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Found 6 results

  1. About to start gradually salting up a tank very slowly so as not to upset the bio-bacteria in the sump and am aiming to get it to brackish water condition, he be ok in it or best get rid of him? He's 30cm+
  2. Now before you all start saying its not possible in home aquaria, I realize. I want to know why? I've read it's been done in Florida fish farms with hormones and in Eastern Europe with some "secret method" but I can not find one case of it just been done by hobbyist! I personally find this weird when people can get L types to breed. On the off chance has anyone on here had anything that resembles luck with these breeding? Or any ideas on how it could be made possible? Also where does our Australian supply come from then?
  3. Ive noticed one of my feather fin catfish is abit bloated. I've read there's a good chance it is bloated from over eating and to fast them. Wanted to make sure it wasnt anything worse?
  4. Hey all, Recently Ive noticed a few scratches on my feather fins. I read in a few places they have fairly delicate skin and it can be a burn from the heater, so I went out and bought a heater cover. Now the one that mainly hangs around the heater has seemed to get abit better but tonight I saw this on the other one. Now this wound is probably about 3cm starting at his eye and going back. It is a bit worrying to be honest as I'm not sure how it happened and what the next course of action should be. Can anyone please make some suggestions? Below is a picture of the rocks used just in case that has something to do with it. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi everyone, Was wondering if Featherfins get along with Pictus???:confused: I have a 4ft community tank with 2 featherfins that are about 15cm each. I'm looking at getting 2 or maybe 4 pictus around 5cm each. I know the rest of my fish will get along with the pictus as the 2 featherfins replaced 2 pictus that died about 6 months ago. Really miss watchin the pictus at night. I think they might get along but I thought I would check first! Thanks Angel in Disguise.
  6. thought i'd post some pics so here they are Terry
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