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Found 12 results

  1. What's the most expensive fish you have ever bought? and how much did it cost? Mines only 30 bucks for a 1 foot Long eel tailed catfish.
  2. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the hobby, I recently set up a 2ft tank and a small betta tank on a student budget (uncomfortably tight). Enjoying it a lot, so much to learn. Ideally within a couple of years I'd like to get a 4ft planted community tank up and running. Also if anyone in brisbane would like to gift me some hardy plants to get me going, I would love you haha. Thanks
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. The other week I bought a few clumps of Christmas Moss. I attached it to a log that my male pepp bn lives in. And I've noticed it slowly getting thinner day by day. And now I've caught him eating it a few times! He's eaten a heap of it too. I'm kinda annoyed cause I had to get the moss shipped to me haha. It's funny though cause I have had Java moss in there for ages and hes never touched it? Weird fella. Has anyone experienced this before? And could it be bad for him? He seems fine though Thanks
  6. I thought I would be a good son-inlaw:) and buy the father-inlaw (farnq01 on here) an ebjd to go with the two he allready has:)... I thought it would be too big to be eaten? ....well I was kinda right! The bigger guy tried to eat it last night and it got stuck halfway, with the tail of the smaller one hanging out its mouth:( he looked like he was struggling to breath so we tried some surgery, couldn't pull it out so we kind of cut the smaller ones tail off and broke it up a bit so the bigger guy could at least close his mouth. So what's your most expensive feeder?
  7. Was looking on ebay and came across this plant HOLY CRAP would like to propogate a few of these.I like aponogetons but this is mad.Aponogeton boivinianus Live Aquarium Plant RARE | eBay
  8. As per the heading, why are they so expensive???????????????????? 50 cents a shot, can be eaten by a fish in the blink of an eye. evidently can breed like rabid rabbits, over run your tank even................ why then are they so bloody exy ?????? Am i missing something ? thanks for the answers in advance. garry
  9. The Platinum Arowana is an extremely rare species of Arowana fish with virtually no coloration on its body. This breed of fish is so valuable that an offer for $80,000 was recently turned down by the owner! Legend states that this fish is supposed to bring good luck, which is a big reason why it is so unbelievably expensive.the fish is not mine dam wish it was idont know how to pics up so ill give you the website (http://fishindex.blogspot.com/2008/06/p ... sh-in.html)
  10. hey guys i was just wondering what is the difference between the average lfs heater for 20-30$ to the brands such as jager. is it because of the sensativity of the thermostat to keep the water at a more constant temp? or is there something else im missing? thanks
  11. Here is a pic of what the Lake Tang locals eat ... If only they knew ... Hamza
  12. This thread is for the most expensive fish that has ever been eaten on you. First up mine was a $4 molly by my lion fish, Then a $6 damsel twice by my painted cray, Then lastly a $70 panther/butterfly cod by my lion. I am devo'd about it. Anyone else had a lose like this?
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