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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all Just looking to reduce my ph. Anyone used blackwater extract with crs? Thanks, Josh.
  2. well the story is i when to atlas aquarium and i was told take these six pill to worm my discus and to feed them to my discus so i ask how i do this the guy told me to leave the pills in the bag fill it up to certain point with vodka and it will seperate the stuff that i wanted out and then to pour it over some bio discus food is this right i think it gonna kill my fish any one help me plz are they joking with me
  3. thought i would share my tried and true method of safely extracting alto comps and calvus from their shells to steal their fry and to clean their shells from all the gunk left over from last spawn which can and does spoil some or all of the next clutch if the female doesn't clean up properly or simply cant! this is why sometimes you will notice less fry with each spawn instead of more, the egg rott from the last batch is spoiling them ; >>> So, here it is. If its just a male or non-paired or non-spawning girls that have hogged a shell I extract them by placing the shell right up to the front glass with the opening facing you, give an inch or so room from the opening to the glass, when they come out a few mins later they say WTF im not living here up against this front glass, and that BigRock bloke is ugly enough from a damn distance as is, im out of here lol ,...so they simply abandon it! males abandon instantly and females who aren't fanning ofcourse will abandon it pronto aswell !! a fanning female usually wont. So with them,soon as I notice fry I go get an exact replica shell that's been cleaned and dried then i'll gently move her shell over just a few inches and place the new shell in the exact same position and place where hers was and then sit back and watch, she will come out a couple mins later and you'll see her expression almost say wtf lol what am i doing here? this isnt my shell thats my shell. And bang she'll go in the new one and that's when you dive in and grab her shell full of fry works a treat! and she is none the wiser all except her fry are gone, the pair bond also stays the same, theres NO territory dispute or sussing of new shells or placement etc, coz they have no real clue what happened when you do it this way and they'll begin another spawn soon as they can. This method is also more deviously fun than other methods when doing it, so enjoy!! ;
  4. We have received the new formulation on the Black Water Extract and it is on the shelves ready to go. More sizes 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litres. Wanted a smaller size for the Betta Lovers and is in a pump pack to make it easy to administer. Dose rate is at 10ml per 20 litres and you can go lighter or stronger too depending on what you want to achieve. If you have a small tank like for Betta's the 250ml pump pack you can simply dose at two pumps per litre. Black water for aquarium and fishtank fish. Breeding and Bio Types. If you notice the pricing is better and don't forget you get the additional 10% off for being a QLDAF Member. The new Black water extract has a two fold effect, apart from containing a pure form of peat which contains Tannic and Humic acids ( essential to replicating Amazonian type water)...., it also has a Calcium specific de-ionizer that assist in softening water. In the process of doing this it also removes the toxic effects of Calcium Hydroxide in Town Water. Because of this profoundly well researched principle of Calcium removal this product is unparalleled by any other of this type. As a result of Calcium chelation and natural acids the pH will slowly lower over a couple of weeks
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