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Found 56 results

  1. Hi all, so surprise surprise my convicts had fry. the dad has been a good dad watching out for them but in doing so he has pushed harshly past their cave many time which has scratched him on the side. i think he has also scratched his eye as i can see a scratch above his right eye... but today both eye at the front look cloudy.. checked water ph 7.4 ammonia 0 ppm nitrite 0 ppm nitrate 10 ppm so a quick 25%water change... but i want to make sure no infection comes. i have melafix.. and from what i know it is just a very basic anti bacterial.. i have no other tank to put him in at the moment so can i treat with melafix while fry are in the tank ??? pics below for reference ....thanks
  2. Hi guys, I woke up thos morning to find my benga peacock has a cloudy eye and what seems like a bit of scale damage on the same side. I also noticed my mono sebae has a slightly cloudy eye on one side too but not other damage. One of my big ob's has a stringy thing coming from his lower lip. Would it just be a bit of aggression? Or should I start treating the tank with some pima and or mela? I'm about to do a water change as the nitrate is around 40ppm. I just cleaned the fx5 on Thursday night (rinsed sponges and media in tank water and replaced macropore). Amonia and nitrite are both zero and ph is around 7.8 which I don't really understand as the tank has about 60kg of holey rock in it and crushed coral substrate. Also I forgot to mention I had a dead Azureus last night for no apparent reason. He was not beat up that I could notice. I don't want to loose any more fish!
  3. Hi there, I have an Angel fish with a white spot that suddenly appeared on her eye today. She has got fry at the moment is there anything I can treat her with that won't kill the fry. Also I don't know what the white spot is or what has caused it. There is only one other Angel fish and two bristle nose catfish on the tank. Any advice would be appreciated I will try an attach a photo
  4. Hi guys am after a female eye biter for my male he is around 150mm long .the tank boss needs a woman y should his life be better than mine lol.
  5. Got a replacement camera due to a faulty seal within 4 days thanks Canon So tested it out to see if my P mellis were spawning yet and guess what? I hope to do some more in better light and with more mature fish as the weather warms up. Also hoping to get P signifer in a similar video as I have some really spectacular males
  6. .Hey guy's, have my saratoga currently with a bit of cloudy eye, This has only happened since he decided to have a moment and jump through my lids a couple weeks back, I just tried to leave it and let it heal alone but didn't seem to work, Lastnight added 40 tablespoons of salt / 4 caps pond strength melafix Any other idea's on how to deal with this ? Anything other than jumping through my lids could be causing this ? Toga is relatively small and only 2ft long so would think young and healthy enough to come back from this with a little treatment.
  7. .Just a heads up With warmer weather comes breeding my fish are sex mad ATM so it might be a good time to keep an extra eye on your tanks so the amorous males don't tire out the girls or kill them nothing worse than finding your breeding pair a single fish have spare tanks meds and dividers ready just in case and happy breeding FJ
  8. Hi,I've noticed today that two of my fish have what looks like a white film starting to appear in one eye,what is this & how do I treat it,thankyou Brett.
  9. Hi all I have cobolt with popeye the eye has air in it how do you treat this disease. Thanks Dave
  10. Hey guys wat do I need for pop eye in flower horn and were do I get it from
  11. Hi All, Anyone seen anything like this before? Noticed today that the left eye on one of my RSG's has what looks to be air bubbles inside the eye..... Ideas??? Cheers, JB
  12. Hey guys , Does anyone have ob eye biters. Would like to see pics of the quality getting around aus. Here's a picture i took of a friends ob eye biter i'm looking after. [MENTION=10009]esto[/MENTION]
  13. Hi everyone. I have a young phenochilus Tanzania with a weird eye. The photo is not to good so best description would be small white spot in dead centre of eye. The fish doesn't seem worried at all so wondering if I should medicate or just leave if to sort its self out?. Thanks for your help Ph: 8.2 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate: 10ppm Kh: 196.9 Gh: 179
  14. I just bought a large black moor last night and I have noticed it has red like a pool of blood in its left eye. He was missing about 3-4 scales as well. I'm about to set up my spare tank to get him away from my ranchu as I worry about them getting sick. Should I get something to treat him with or just let it pass? Sent from my GT-I9305 using Tapatalk
  15. hey guys has anyone seen any albino eye bitters juvies around for sale or know of any members that breed them. I had a colony of them years ago and would like to find some for the new African tank. cheers
  16. Hey Kids, Here is a quick video of my Spotted Blue Eyes Pseudomugil gertrudae ............. They are so awesome when they are out (which is not normally when people are around) and showing off!!! Enjoy..........!
