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Found 29 results

  1. There is feeder shrimp breeding in there too, so was just thinking fire tail gudgeons as they'll stay closer to the surface away from the shrimp ? Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Just after some suggestions as to what fish you think would be suitable for breeding to keep a somewhat steady supply of feeders available... must be easy to breed and produce a large number of preferably quick growing fry, and be able to be housed in a 2-3ft tank rack system... or would breeding freshwater crayfish/yabbys be a better option? the consumer will be a single mangrove jack
  3. Hi brains trust, I want to breed small feeders for my little bass. I have tried RC shrimp, but they are too cool, so they got their own tank What sort of species should I go for? Cheers Ez
  4. I was recommended to feed the following to rainbows geophagious braziliensis. What other fish are easy breeders that won't grow to big that I can also feed to Rainbows. I'm currentlyfeeding them bloodworms, garden compost worms.
  5. Hey guys, Just a quick question about what to do if you were away for a week. I've seen the vacation feeder blocks and such, as well as auto feeders. Has anyone had any experience with them? How do you care for your fish when you're away for an extended period? Might have to go away for a week or so later in the year, and getting someone to feed my babies isn't a possibility. Any hints or tips? Would have to feed a 3x1, 5x2, 2" and a 1". I was reading that the small pyramid feeders can last up to 3 days depending on temp/PH ect. I'd be more confident putting those in with the smaller guys, but not for the bigger guys in the 3x1 and my 5x2. Cheers Adam
  6. Hi all i Wondered if i could tap you for some ideas/suggestions. what bottom feeders to go with my guppies and not eat the baby fry ? I have a 60L Hex tank that is has fine gravel, full of plants and currently housing 1 female and 6 fry.lost all the others due to over feeding (big rookie mistake:baby:) Id like to put some little bottom feeders of some description in there to help clean up and catch the bits the guppies dont bother with. What would you put in there and that wont also grow too big. Any ideas welcome! Many thanks
  7. Who here uses an automatic feeder. I'm looking at getting one but it needs to hold a decent amount of food. I'm talking at least 2 to 4 Kg and 6mm pellets. All the ones I have looked at are battery powered which I don't really like but will buy if I really have to. Any feed back would be great. Cheers
  8. So I have a Mangrove Jack in my 7x2.5x2 Tank now. Been feeding him just the feeder gudgeons from the local City Farmers (50 for $10). Will try and get him on mix of pellets some time when he gets a bit larger. Only about 9cm at the moment. Anyhow, my question/situation is, I have a spare 3ft Tank in my garage, how hard would it be to keep some species of fish that breeds rapidly and would be a good cheap breeder to supply me with a good amount of feeder fish for my mangrove jack? Tried searching for info on here but didn't find anything that related? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tim.
  9. Looking to get some discus in the next month or so, was just wondering what sort of bottom feeders would be suitable with discus. Are common bristlenose catfish are okay? Certain plecos? Just curious as to what options are best suited to a discus tank. Great forum btw love it
  10. Hey guys marine is a newbie for me and Im curious as to options available for breeding saltwater feeders....I have been reading about people feeding FRESHWATER feeders(people do some funny things) for marines...and obviously this is a NO NO(bad nutrition)...so are there options as far as breeding your own live feeders for lionfish(volitans)...that are realistic to achieve,etc....cheers guys
  11. FS/WTB/EOI:- Wtb Type of fish/goods:- anything to use as feeders Sex(if known):-any Size/Rating:-3-10cm Breeding:- if they survive long enough Qty:- 100+ Price:- <$1ea Location:- Brisbane area Shipping Y/N:- can collect Contact:- via pm or here Comments:- wanting to feed my oscars and turtles but can't find any feeder goldfish under $1.50 ea and the lfs feeder fish don't look to good Photos:-
  12. Dose any one use them ? Can you suggest a good one .I'm going to put a few on some ibc's to feed fish every 3-4h .there are a heap on eBay but before I buy some just whanted to no if some one use them and if there any good. Thanks for any feedback Steve
  13. Ok so in my 5ft I currently have a jd, a gt, a jag and a plec. Just wondering what catties ect I can have in their without them becoming food. Cheers Sam
  14. Does anyone know/recommend an auto feeder thats good for feeding fry????...do they exist or is it possible with standard auto feeders??? Would have to be set to feed at least 3-4 times a day and have a method that disperses hopefully a bit... any ideas???.... this is killing me...and probably the fry too....
  15. Was wondering if cherry shrimp will be any good as feeder fish (shrimp) to my frontosas as a treat? If not what is the best thing to give them that I can breed in a tank outside with no heater. Thanks
  16. I'm going away for a week and want to throw in some feeders. Anyone here selling gudgeons or anything a bit bigger? Obviously need to be disease free Feeding a silver arowana (50cms) and a couple of peacock bass (20cms) Cheers Rick
  17. hi guys and girls, so i now have my spare 4ft set up as a breeder tank with a small external and a sponge filter, i want to start breeding some feeders as i have a lot of fish in my 3ft and they're eating me out of house and home, i know every 1 says convicts or cherry shrimp. which would breed more though? my plan is to mainly feed live and supplement with pellet and wafers i'll also be looking for breeders of either type so if you read this and have some for sale around my area let me know . thanks again
  18. all destroyed found to be mousquito fish soi destroyed all thanks i didnt know that these were mousquito fish thank guys
  19. Im going away for 9 days, so need to get a auto fish feeder. What are the best brands? Ive been looking at ehiem ones @$55. Also been looking at ebay ones for like $20. So any one who has used one? What ones do you like.
  20. gonna be feeders for my severum and my oscar what can i breed in a 2ft under my 6ft display(severum and oscar) has to be coldwater cos mum said i can only run one heated tank
  21. which feeders do you think are the best? which filters do you think are the best?
  22. hi all well im am looking for new auto feeder as my eheim feeder went for a swim last week, and now only does quater turns instead of going full 360* around. was only a month old to so pretty angry bout it... anyway now need a new, preferably cheaper replacement, as im going away again soon. any ideas or recommendations please let me know cheers jacob
  23. Hi all, does anyone have for sale or would be willing to loan (for a fee if you like) a couple of automatic fish feeders. I am going on holidays for a week and wanted to keep regular feed regime up on a couple of tanks. Would need two of them in second week of December.
  24. Hi all, just curious as to who uses live feeder fish for their cichlids? And what type of live feeders do u use?
  25. Hi all i going away for a month will have a mate to do a water change in between or maybe two. I was looking input on tried and tested auto feeders. also any hints or tips on prepping my tank/fish will be good also. Thanks Jamie.
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