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Found 4 results

  1. Just wanted to rant as I got slightly screwed by Gumtree today. Bought an Eheim 2217 canister filter off gumtree late last week. 3 years old, 70 dollars which seemed fair. Drive 45 mins to pick it up and he mentions "oh by the way I lost the clips a while back, but it always seals and only reason I'm getting rid of it is because of the noise from the spray bar as it's in my room". I think fair enough, not sure how it would stay sealed but I figured I'd test it on an empty 60 liter container. So I go to test it, and well the top won't stay on....... Turn it on and hold the top down figure the suction will draw it down so I can at least test the flow......I could feel a vibration but no flow. Decide to take a look at the impeller and shaft. Found piece broken off the impeller and the shaft broken. AWESOME. So after a little re-positioning I finally confirm that it will work, not impressed by the flow but hoping it's the impeller and yup it's holding itself down. My brain is telling me that the second I switch this thing off the water is going to push this thing off the canister and yup it does. So the person I bought this off is not a nice person. So my 70 dollar fair deal is now going to cost me around 110-120. Still isn't too bad but a little bit of honesty would have been nice as there is no doubt he knew as there is a noticeable noise from the unit when the impeller is actually moving. Very annoying.
  2. Just need some advice..... my internal power filter shat itself today and all I have in it now is an Aqua1 sponge. the tank is a 4x15x18h.....it only has a pleco and a small FH at 5cm will this be ok for a week or so??
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