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Found 32 results

  1. just wanting to know what others thoughts are on this matter, at the auction there were some guppies that were marked as feeders, the auctioneer said its illegal in qld to feed live fish to your fish, so he sold them as mixed guppies, now i see all the LFS have tanks full of feeder fish, shrimp, goldfish and yabbies, if its illegal how can they openly advertise feeder fish................ i know from keeping reptiles its illegal to feed live food unless you can prove they won't eat dead, due to the fact that starving animals was more illegal then feeding live,
  2. Hi all, There is a function on my automatic feeder which will let you choose "days" from 0-99. Not quite sure what this function is for. I worked out how to set feeding times and the amount of scoops. Not sure about the days tho. Want the feeder to feed the fish every day while i am at work. The feeder has no name otherwise i would have googled instructions. Help is much appreciated.
  3. Hey. Im setting up a 3ft tank for a mate at an animal sanctuary. Not everyone will like it but the fish will be used as feederfish for wild birds and turtles to help with the rehabilitation. I was going to use firetail gudgeons to breed but am now thinking a livebearer would be better/easier. What is everyones thoughts? Cheers Megz
  4. So this is my idea 1L bottle with some sort of insulation on the outside put that inside a 2L bottle and half submerge in aquarium. Fill the 1L with filter wool and direct foams then add either a bio filter in the top or something like this sponge bio filter powered by an air stone that will run water through continuously. I need I need it to supply a steady supply of black works for 2-3 weeks at a time. For when I go overseas I've looked at automatic systems but they don't seem to be suitable for what I want. This is my current blackworm culture and they do great I change all of the water once a week with tap water add a tiny drop of prime then squirt in some fish waste or feed them fish flakes so I figured use the same principles that are working now but place it above the tank with an escape route Thoughts? Ideas input? I've researched everywhere for someone who has done something similar but no luck so I'm inventing it and would love some input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, was wondering if anyone has come across this before. I have bought several lots of feeder shrimp and put in my tanks as live food for my fish and to maybe get enough to breed. Problem is that about an hour later I find heaps of dead shrimp most intact some not so intact but they look like they have been cooked, carccasses are red. Water temp in the 6' tank ranges between 27.5 - 28.5 C. In my 5' tank temp is lower ranging 24.5 - 26.5 C. The fish seem to leave the 'cooked' shrimp alone only chasing the live ones. Water pH is 6.8, water is soft, water is clear apart from tannin colour. All fish seem happy and active. Any suggestions????
  6. Have an IBC out the back (unheated) with a big happy breeding colony of feeder shrimp (Macrobrachium australiense ) .... suggestions on anything (fish species) I could also put in there to breed that won't eat the shrimplets? There's a lot of cover for the shrimplets to escape to, heaps of elodea and about 6 unravelled rolls of plastic gutter Gaurd, and some logs/timber. I know heating will greatly widen what could go in there and may even put a heater in there to keep the shrimp breeding through winter... so I guess what would be best for: -cold water conditions -warm water conditions (24deg)
  7. I've seen fish feeders that drop small pellets that work well with small bit of food every x hours. I'm after something that can drop something larger (small pellets & wafers etc). It would be really cool is it could just empty one compartment every day rather than roll and only let a bit fall out. Does something like this exist? Thanks.
  8. I'm looking at suggestions on effective and presentable auto feeders for my tank. It will sit on top and will be loaded with 8mm-10mm pellets. I'm initially looking at pond feeders but saw some cat/dog feeders that may work at a fraction of cost. It can also contain a few kgs of food so less hassle to keep topping it up. Some even have voice recorder so you can call the fish on feeding time.
  9. Anyone out there selling feeder fish at the moment?
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering what your thoughts would be in a easy breeding fish to use for feeders for my Mangrove Jack ? he is very fussy and he has finally decided to stop eating frozen prawns, so now its costing me $12 a week just to feed him Gold fish feeders does anyone have any suggestions or know of someone who breeds feeders in which i could possibly by bulk. Cheers
  11. Ok so was wondering if anyone had or has ever had a RD that has gotten ultra maternal over feeder fish eggs?? I noticed tonight that there was a bunch of eggs in the corner of my tank, and my normally loving RD (Sushi) was excessively aggressive. I recently gave Sushi a heap of feeder fish and shrimp I did notice that there where a few with big bellies but didnt think much of it.. Could it be that one of the feeders has dropped eggs and Sushi has fertilized them??
