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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys I was wondering wether I could have a bit of someones filter material/sponge/whatever. I have finally got my tank up and running again and don't particularly want to to go through a cycle again. I live in Jindalee, so if anyone close by wants to donate some established muck that would be great haha!
  2. So basically I currently have a 4x2x1.5. Livestock is a bit all over the place at the moment, waiting for some stock to be picked up. But anyway its going to be a planted Discus tank, some juvi discus already calling the tank home. Plants are crypts and val with anubis on driftwood. The current substrate is gravel, from bunnings originally i think. I run moderate light and pressurised CO2. So to give my plants a boost and to try and buffer my ph down, it keeps creeping up which the discus obviously don't appreciate. I have purchased some ADA amazonia from one of the sponsors and would like any ideas/experience you guys have with doing a full substrate swap and also with preparing ADA soil to prevent ammonia spikes Thanks
  3. Hi all, I was browsing my local aquarium store a few days ago and spotted an absolutely gorgeous blue butterfly halfmoon plakat MALE betta. I have a 4ft 180L tropical tank at home containing 4 angels (1 is in a hospital tank recovering from popeye), 3 plecos (each 10cm), about 25 tetras (colombians, black widow, white skirt, penguin, + 6 large rummynose the size of a female betta), and 5 female bettas. I was wondering, in such a big tank with lots and lots of hollow pots and rocks for shelter and tonnes of silk plants, would it be alright to put the plakat male betta in this tank? I already have 3 other male bettas (1 pink butterfly HM, 1 super delta dragon, 1 red butterfly rosetail) all in tanks of their own, so if he has to go in on his own it's not a problem. But I would love to see if he could coexist with this lot first. Please keep in mind that I did NOT buy the plakat male when I saw him and he may have already been sold by now but I would love to know what you all think. Thanks in advance!
  4. I am planning on changing my substrate in an already established tank. It's a 48x18x15 inch tank and ha an ehim 2217 and an internal 1200Lph filter. When I bought the tank the substrate already had calcium cabonate in it. Being very new to the hobby I didnt take it out. So, I plan to change the substrate. I just would like so help/ sugguestions as to how to go about removing it. and keeping water etc
  5. Soooo.....I tried to increase my Cory population from the present 5 to 8, in my 6-footer that also has: 2 jags approx 22cm, 2 oscars 28cm Black belt 25cm 3 salvinis 15cm 2 convicts 3 loaches I have a pretty deep sand layer approx 12cm which gives awesome nitrate reducing, to the extent that I have an almost constant stream of bubbles and never register any nitrates on testing. My fish are about 7 mths in the tank and sorted off around 3-4 cm mark. The Cory's do an excellent job of digging around and releasing the gas hence why I wanted to increase the population. The Ams don't even notice the present fish but when I put the extras in they were eaten by day 2, (I suspect the Oscars but I can't prove it) yet still the original Corys are still happily digging in my sand. New fish were smaller than present Corys. Didn't think the Ams would be able to tell the new fish from the old, but there you go. Has anyone out there successfully introduced new fish into an established tank? Would like to know how Cheers Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. Hey guys just wondering how I go about planting some plants in my tank I know that ur not ment to disturb the soil as it can release toxins into the tank
  7. Man is this a depressing post to write put with the experience in this forum... maybe some answers for what has just happened Firstly the details of the tank 4ft x 15 x 18 going for over 12mths...new filter eheim 2217 bought as xmas gift fully cycled never had any issues with it...run it with 2 bags of perigan and matrix carbon added...Over the time added different fish..only had i issue with a very battered albino peacock...and a random sexificatus death...2 months ago added powerhead to help with pushing stuff around so filter can work as of this morning 10.30am the tank had 1 x 20cm Venustus now gone 1x 15cm Rostratus ditto 1x 15 cm Protomelus Steveni 1x 10 cm eureka red..nice nice fish 1x 12cm red empress ..now gone 1x6 cm Neolamprologus tretocephalus) now gone 1x 12cm Kandango Red...gone 1x 10cm Kandango blue..also gone These are the survivors 1xred empress 1 mgaino 2 x hongi 1 x aurutus 1x blue peacock 1x tangerine peacock..this is my second favourite looking fish..thank DDF aka donny 1x electric blue 1x electric yellow 1x electric yellow cross with something...sold to me incorrectly as a peacock given that i cleaned the main filter was six weeks ago this was the 3rd major clean ...last weekly water change was 6 days ago with water parameters check 2 days ago 8.0 ph 0 ammo 0nitrite 10-20 ppm nitrates ..maybe once in while 2-3 weeks add stability or bio aid as a precaution... got the emergency phone call at work ....came home did a water test 8.0 ph ammo 1ppm nitrites 5ppm nitrates 20ppm...attributed this to the deaths...did water change ...all now at 0 have been for over an hour... What has done this ....have these fish been electrocuted or another problem i should was for... Any ideas would be helped... Currently morning with a couple of drinks
  8. I recently bought a background from aquarium r u, It's one of the basalt rolls I quite like it. Problem is its going to be in an already established tank even tho it's not meant to. So aquarium r Us sold me some magnets that I could silicone onto it and out some on other side to hold it in place. Going through 10mm glass that don't have much strength so those magnets were a fail. So I ordered some more through a online magnet store (lucky they are in Brisbane) recived them siliconed them on And still no good they just aren't enough to hold the whole thing in place. It does hold I places but when you try to attach another place it just comes off due to water pushing it away. So no good again. Now I'm putting all the magnet on so will have total of 10 magnets on background and another 10 on other side of glass. But I'm thinking this won't work again. So back to magnet shop to get some More. These things aren't that cheap either. Has anyone else had similar problem? How did you fix do you know what magnet you used? This is really starting to do my head in. Just want the thing in my tank. Thanks
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