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Found 23 results

  1. my next broodstock of Honey Blue Eyes - Pseudomugil mellis, filmed in a 500lt pond in natural sunlight, fish are only just a year old and some still shots from the video Honey Blue eye - Pseudomugil mellis - Occur only in small areas in Queensland and Fraser Island Conservation status listing as Vulnerable in QLD and Endangered with IUCN Red list My intital stock was given to me by ANGFA members Under current QLD threatened species legislation it is illegal to collect Honey Blue Eyes from the wild. It is also illegal to buy or sell a threatened or endangered species in Queensland.
  2. what would u pay for them thinking off getting some
  3. So a week ago today I picked up 8 7-8cm discus from Darren Thomson aka Gold Coast Discus. First couple of days where fine apart from the normal settling in period. Then late on day two I noticed white spot on quiet a few of the fish. The following day I started Protozin treatment and seems to have cleared up nicely. (3rd day of treatment yesterday) However on day 3 I noticed that the Penang eruptions gill plate was raised on one side and the membrane is sticking out around 3-5mm when it takes a breath. Also there are some barely visible white lines/spots on the membrane when you look inside (please see photo) He is still breathing from both gills, colour is nice, behaviour is normal and eating fine. Then today I noticed that my blue diamonds eyes have gone cloudy (pop eye???) he is not eating and is very reserved. Are these problems possibly related and what can I do? I have spoken to quiet a few people and done hours of research with no firm diagnosis on what's happening to my tank. Apart from the Protozin treatment for white spot I have been doing 50% wc daily and added 1tbs of salt per 60l. Sorry for for the long story :/ Any help or advice would be very much appreciated... I have no idea what to do! Ph: 7.5 Am: 0 Rite: 0 Rate 0-5 30 deg Bare bottom 4x2x2 with a 3 foot sump, no plants, no other fish. Setup in run completely on pre filtered rain water.
  4. Being as I now have three baby blue eyes, am I allowed to post in this section?
  5. Hi i want to know what u need to do to add wild caught to a tank , rainbow runners youtube vid says add salt to bucket to stop fin rot & parasites, how long do they need to be kept there? my first attempt did not fair well fin rot with 24 hrs some even quicker than that, is it common for this to happen , wild fish to have parasites? ?
  6. Just curious if anyone is keeping these and has some pointers? Thinking of getting some from aquagreen They look to be that perfect combo of pretty AND tough.
  7. Hi Guys, So today I had to move one of my tanks from one side of the room to the other. I put my africans into a 60litre rubbish bin with an airstone whilst i made the move.. All up it took about 1 1/2 hrs till I was able to rehome them back into their tank... Obviously there were stressed by the move, but about 80% of the fish had a cloudy haze over the lens of their eyes... I'm assuming the stress coupled with the confinement and the extra wastes produced ammonia efffectively burning their eyes?? Does that sound right?? Now about 6 hrs late it looks like their eyes are becomimg cleaer... I think... or is that just wishful thinking? Have I done any permament damage to my babies??????
  8. Dropped in to a local pet store today for a stickybeak at their livestock (one of the benefits of working in different shopping centres every day of the week). Was the usual mix of goldfish & guppy tanks, & I found myself looking at the "feeder fish" tank (which I usually pay no attention to) - was shocked to find it contained a bunch of juvenile crimson-spotted rainbowfish, & one very agro adult male pacific blue eye chasing everything that came in range...being sold as "feeder fish"...for $2 each?!? All looked to be in very good condition...& considering the prices other lfs's charge for either species...
  9. Just been mucking around again, gotta have something fishy to do when too windy for actual fishing
  10. hi all is anyone keeping and breeding forktail blue eyes i want to start keeping and breed them so im looking for any tips on keeping them
  11. In pond underwater camera test of Canon Power Shot D20 Finally bought a new waterproof camera and took the el cheapo back So have been testing in out in my ponds and fishtank Results are ok so far, still testing out all the functions. enjoy
  12. just turned up to buy a breeding trio of l144s,straight away noticed they had red eyes>? i say to him there just albino bristlnose and he says no they are thr red eyed varient???
  13. hi all i got a batch of flower horns about 1.5 to 2.5 cm wondering wen do there eyes go red and if the small ones have nice script r they still worth keeping or cull cause there the weeker ones.
  14. My Fish have cloudy eyes again,this comes and goes all the time,i know my waters good its been tested at shop and its fine, ph 6,im always dosing with melafix its good for a while then they get it again.... Waterchange weekly ,and vacc,I have sand substrate the fish are Geo rio branco. Some fish have it only on one eye ,some both ,some not at all. Still eating normally. Run a Ehiem 2028 and fluval Internal. Please help
  15. Check these bad boys out, right here on our doorstep, enjoy! For Sale L144 - Page 2 - plecoplanet Forums
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hi Guys, Im attempting to breed pacific blue eyes, has anyone done this? What sort of setup did you do it with? Thanks Chronic
  18. :whyme: Yesterday I went to view a tank that was for sale, the owner hadn't done a water change since February this year so decided to do one before i arrived. When i arrived all the fish in the tank were half way to death; most plecos were dead already, including a decent sized tiger pleco which broke my heart to scoop up. I was in shock... i instantly started interogating him as to how this could have happened, i still dont know the truth. the water was freezing and who knows what was contaminated before cleaning the tank. :worry: The man said he couldn't care less about the fish, so began the rescue; so i bucketed them up right away and took them home praying i could save some! :sweatdrop: The problem i have now is with the discolouration in their eyes, their eyes have all gone misty, does anyone know how/or why this happens? ive heard it could be the dirty water conditions Is there any advise anyone can give me??? I have 1 large pleco and 1 large bristlenose still struggling but not gone yet!!! Ive got milafix in the tank now and i have stocked up on some more cichlid gold too with the 6 new arrivals after a little research i think i am going down to the local produce to see what else they have that can help cause im scared they have worms/parasite or disease, as I put them straight in with my other healthy flowerhorn. I have since sanctioned him off to avoid him bullying/stressing the newbies. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!!! I feel so sorry for the fish and want to turn their fortune around :soppy:
  19. I have just noticed the dominant male in the colony appears to have for want of a better description, cataracts. It appears to be healthy other wise although disoriented. Other fish seem unaffected. Can anyone offer advice please.
  20. I have noticed my saratoga has cloudy eyes? Could this be serious? He seems to be bumping into things. Is there a cure? Or is he going blind?
  21. Just thought I'd put up a few photos of just how greedy my Peacock Bass fry can be despite being fed pellets, bloodworm and brine shrimp several times a day. As you can see it doesn't mind electric blue fry of nearly the same size!!
  22. i got a nice lil pair of honey blue eyes today. they are gorgeous little fish for all those who like natives
  23. I have a bit of a blue eye fetish - and 2 spare two footer outside waiting for something to cathc my eye. (unless they end up insdie with dwarfs). I like the honey blue eyes but have never seen them offered for sale. So who can fill me in on blue eyes in terms of breeding, availability etc.???? Anyone? Steve
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