  17. Wondering if the cloudy swollen eye on my Flowerhorn is something I should be treating or has it been bashed? Does anyone think it will heal? Am quite concerned for her! Her other eye is fine (red/brown). She hasn't lost her appetite.
  18. Hi, I have a few glass perch and one of them have a weird looking eye. It was puffed up like a black moor's eye so I put some salt in the tank and it fixed it a bit, but now his eye is kind of milky white and not really transparent any more. I would love to get a picture of him- but he is so fast i can't. Any ideas how I could fix it?
  19. Help I got some new polleni's on Saturday. They are only about 3-5cm long and i just noticed one that looks quite a bit darker then the rest hiding in the plants not moving. I thought it was dead so i went to scoop it out and it was still alive, but there seems to be a clear bubble pocket dome shape thing of some sort over one of its eyes even though the eye itself looks fine, it is not moving around much and shows no interest in food. WTF would cause that.... and how do i fix it. Cheers Nicole
  20. Hey all. Got myself a black and gold dragoneye goldfish yesterday, and noticed that he sits at the very top of the waterline. He comes down and eats and what not but he spends most of his time up there, not gasping for air, just chilling at the top. Could this possibly be a swim bladder issue? or is he just shy cause its a new tank? I know he does not like the current in the water too much, i have slowed it down as much as i like too by adjusting the position of my outlet, yet he tends to chill on top of the internal filter where there is no flow. Just hoping he is in good health Michael
  21. just had a look at my poor tinfoil barb and his eye is swollen almost ''popped'' out!? what should i do, im alittle worried help!
  22. Pic attached of Peacock with Cloudy Eye.... So I've done the google thing and its either Bacterial or fungal and can be treated by Melafix and pimafix.... Sweet Problem is though Cloudy eye is usually caused by bad water quality and/or low PH. This 320L tank is maintained same day every fortnight with a 25% water change and gravel pump. The new water is treated with prime and Cichlid buffer. Water qual is good so could it be because the tank (and eheim 2217) are only 3 months aged, even though fish were added slowly?
  23. Hey peoples, I have a colony of these 1m 3f about the 20cm mark. I've got a little info from a friend but just wondering what there worth as fry to sell. Are these hard to get and sell? What prices am I looking at to sell fry if I get them breeding? I've been told $20 each at 5cm and was offered a female (unsure on size for $50) which I thought was a bit on the high side but I don't know enough about them before setting a price for the future if things go good with the breeding. What I learnt they love a big tank. I have them in a 48x18x18 and really can't go bigger due to room. Am I wasting my time in a 4ft? Any breeding ideas to help me? Thanks anyone that can help
  24. Hi All, Recently our Oscar fish has developed 2 white rod shaped growths within one of his eyes. They started small and have grown slowly over the past weeks. I have seen a couple of vets who have put me on to a fish specialist fella but he is away until the 6th August. I am hoping someone out there has seen this before and can help us help our Oscar. It does not appear to have affected him in any way except he now prefers to watch you with his other eye indicating there is some loss of sight (although he still sees out of the eye with growths just not as well). He still eats well although now he sometimes misses his food and has to try again. He is about 10 years old and was moved from the 600L tank to his current 300L tank not long before we saw the growths appear. We moved him back to the 300L tank after about 18 months in the 600L tank during which he became obsessed with digging big holes and protecting them. Guess he thought the rains had come and it was time to breed! It was fine when he was digging at either end but when he decided to dig in the middle the silver dollars and pleco the shared his tank at the time were constantly chased. Moved him back to the other tank and he settled immediately and even ate straight away! No sooking at all All he shares the 300L tank with now are some feeder fish from a pet shop. He is fed mostly frozen foods like Cichlid food and some blood worm as well as feeder fish and feeder yabbies. We have also recently started him back on Hikari Cichlid Gold pellets as well. He continues to eat well and behaves normally except now he prefers to use his other eye and sometimes misses food when first put in and has to hunt it down. If anyone has an idea of what this could be please let us know. We have googled plenty of eye issues but none seem to match Occie's. Cheers, Lewy
  25. jz got some fish frm melbourne and some have a very fine white pin dot in the centre of the eye. appears 2 b on the lens of the eye not on the outside . they dont look blind n u can only c it wen looking close up . what u guys think n treat with what meds . cheers tim
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