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Found 19 results

  1. Any members here kept and/or bred whiptails? What are they like compared to BN? I am setting up a planted 2ft and wanted to see if I could try them out.
  2. Hi members! I'm thinking of purchasing some fish that my local pet stores don't stock from online live fish retailers. Have been looking at Fish Tank Fish in particular. I would appreciate any feedback from members who have past dealings with them, also any other suggestion for a good online live fish retailer. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys A few weeks ago I picked up some small samples of moss (or moss-like plants) from a creek that runs through the back of my parents place. They have been submerged for 3 weeks and seem to be going strong. Anyone got any ID ideas? Ive got some pictures but they ant the best as i don't own a macro lens The 4th and 5th photo are the same moss. It's really small in terms of its structure. Who else has used moss they have found? Cheers, Sophie
  4. Hi all I pulled out some staurogyne repens from my main tank and put them in my shrimp tank but I can't seem to get the roots into the substrate does this matter? The plants are holding down just looks untidy would they die if I left them like that ?
  5. Hi All Can any members share their experiences with using Sieryu stone in the aquarium and whether it has raised TDS and pH?. I'm also aware that perhaps a lot of material sold as "Sieryu" may be an imitation. From what I've read, weekly water changes have been sufficient in keeping the TDS reduced. thanks
  6. Hey everyone Anyone using a Hailea 150a? Looking to get one and tossing up between second hand for $200-$250 or new for $460. Will also be using an Eheim 2215 w/2217 impeller in a 3ft shallow 100L tank to run it. Just want to know if they are reliable, quiet for a bedroom and work on the 12/16mm hose? What's your experience with yours. I'd love a better brand but money is scarce Thanks for reading and any help!
  7. Please share your experience on using Indian Almond leaf for conditioning and breeding fish? Is your money worth spending? I came across a new product by Tantora leaf- selling dried Guava leaf- good for antibacterial and food for shrimp too. also they sell dried mulburry leaf , banana leaf for shrimp food.I got these plant at my place and just wondering How much will you spend for 10 leaf? just for a poll. Any experience with charcoal bamboo using for shrimp too? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey all I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with kessil 150s and how they go growing HC in a 60cm deep tank
  9. I haven't bothered shipping fish for a couple of years now, I had a Virgin Freight account for many years and shipped fish reasonably regularly airport to airport on direct flights from Coolangatta to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then Virgin Freight were taken over by Toll Express, who changed the consignment notes to delete the "live fish" option, leaving only the "AVI" option. This resulted in the price of shipping a box of fish to treble, as I was being charged the same rate as you would be charged to ship a cat or dog. And I was hearing lots of stories about shoddy service and high costs when shipping with AAE, particularly being given quotes and then being charged substantially more when you turned up with fish packed ready to go. So I stopped shipping. After being requested by a couple of members recently to ship some fish to Cairns and Melbourne, I dropped into Coolangatta airport looking for the AAE office to suss it out and found their name has recently changed to Qantas Freight. Apparently AAE was split up, some parts going to Qantas Freight and others to Star Track. To cut to the chase, the guys at the Qantas Freight office at Coolangatta airport could not have been more helpful, and I was pleasantly surprised at the shipping costs quoted, which I regarded as quite reasonable. And the quoted costs were pretty much spot on when I delivered the packed fish to Coolangatta airport this afternoon. So it looks like I am back into shipping airport to airport to places receiving direct flights from Coolangatta airport : Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and even Darwin and Hobart. Cheers, Doug
  10. I want to keep them together but i'm afraid the gouramis might get territorial and aggressive, like iv'e been told a few times. Also, none of my tetras are fin nippers so don't worry about that.
  11. [h=3]Pantodon buchholzi (African Butterfly Fish)[/h]Wow these fish are amazing!!!! Does anyone in Queensland keep these amazing fish Have been learning heaps on the internet but want to hear first hand if anyone is keeping these fish or even better breeding them I realise there is two species that look the same and impossible to tell apart. From what ive researched about these fish they require soft slightly acid water and eat live food as well as floating food. They are a surface dweller and the African Butterfly Fish are notorious tank jumpers so im looking at glad wrapping the tank and providing a lot of floating plant cover. Looking at purchasing a pair. Interested to hear from anyone who has had experience with these fish
  12. I am curious to know if anyone here has owned a coal grunter before and if so could please share some tips on keeping them? I saw a tankfull of the little buggers at the lfs and am really keen to grab one before they all go. I've never seen them for sale anywhere in my 10 years of fishkeeping and I think it would be a great addition to one of my tanks. If purchased it would be in a 36x18x18 tank with just a common pleco. Does this tank meet size requirements or will I have to upgrade down the track? Any info is greatly appreciated
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. First let me start by saying the auction was a little better than previous super auctions. So good work to all who had input. Thankyou for getting the PA system working properly this time. I could hear very well this time. I am not an expert compared to some, but some of the bags had no air space above them. I would have thought this would be a bad thing?? Maybe there should be a guide on what porton to water and air ratio and water to oxygen ratio. I know different fish have different requirements but surely theres a good and a bad way to bag fish. I also no that Mick lost his breeding royal whips and I thought I would recommend putting some info on the type of water on the bag town water(TW) or rain water(RW), not to sure but reverse osmosis(RO). Gives people an idea of the fish water parameters. I loved the fact the person with the rarer L numbers had photos of thier fish. I do not think that it needs to be for all fish, just the more unique fish would be nice to see colouration and quality for more expensive purchases. someone mentioned having O2 for fish bags there. I think it would be good if someone was going to put there hand up to do it. I know I might get hammered but maybe we could limit the number of same fish auctions, I noticed the albino BN were being passed up constantly. If the auctioneer deems that everybody is passing on a specific type of common fish for example albino BN then no more albino BN get sold for the next x period of time(suggest 30mins or maybe after 2 boxes to make it easier to manage) and the BN passed get put aside and come up for auction in x period of time. Sometimes it seems like every second fish is a common or albino BN and everybody passes. I agree initally they should but towards the end of the night you seem to have the more keen fish keepers which normally have enough BN and common fish. I am unsure of the money keeping and this comment might be to difficult to impleament. I dont mean any offense by what i am saying to the people running the auctions, the auctioneers, the sellers or the buyers. I was much happier with how the auction was run, I know I have only been to a few but it was more enjoyable than previous. Alot more different fish popped up too which is good to see. I will be interested in others opinions.....
  16. Hi all Just wandering if someone can enlighten me about Golden Ram Cichlids. Are these a captive bred colour morph of the Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi?? Iv seen these around some LFS's and they are really cheap compared to the M. Ram. Just looking for something small (besides Apistos) and from the same region to add to my tetra/cory tank. Thanks Matt.
  17. Has anyone had experience with a number of UV sterilizers before and come to a conclusion about what to go for, and what to steer clear of? I get a fair amount of light on 2 tanks and am thinking of getting one. Thanks in advance........Clint
  18. Hi I've recently read a bit about aquaponics and watched a few videos on youtube. It certainly got me interested so I bought 2 x 1000L IBC containers for this new exciting project. I am still working through what equipments I need What do you think about concept of aquaponics? do you think it worth a try? If you are already into aquaponics please share your experience about the pros and cons of your set up Below are some link about aquaponics http://www.aquaponics.net.au/ Cheers Toan
  19. Hi Folks For those of you who have got some of the Dicrossus maculatus I love to hear your comments on tank/size/stocking/compatibility with other Apistos etc etc Seriously considering some from Jodi to go into a 100cm tank which currently contains some A. baenschi. The net seems a bit short on info on maintenance, Ive read a few breeding accounts but not much else. Cheers Steph
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