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Found 9 results

  1. I've just established a New pond (triangle shape 4mx2mx400mm deep) in my front courtyard and have decided to experiment stocking it Current stock(all fish either wild caught or juvies I have breed) White Clouds Tiger Endlers Blue eyes(from Conondale) Rainbows(from Conondale) Firetail gudgeon(from Caboolture) Pair Kribensis Pair Blue-eye cichlids Pair Paradise fish 50 odd glass shrimp 6 mystery snails dose of black worms Fish have been introduced gradually over last 6 weeks All going well....cichlids in breeding colours Will be interesting to see how each species fare....what will be there next year??
  2. I left this one in my bio filter with no light and near no oxygen and phos levels through the roof to change its colouration and forgot it; by the time i remembered, it was near dead! Just under two months later and its got three more colours and thriving. Its still a bit pale where it was bleaching, but not bad!
  3. ok up until now ive been very slack with my cats ocassionally giving them a bit of attention when i decided to just recently ive realised the number of cats I own so heres the go over the next couple of months ill try to post the activity i see and the actions I take to increase the spawns Id appreciate any suggestions heres the list of tanks and the cats inside 4X2X2 Has internal 2000 l/h filter and a sump underneath plenty of wood and ceramic logs and a few plants 2 m 4f std longfins all breeding size one large male normally breeds after beating up the smaller male as of today he was in his log nothing serious just starting to play last clutch was just on one month ago very small 4x18x18 has undergravel filtration and a 1500l/h filter attached to a huge sponge 1m 2f L168 huge fish healthy an assortment of L104 approx 10 some breeding size some just off some males have trapped a girl but no eggs and 4 whiptails unsure of sex just like the fish 2x15x18 basically bare bottom with a large sponge filter has 1m 2 f Peppermints huge fish male well over 14cm girls over 10 easily 96Litre tub sponge filter another trio of pepps basically the same as above Im trying something here I believe all the fish seem to like the tub casue of the privacy 3x18x18 small power head with sponge on it and severl sponge and box filter basically bare bottomed 2m 3 f orange spot huge fish again the gals are bigger than the boys these guys just recently bred for me nothing huge but i left the eggs in with them last couple of times id tried to play and they got upset currently maybe 50 fry in there with them 3x18x18 undergravels with a little power head pushing water across the fron of a couple of logs 8 Albino longfin and a couple of std albino not sure of the sexing these guys are young ive put a def male in there and a couple of hopefulls just waiting for some signs of breeding 2x2x1 barebottom sponge filter in centre much the same as above a mixture of fish with a couple of def males one std longfin the other an albino longfin 2x18x18 good covering of black gravel and a sponge filter pair of breeding hoplos these guys have bred have heaps of fry just trying to get the timing right on taking the female out have no problem getting them to lay the eggs just they disappear fairly quickly. Ok thats it each tank has wood ( I will be adding a bit more later) and several logs of the ceramic type again will add some more as time permits right as i take action ill be adding info please dont ask for water parameters never been a big fan on that if soemthing is wrong ill test but outside that i look at the condition of the fish more than the water conditions (yes I know this is wrong) but id prefer not mucking around with ph or tds too much and see what happens
  4. For short time I had been trailing varied amounts of dosing and temperature to try out phosphate precipitation to cal-phos. The levels that were tried and tried again differently each time eventually worked and what I believe to be the precipitation of phosphate from the waters binding to calcium came on very strong and phos disappeared from the tests. I had tried a GFH then pool starver to make sure of phos control as I use algae for that type of thing. Then the tanks were on their own with quite a lot of over feeding beyond the usual to get phos beyond 0.03. I used three different tests to check as it went along and the none extended precipitation on the glass, plastic, everywhere! certainly came on strong. There was a multitude of standard extended or spiky you might say cal precipitation as well, but that was a given with the types of dosing I was using. At the end of it all i scraped and crushed a few of the thousands of what looked like coralline with no colour, off the walls taking it back with the use of co2 in a cup of no phos tested RO water made into saltwater. In that cup the tests of phos were near off the charts. It certainly works, but I lost a few sps,some acans changed colours, most decorative algae melted away, some cal skeleton inverts grew faster then I could imagine including clams and others showed their detest at what I did to them as the pic that follows shows quite clearly. Need less to say, phosphate removal is best done in one of the many other purchased or natural ways available. Making calcium phosphate your self is not in your reef life’s best interests! In that short time of dosing water torture, this sps changed in shape from normal to show it’s hate of what I did to them by giving me the finger, three times just to make sure I got the message.
