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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I need some advice. I have looked at a breeding pair of red discus (don't have any other description than that but have orange faces) The female is beautiful but the male has these brown patches on its face. The guy selling them said it won't go away but they are good breeders and all red males have these brown marks. I must admit, I've only seen photos of other reds but I've never seen any with brown marks...can anyone tell me what they are and will they go with breeding?:help:
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  3. Hi everyone...okay so I have an oscar that wont grow and I noticed today that I also have a severum (Torrey) with a funny looking face...I did not notice this when I bought her...mind you she was really small and so it would have been difficult to spot...and I had not had a severum before ...anyway... I was looking at my severum and I noticed that one side of her face (the right) sticks out further than her left side. The bottom section of her gills on the right flare out farther too..her mouth looks straight..although it's so little its kind of hard to say for certain..is this some kind of deformity??..She also has more spangles on one side of her face and barely none on the other..she is growing, healthy and eating..I never had any intention of breeding her,so if it is a genetic thing, that's not a worry..but does anyone know any more about this kind of thing??..I have done a google search but have not been able to really find anything....have to admit though I am kind of a bit bummed out that she's not the best looker..when you start to design a tank and have a picture in your head of what the finished product will look like; hearing visitors to my house say "what's wrong with her face?" is not what I had in mind.....but I love her, and she's gonna have the best life I can give her anyway...
  4. This is a little cutie from today’s south east Queensland aquarium society dive trip. One of the hundreds seen!
  5. I've just noticed these bumps on my catfishes face, I haven't had him/her long to know if they have been there long. Is that normal or is there something wrong?
  6. Over many ears I have lost a great deal of my favourite marine creatures, being the tub worm or feather duster worm. As usual when I get a tubeworm I prepare it so this killer does not get into the aquarium and multiply, eventually wiping out all tubeworms. I have a pic of the egg blister that carries the larvae of these creatures, but no adult pic till now. While collecting I found an infected tube worm so I now havea pic of this horrible species of worm. I have no idea of it’s name, but in time I hope to find its Latin name.
  7. Who's going to blink first? Winner.
  8. Can someone please help me. Ive come home to fine on of my catfish with a large brown sore on its face need to know ASAP as I have just put l no. With them and I don't want them to catch it if it is contagious
  9. I am keen on getting a dog face puffer just wondering if anyone knows anything about them
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  11. gotta say the new look is great
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