2. Hi fish people Please move this thread if it's not in the right section. Anyway I have decided to add CO2 to my tank. Tank is a 3ft Aqua One Horizon 130 with a AquaClear 70 HOB filter running. It is currently low tech but i want to add medium light plants and add CO2 now. I already have a used CO2 Bottle. It is a CO2PRO 0.82L bottle: http://www.aquascapedesign.com.au/products.php?product=CO2PRO-0.82L-%7B47%7D-540g-Alloy-Cylinder I have a budget of $200 and would like advice on which regulator/solenoid, bubble counter, diffuser, etc. to purchase? Specifically brand or models that you guys would recommend and which will fit into my budget. I have read that some people have purchased from this overseas ebay seller: goaqua88 on eBay Any CO2 equipment worth buying from that seller or can you recommend something locally? Thanks for an help.
  3. I'm building a big planted cube, and need to run an inline heater and a co2 reactor inline with an FX5. Would you run the heater and the reactor after the filter, or run the heater before the filter and the reactor after? I know the reactor should be after the filter, but thought that all the equipment after the filter might effect the flow output? Interested to hear other peoples thoughts.
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  5. Does anybody have any experience with Tunze co2 equipment? I won a complete setup on ebay and has a Tunze bottle and regulator. Does anybody know if they can be filled around the Sunny Coast?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. I'm starting to gather the bits and pieces I need for my first aquarium and would appreciate some help from all the knowledgeable people on this forum Not sure of the size of the tank yet, hopefully a 2x2x2, but probably closer to 2x1x1. Tropical freshwater setup with medium amounts of plants and fish that are yet to be decided. I have about $300 to spend on the set up and will use the time spent cycling the tank to save for inhabitants. First question is to do with lighting. I have read heaps but am still unsure as there is a lot of contradicting information. Currently I am looking at T5HO lights either; Hagen T5 HO Twin Unit 24inch: $180 2x24 watt from AOA Aqualina Double Compact reflector 24inch: $150 2x55 from AOA ProGrow 2ft Unit: $95 2X24 watt from www.aquathrive.com.au - currently out of stock Would any of these options be too much or too little? What are your experiences with either of these brands? Any other information or suggestions of different lights? Also does anyone know if these lights are currently in stock at a lfs in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, it would be nice to have a look and chat to people about it before I just go buying online. Second question is on filters. Obviously an external canister would be the way to go, but I think that might stretch my budget. Would a hang on and internal filter combination be enough? Any suggestions on good brands or products? Other equipment I think I'll need initially is a heater (100w?), water treatment/test kits and an air stone/pump of some kind. Again any suggestion of particular products that you like would be helpful or if you have any gear that is up for sale, but I will go hunting around in the trader once I have a better idea of what I am after. Cheers and thanks for all the help.
  8. just wondering if anyone has heard or knows where to get a portable drill press that has a suction cap on the base to set up hole drilling ? i use to have one a few years back when i lived down south but up here i don't seem to be able to get one or something close i have seen setup with ply timber and make a guide but i used to own one so iam wondering if you can still get them ? any help? cheers marc
  9. hi all im interested in setting up a salt water tank after a year of fresh water tanks. dont really understand what protein skimmers are and not sure what i need to set one up how does a sump filtration system work? i've only ever used internal and external canister filters. any info would be much appreciated thanks greg
  10. I like others will probably be looking at purchasing some second-hand equipment next week-end at the clear out sale here on the Gold Coast. Seeing as it is all second-hand and all marine equipment, I was curious as to others thoughts on; a) purchasing second-hand things what to look for. using marine filter/pump equipment on freshwater what to look for.
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