  12. Hi everyone, just wondering how long you should quarantine wild caught feeder fish/shrimp before feeding them to your fish? I have an American display tank setup and would like to start giving them occasional feeder guedgon and shrimp from a local creek any sugestions
  13. hey guys i know there is going to be allot of mixed opinions on this subject not only on the breeding side of things but the feeding of live fish , being the coarse of disease and some might even argue cruelty. i would just like to add before i say any more that i prefer that i give my fish a mixed diet. the jaguar gets fed pellets and a few feeder fish each week probably around the 2 to 3 feeders.the jag also likes a few veggies as well but on the other hand my murray cod really shows no interest in pellets what so ever, i even had the same problem with my last murray cod and believe me if he would eat pellets i would be happy as feeder fish do not come cheap. so i really do not want a debate on what is right or wrong i believe my self i am bringing my fish up correctly and caring for there needs as much as possible and keeping them healthy. sorry guys i do not mean to be so straight up i have just had problems in the past bringing this subject up,the way i also see it is the murray cod in it natural habitat is a predator and eats other fish ,any hows back on to the topic. i have a 3ft by 2 x 2 just siting around for the time being , now for the size of my fish i have been buying feeder comets/crayfish/fresh water prawns and quarantining them in a 2 ft tank for 3 weeks before feeding to my fish , i dont be cruel and hand feed them to my fish or anything like that i generally net about 5 to 10 and put them in my tank so they can swim and hide and my fish have to work to get them have alot of hideing holes , true story i have 1 gudgeon that has survived about 2 months still in there. so my question is what should i be trying to breed for this purpose , they need to breed like rabbits,have a bit of speed,and require just general fish care maintenance. reasons for wanting to do this is i feel there is less chance of disease for the main part and will be allot lighter on my wallet . now guppies/gudgeons are just to small , gold fish are really not a healthy choice as they are fatty and i dont think they breed that well in a tank environment and are very messy eaters and destroy water quality fast. my friend said to use convicts , but seriously i could not bring my self to do that i dont think , as convicts are a lovely great fish but yes they do breed like rabbits . so here i am asking you guys for your opinions , are crayfish easy to breed? or fresh water prawns ? , some type of fish i have not thought of ? filtration and so on will not be a issue in my 3ft tank i have plenty of equipment and good at diy stuff . sorry if i rambled on a bit at the start i just dont want to step on any one's toe's being this is only my 2nd post regards caillum
  14. Hey, Anyone had any luck breeding feeder shrimp outdoors in an IBC? If so, tell me your hints!
  15. I thought I would be a good son-inlaw:) and buy the father-inlaw (farnq01 on here) an ebjd to go with the two he allready has:)... I thought it would be too big to be eaten? ....well I was kinda right! The bigger guy tried to eat it last night and it got stuck halfway, with the tail of the smaller one hanging out its mouth:( he looked like he was struggling to breath so we tried some surgery, couldn't pull it out so we kind of cut the smaller ones tail off and broke it up a bit so the bigger guy could at least close his mouth. So what's your most expensive feeder?
  16. Hi all, I know that sometime up might get the bacteria/disease in feeder fish, how about the feeder shrimp??? Is there any risk in shrimp????
  17. Just wanting to know if anyone knows a place where you can get feeder goldfish for cheap! Or if anyone knows a wholesaler let me know!
  18. hey guys, courious to hear how ppl quarantine their feeder shrimp. im going to catch some at a place i know of but i'll obviously quarantine them first and feed them up. i hope to get some some breeding in the tank too. do you medicate them at all, if so what do you use? any help would be great. Regards
  19. i personally don't like these guys so i find this story funny. mate had 3 given to him, at the time i said ther not even worth getting up to answer the door when the guy comes over to drop them off. against my advice he did. he had a nice tank they went in with fronties, yellows and blue orchid pcocks. nice i though then the dollars went in a good episode of that 70's show turn into a bad ep of home and away to see some silver dollars swimming around just isn't cricket so i decided to take up another channel. his flat mate has a toga he is by himself but an awesome fish when feeding time.now the flatmate is just new to fish and my mate with the dollars wanted to get rid of them of course no one wanted them and he couldn't bring himself to flush them so he convinced the flatmate to put them in with the saratoga expecting them to be eaten if not killed. the toga has been around for awhile and has killed everything that gets put in his tank. the dollars went in they got nailed but kept following the toga around. as it was told to me this spooked the toga why does a fish i'm nailing follow me, i was almost in tears laughing when i got told this. so the dollars live on.......... does anyone have similar story??
  20. Hey guys. Just wanted to know what you thought about buying feeder shrimp from the LFS and is it worth running the risk of parasites? cheers, Steve
  21. I have 10 feeder fish and want to know what sex they are and if i can breed them. If so, how can i encourage them to do so?
  22. what are the best bottom feeder or catfish for American tank ?
  23. Has anyone had any experince with auto feeders and if so what brand would you recomend ??
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