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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all I have a total of 11 rostratus which consist of 3 different batches. One batch was a colony of 7 that i bort from a fellow member. Any how i realised that these 7 do not look like any other rostratus that i have seen around in aquariums or other peoples tanks. The difference is that the 7 are not elongated like other rostratus or thr other ones in my tank, as they are shorter and stumpier. Further more the spots on the colony of 7 are all mumbo jumboed and are adjoining with one another so more like a bar than spots, whilst the other batches have perfect spots none that join. Their heads differ greatly as some have a slightly more snouty like heads and beaks. See the thing is i have a 20cm vc 10 and the colony of 7 rostratus looks exactly thr same as he does from body to fin tonhead to beak, other than the colours. Coukd it be a cross breed of vc ten or am i just tripping??? If it is a cross breed....... hey im a small fella but i got a MAASIVE SOUTH PAW over hand followed by a colossal hurricane right hand rib breaker
  2. I just picked up some 3 feet long plants from rave for $2.50 each. They were in the craft section, but strongly resemble aquarium plants with the way they branch. Also the attachments of the leaves to the stem is typical of cheap aquarium plants. In fact, they are almost the same as these (except the base of my ones all join into one thick stem whereas this product is 3 different parts attached to a base): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/351263782182?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Does anyone have any experience in using these sort of craft items as aquarium decorations? Is there a good way to tell if they are safe for use or not? I've currently got them soaking in a bucket to see if they are colourfast, then I intend to silicone them to a base. If this works out I will be really happy!
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  4. Just wondering if anyone has good methods to stop a large fake rock wall from flopping forwards? I have a 6x2 wall in my tank, but cannot keep it stuck to the back! I don't to use anythingnpermanent eg. Silicone. Was wondering if anyone has ever rigged up a system with suction caps? E.g. small plastic rod goingthrough a small hole in the wall, and suctioning onto the glass of the back of the tank? Driving me nuts esp. When it came forwards and the clown loach went behind the damn thing!!! Thanks guys Laura
  5. so after months of battling algae sprouting all over my val, i have decided to set my tank up with plastic/silk plants. im after peoples experiences/opinions on the best looking most realistic artifical plants. ive checked my water parameters and all seems good i think i still need to tweak the lighting time and i am due to replace the tubes, which may be a contributing factor to the algal problems.
  6. Hey guys,I was watching tanked last night and they were using fake coral.Have anyone used this before or is it crap?
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  9. hey guys i have some really large aquarium installs comming up where i want to use a THIN fake latex rock background as well as some LARGE fake latex rock. just wondering if anyone has some recommendations where o buy.
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  11. has anyone tried making fake rocks for fish tank ?? or back grounds ??
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