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Found 15 results

  1. Moved my 2 bristlenose to a new tank about 4 days ago and I have noticed my female has got rather fat in the last 2 days. Nothing has changed in terms of how much they have been fed aside from not feeding them the day i transfered them. Have noticed the food is still coming out the other end as normal. I have also noticed she keeps hanging around and going inside one of the caves i put in the tank however I'm not sure if the male has found it yet. Could she be full of eggs and looking to spawn? Only food source i can think of that could have filled her up is a new piece of driftwood which they have both been rasping on but the male has not gained any weight. Should note they have spawned twice before in their old tank however i never really paid attention to any changes in the female during those spawns. I have attached a photo of her (i think)
  2. hi just got a couple of female cichlids for my 75gl tank today ones realy fat and i dont know much about bloat is she full of eggs ready to spawn or is she sick i dont know if shes eating fine as i just got her but my male one has been shakeing his tail chaseing her to males punched on over her and after say about 30 mins of all this now thay have stopd chaseing her and things have cooled down and would any one know what breed she is just buy the photo or if shes a hybrid and help would be good cheers
  3. I noticed one of my guppies is looking really round. I've looked @ the other ones and they are fat (pregas) but not like this. Is this normal?
  4. I've gone through a few different searches and HEAPS of pages on the forum, but can't find this anywhere.. Giving up the search in asking in hope of some sort of enlightenment. I know a pic would be useful, but the "female" bn is a turd and refuses to let me take pics of her .. We've noticed over the last couple of days the smaller bn (too young to sex but I call her a she in hopes that it's a she) has been getting a bit of a fat belly.. Being new to the fish thing, I don't expect them to be breeding yet (I don't think she can catch pregnant off the guppies -- right? lol) especially when she's only about 6cm.. If someone with BN experience could tell me the major signs between "pregnant belly" and "bloat belly", or just plain fat suckerfish, it would be hugely appreciated.. As it is, we're going to the supermarket tomorrow and grabbing some cucumber (for real this time, I've been "going to the supermarket" for the last week, heh) and I'm sure there are frozen peas in the freezer that we can shell for her (these are both 'bloat-fixers' right?).. but if there were marks/puffy bits in spots that differed/different attitude signals that I could look for and confirm/deny.. It would put my mind to rest. For the record, I don't have my hopes up too high for breeding yet, she's only been in the tank a week and I don't think they even acknowledged each other until yesterday .. The male pep hasn't even bought her dinner yet! (But I am hoping they're both fine and she's healthy and I don't need to stress about them..and "pregnant" belly would make me feel so much better...lol )
  5. My marble bn has recently had a really fat belly over the past few days and now she had lost it last night but no sign of eggs anywhere. What has happened?
  6. Hey guys, Should I be worried about my common LF BN she is (to me) extremely Gravid/fat, and her egg laying thingy is hanging down a bit, i think she is very keen to lay some eggs but the male (a little bit smaller) kinda doesnt want a bar of it and there is free swimming fry already in the tank. is this natural? has anyone else seen this. next time she is on the glass ill try and get a pic. i dont think it is bloat as i feed 80% veggies and 20% other non veggies like algae wafers etc.
  7. With a few of the baby ranchu still coming through....these two I spotted have awesome colour schemes..especially the little white one with orange tail edge,orange moustache and a couple of orange spots on the back...just thought I'd share a few pics
  8. Goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
  9. I just bought some clown loachs about a month ago. Now there are a few that are really fat, im not overfeeding them and i dnt think they have a disease as i just multicured the tank twice. Any Ideas??
  10. some of my fish look fat in the belly area, maybe they are constipated, how can I make them poo?
  11. my male gold comp is very very fat and i think it is out of the ordinary because there are no other fish in the tank that are nearly as fat as him even though he is the dominent fish i think he is to fat. i dont think it is a parasite because it is to big and i thought only mouth brooder bloat so it not that unless im wrong i just removed him into a different tank and i dont know what to do. i have some mela fix handy if that would help. what should i do, please help asap.
  12. over night ive noticed one of my flying foxes have gotten really fat & it's breathing really fast. Im guessing it's gonna die but Im not sure why. The only difference in the last week or so is ive fed them fresh grated carrot & zucchini once. All the other fish seem fine. I have another 3 foxes. Id like to think that it may be eggs but the heavy breathing has me worried. Im guessing death in the next 24hrs or so... Ive attached 2 pics - sorry about quality, was taken on my phone. You can see it better in the second pic. She seems to be swimming ok, & is hiding alot though...
  13. hi everyone there is something wrong with my albino bristle nose its cheeks are all puffed up and its belly is really fat i thought it was a male when i bought it because it had alot of bristles but now im not to sure cos the bristles are only growing around the cheeks any help would be appreciated thanks a lot Carson
  14. Left my last lot of fry in with male a bit longer than normal and both of the females are due to sparn, but havn't yet, one is very large and the other is getting bigger. Is she egg bound or will she lay the eggs ? Is there anything i can do ? No other females are like this.
  15. Left my last lot of fry in with male a bit longer than normal and both of the females are due to sparn, but havn't yet, one is very large and the other is getting bigger. Is she egg bound or will she lay the eggs ? Is there anything i can do ? No other females are like this.
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