  5. So I'm only new to Catfish keeping, I mean, I've had the odd BN and Pleco here and there but I recently purchased some Peppermints, L002 and longfins. I was thinking and realised, if I'm gonna breed them, I'm gonna need caves. So, here is what I decided to do! I built 7 different types of breeding caves, I'm gonna test my catfish with them and see which works best! Once I know which is best, I'll be able to re-create it and use it a lot haha! Here are the caves I made: First is the 'Cone', it can double as a Discus breeding cone. It has both ends open but one end only has a small opening. Second, 'Bamboo'. A round cave with both ends wide open. Third is the 'Quad'. A square tube with both ends wide open. The fourth cave is the 'Log'. A classic log type cave with both ends wide open. Fifth cave, 'Fin'. A pinch type cave with a razor-edge top and one end pinched closed. Number 6 is 'The Bomb Shelter'. An alternate cave for hipster Catfish, lens-less glasses recommended. And last but not least, my favourite, 'The Best'. It's similar to the 'Log' but a little thinner and prettier. I reckon this'll work the best! All are yet to be fired, but once I fire them, I'm going to attach moss and green them UP!!!! By the time they are complete, I should have enough breeding pairs to complete this experiment! Thanks, Finn
  6. alrighty guys so a while ago i saw this photo and it made me drool in my pants http://img.tapatalk.com/cfdb45d1-2677-0479.jpg unfortunately i don't know anyone who has these in the country and it made me think: 1. the blue rilli shrimp originates from the red rilli shrimp 2. clearly the blue body rilli gene and the red rilli colours can co exist if there are blue body and red rilli shrimp out there! 3. let's have an experiment!~!! a while ago mr bluebolts had a spare male blue rilli that he purchased from another breeder a while ago so i asked him if he could sponsor me for this trial. the experiment is to cross mr bluebolts blue rilli boy with all my red rilli girls who have a blue tinge in their body. the goal: -to get an intense red head and tail with a blue body. -unfortunately i didn't have any intense red heads and tails with blue bodies, only blue bodied rilli shrimp with a little bit of red in their head and tail. but that's a start results: -90% of the babies came out intensely...for the lack of a better word....S&^% (see photos...yuk!) - some came out blue rilli (woohoo!) so far i have counted 3-5 (two at the bottom right) - but i have at least two shrimps with a lot of blue and the littlest of red!!! - also, i didn't realise but the mom has a blue body with a little bit of red but red legs?!?!? cool! da big one in the photo
  7. So iv decided to give Oranda Gold Hikari food a go on some nice orandas. Has anyone ever tried it before? Results?
  8. System Objectives Setting up as a morph experiment tank. Just want to try my hand at fragging. Maybe a fish or two but honestly I'll see how I go... System Type: Very basic Display System: System setup date: June 2011 Display Tank: Blueplanet 50L 58 x 30 x 31 cm (LxDxH) approx Display Lighting: Built in T5 20W Stand: None. Will sit on bedside table at the moment Hood: Built in Filtration: Built in 3 stage trickle filter with sponge, rowaphos and bioballs System Water: Natural salt water Top up: Weekly with tank water Water changes: 20L weekly Display Water circulation: Airstone and small airpump Skimmer: none Cooling system: None This is completely experimental. I will be running it as is with no alterations to anything. I am hoping that with weekly water changes, a decent amount of LR and macroalgae to boot that this will be enough to keep a stable small nano. I am not sure how good the lighting is. Yes it is a T5 but unsure if NO or HO... If it is an NO I am hoping that due to the small height, that the light will still be decent enough to help my shrooms flourish. Will upload pics later tonight or tomorrow. Tank is currently setup with fresh water so Ill need to empty that, take out the gravel/lava rock/ornaments and fill with saltwater, LR and macroalgae. Will be bare bottom tank to begin with but may add substrate depending on how successful it ends up being... Advice from people running similar systems would be great
  9. Ok, so when I bought this house the previous occupants left us the big blue plastic drum, filled with rainwater just under our pergola out the back. It's connected to the drain pipes from the pergola and gets all the rain water in it when it rains (well duh!). Now this is a great drum and holds a fair bit of water which is useful up here with so many restrictions on water these days. Only thing is, there are mosquitos everywhere in and around the tank. What I propose to do is check the ph and condition of the water, and providing its stable enough throw a small barra in there to see if it'll help stop the mosquitos breeding in there. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Will be taking photos along the way.
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