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Found 14 results

  1. Does anyone know of a Fancy Guppy or Livebearers Group / Club in QLD? There has been an increased interest and importation of quality fancy guppies of late, both on forums, for sale and at the fish auctions. I know there was talk in the past to organise and name a fancy guppy group but from all the posts in Australia on the internet looks like a formal group or club has not been formed. There is an international standards for these wonderful colourful fish and more and more people are importing, keeping and line selective breeding them in QLD and Australia. Further info, suggestions, similar groups or is there any Interest?
  2. old fancy goldfish pond cheers mick
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Has anyone got any fancy shmancy tail guppies for sale? Need about 20 or 30 or so , i would like mainly females too please. Logan area only, cause i couldnt be bothered driving outta my way. Some Duckweed or Elodea would be nice too please. MAXIMUM EXPOSURE...... Regards Darren 0419724766
  5. Couple of questions - looking to by some of the fancy breeds such as Tosakin and Ryukin - are there any quality outlets in Australia. Has anyone had any success in importing?
  6. just curious whether these guys can cross as my fancy guppie males are trying to get it on with my female sword tail
  7. Hi all, After spending a few years on rainbowfishes, I've decided to give that a rest for now and venture deeper into keeping and breeding fancy goldfishes. Lately, I have been lurking on various goldfish forums & have been reading some very interesting discussion/sharing of pics of beautiful goldfishes on this forum. Definitely some awesome stuff being posted as of late My aim for this tank is to create a minimalistic aquascape with various ferns, rocks and mosses and also obtain some high quality goldfishes for this tank. I'm particularly like the look of chinese styled orandas and the 'UK standard' veiltails. As most goldfish keepers will know, finding quality fish in Australia might be difficult but there are the occasional imported stunners. Anyhow, here are some specs & some brainstorming/plans Dimensions: 6x2x2 Filtration: Ehiem Classic 2117 Lighting: 4ft (2X54W) T5HO fixture & 2ft (2x24W) T5HO fixture Heating: 300W Jager (probably not required however it might come in handy when used to induce spawning) Substrate: Aggregate Sand Hardscape: Large round-ish river stones (will purchase at local landscape supplies) Flora: -Microsorum pteropus -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana Fauna: -4 x orandas -4 x veiltails -possibly include pom poms & ranchus if the ehiem 2217 can handle it. I am looking for a lower maintenance set up so will be stocking sparingly. Here are just some initial pics after the tank was nuked with bleach and hydrogen peroxide this morning I don't know if its just me but having an empty tank just excites me heaps; all the planning & researching involved etc. Filled with water Inspiration - love the minimalistic effect of this scape. Simple yet tranquil-like and relaxing. Being a plant lover, I will be certainly be adding more plants to the scape. Anyhow, will keep yous all updated Cheers, John
  8. Hi all. So I have a 10 000 ltr pond that ive been breeding comets in and wanted to change to fancies. The question is what type is good to learn shape, fins, basic quality etc. I would also like some decent quality starters so probably something that has established quality in aus. prices and someone to source them from would be awesome as well. Cheers mick
  9. HI guys finally worked out how to do videos..my fancy golds are named sassy, haley and salmon..in a 3 foot tank..ooops and lurch..my pleco .but their new 5 foot tank is arriving tomorrow..also a short video of my community tank ..containing..guppies/3 plecos/swortails/clown loaches/mollies..ect ..enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV4ynUpn5fU
  10. Hello, me againnn I was talking to someone at one of my LFS and they advised me that it didn't really matter so much what kind of substrate I used with fancy goldfish as long as it was less than 1cm in depth so that it could be moved around by the goldfish (when they feed on the bottom) so no bubbles of gas would get trapped within the substrate. I asked him about obstruction via substrate and he said he hadn't heard anything about it but he did know that pots of gas under substrate can develop bad anaerobic bacteria that can kill your goldfish when disturbed. I am confused because the information I have been getting from people is conflicting. Substrate has been an issue for me because I originally started out with 2-3mm gravel and I lost a ranchu to what we think was impaction (parameters were fine) so I changed it to sand but I put in too much sand and I believe that I did have problems with anaerobic bacteria and that is probably how I lost my second ranchu.... Now I have a thin layer (just enough to cover the bottom) of 3-4mm gravel with two of my younger fish (one 5cm oranda and one 5cm black moor/nymph variety). Is this okay? I don't really want a bare bottom tank :-(
  11. Can you goldfish people tell me the names of the 'normal' ones and the 'fancy' ones and if we can get them in australia.... I know Ranchu pearl scale comet black oranda ryukin fantail lionhead shubukin oranda I know im missing some and I dont know whats classed as what.
  12. These have been pre-ordered for a February Arrival. As always if you let me know I'm happy to give you a heads up when they arrive, but stock is guaranteed until they are actually in my tanks! These are German! Corydoras CW10 Neon Gold Stripe Black Venez. Brevirostris C-91 Melanotaenia C-4 Virginia C-141 Apistogramma Bitaeniata - WILD!!!! (Yellow Napo) Viejita - WILD!!! WILD!!!! WILD!!! YES WILD CAUGHT, not a macmasteri HYBRID Killifish Australe - Chocolate Cinnamomeus Deltaense Gardneri - Nigerian Sjoestedti Blue USA Can I admit that there was a happy dance for the Viejita?!
  13. Hi all, I'm wanting to know where is the best place to get good quality fancy goldfish? All the places i go to now, they only have fantails, or ryukins that look more like fantails, and ranchus with minimal headgrowth, either that or many of them have swim bladder disease. I live in north brisbane, any ideas of where you guys get ur stock, and also aquarium supplies would be great. Thanks heaps.
  14. Hi all Was just told about this place by an online mate on a different type of forum. I'm in Sydney and have recently set up a rather eclectic tank full of mixed African cichlids. Although they come from different areas I researched them all a fair bit to make sure they'd get on well, thrive in the same water and have similar dietry needs. The tank is a 400 litre job but there's a fair bit of displacement from the 30 odd kilos of white rock used to provide "environment" for the cichs. I keep 20 cichs in it at the moment. 1 x Copadichromis Borleyi - Red Kadango (juvenile) 1 x Altolamprologus calvus - White chaitika (juvenile) - sensational little fish. Only about an inch long and will take a couple years to grow into him/herself. 4 x Labidochromis caeruleus - Electric Yellow (juvenile) looks like I have 2F and 2M but are hard to sex as juvies. 1 x Iodotropheus sprengerae - Rusty cichlid (1F) 4 x Metriaclima callainos - Cobalt blue (2F,2M) 3 x Hemichromis bimaculatus (guttatus) - Red Jewel (1M,2F). Aggressive bastards 3 x Labeotropheus Fuelleborni - Orange Blotched (2F,1M) 3 x Tropheus moorii - Bulu Cherry Spot (unsexed) This is my first AfCich tank. I actually plan to split the fish into Tangs and Mals as I was recently given another tank which is a 300l job. Anyway, that's the short story.
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