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Found 7 results

  1. New Era Shrimp Pellets have arrived in Australia and we currently have them in stock. High Algae content specifically designed for shrimps Just $9.90 for a 60g tub less your discount. http://www.thetechden.com.au/New_Era_Shrimp_Pellets_60g_1mm_p/505000.htm Composition Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Algae, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Molluscs and Crustaceans and Vitamins.
  2. I recently bought a couple of buckets of New Era discus pellets and Plec pellets. I normally feed New life Spectrum Thera A, Surface feeder, cichlid pellets, and H2O wafers, but as my bucket of wafers was almost empty, I thought I'd try something else. I'd heard a lot of great stuff about New Era, so I jumped right in, buying the buckets :-/ Is it normal for this food to disintegrate and foul the water? It's already a very moist food (the discus pellets are kind of stuck together in a huge clump in the bucket) but the sales pitch was that it is LESS messy than other foods, so ideal for messy eaters like discus. My plecos don't like the plec pellets at all. My shrimp don't mind them :-/ My cichlids are unimpressed and insisted I give them their nls pellets. After large water changes last night I was admiring the crystal clear water in my tanks. (I like the water to still be as clear as glass when looking through the end of the tank as when looking through the front) Then I fed New Era :'( The water is cloudy and there is fine particulate matter on the driftwood. Yuk. Is this normal for this food? Have I got a bad batch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. New Era Plec Pellets 1.8kg Buckets. Bargain price of $79.95 Today only !!!. Link - Age of Aquariums - New Era Plec Pellets - Medium ( 8mm ) 1.8kg Ben
  4. After a trial of a small tub Im waiting on delivery for my first 1.8kg bucket thanks to techden I was very impressed with the small amount I had. It just looked, smelt and felt yummy being soft. I nearly tried some myself lol. AND for the fact it quotes ingredient amounts like astaxanthin - 50mg/kg - which is a very high content. Just wondering who else is a fan and how long have you been using it for?
  5. We have now added New Era food to our range of products available at The Tech Den... We received part of our order today with more arriving in the next week and a half. So take a look at what they have to offer. Just click on the link below New Era
  6. Just had the chance to try New Era pleco pellet. Fish absolutely love it this is a european food that has just been released into Oz. It is a moist pellet rather like plasticine in texture. All their pellets are moist with a large range to choose from. Unlike another popular brand these guys use it extensively in their own aquaculture facility. It is also being used in many of the worlds public aquaria. Here is a couple of links. http://www.addicted2fish.com.au/pdf/NewEra_FoodRange.pdf New Era fish food diets - New Era Aquaculture New Era fish food diets - New Era Aquaculture and before any trash talk starts no I dont have anything to do with this product in Australia I have just heard alot about it and happened to get my hands on some to try. Oh and waste is also very minimal compare to the other brand as well. In fact the waste in my bristlenose and pleco tanks was very minimal. Can't wait to try the other varieties in the range.
  7. Hi All, We now stock the range of New Era Fish food currently available in Oz. Several standout products such as the MINI Marine Grazer and Aegis range fill several gaps in the fish food market. Here is their story, Following many years of experience in ornamental aquaculture it became evident that products available generally did not necessarily meet the nutritional requirements of many captive species. The range of species being kept in aquariums has become more and more diverse. To keep pace with this increasing diversity, diets need to perform considerably better to contribute to fish health, vigour, colour and water quality. An additional consideration is to enable more exotic and difficult feeders to be kept in aquariums if suitable diets are available. Having identified a need we set about fulfilling it. New Era's approach is to design and formulate diets that are highly digestible, bio-available and produce minimum waste, resulting in less pressure on filtration systems. This has been achieved, firstly, by using a team of scientists of world repute to work on formulations. Secondly, by sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients available, primarily human food grade, from around the world. And thirdly, by developing unique low temperature, low pressure and low speed processing techniques. And all of this in done in-house - from formulation to sourcing to manufacturing to distribution - from our base in Yorkshire, UK. Naturally, because of the pioneering work we are doing, we also have to develop new manufacturing techniques to further advance our methods of production. 1. Our flakes are large so they can be used in big pieces for surface feeders or be crushed smaller and pushed into the water column for mid and bottom feeders. 2. It makes our pellets soft and slow sinking. The unique softness we obtain through our low temperature extrusion process makes for much easier and speedier digestion. The pellets are compressed easily as they enter the buccal cavity and break up to allow very fast absorption through the gut wall. 3. With highly digestible and bio-available ingredients, New Era products create minimal waste resulting in significant improvements in water quality and greatly reducing pressure on filtration. 4. All our diets promote good health, colour, vigour and as a result support the immune system. 5. The results are being seen by thousands of home aquarists in 30 countries around the world and in over 100 of the world's most important public aquariums. 6. Difficult and previously impossible animals to feed on dry diets such as lionfish, garden eels, rays and sharks, have been converted to New Era! Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - New Era Fish Food As always QLDAF members receive a 10% discount off our advertised price online & instore. Ben
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