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Found 139 results

  1. Who else live feeds frontosa? i go and buy glass shrimp every now and then and feed my tank.... fun to watch the fronnies have a go!
  2. Well, this afternoon we turned over the garden bed to start palnting some fresh vegies. The bed was originally set up with about 4 bags of bunnings garden soil and a bag of locally produced roadside horse manure. We never added any chemicals or fertiliser to the soil. What we found was multitudes of worms of all sizes. When I had Oscar's I used to feed them with garden worms as a treat, so decided to see if my male poleni, still looking for a female, would do with a worm. So I picked one worm about 2 inches long, washed it in some tank water in a seperate container and gave it to the Poleni. Well first strike bite it in half, second strike it was gone. Decided to give hi another, this time first strike he took the whole worm then spat out a smal pice, chewed a couple of times and then polished off the extra bit. While this was going on the four feeder fish hiding on the bottom of the tank looked very nevous. After eating the Poleni siddled up to the tank wall and fanned out all fins and went almost black with blue and white jewels all over, seemed to be saying thanks. Wish I had a camera................. Anyone else feed their fish natural foods like garden worms, crickets, bugs etc?
  3. Hi everyone, just found a creek only 100meters from my back door completely swamped with gambusia. Since they are a pest I don't mind doing my part for the environment 😉 so got them home, about 50% are pregnant females, popped them in a two footer with some gravel, plants and filter....what should I do/use to "clean" them before giving to my fronts? They all look healthy and strong to the eye but one can never be too cautious. Any advice would be helpful. I have fungonex on hand but am hesitating treating them since the most likely disease they would carry would be internal...??
  4. Does anyone else feed vegetables to there African Cichlids through some Zucchini in my Yellow Tail Acei breeding colonies tank today and they absolutely smashed it have noticed my other colonies and fry nibbling on it but the Acei loved it so what vegetables do you feed you Africans.
  5. Read a lot about beef heart being bad for discus because of the high fat content, but makes them grow quick. The argument that discus don't jump out of rivers & eat cattle seems too simplistic. People don't jump on cattle in the paddock & eat them either, but we still consume a lot of it: I think moderation & variety is probably the key. Wondering if anyone has tried kangaroo meet on their discus? High in protein & low in fat: 1-2%, would seem perfect at first glance. I know they don't have kangaroos in the Amazon, they would be too quick anyway! Comments please!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/facebook/videos/10153231379
  7. These are what I would call ugly corals and sort of fuzzy looking when I put food in the tank! They haven’t grown much over the years with suffering all kinds of space fights where I put them, but double in that time is okay I suppose.
  8. Anyone keeping medium/large Australian bass? What are you feeding them apart from pellets and they happy by them selves or in a small group?
  9. Whats everyone feed there festae? Mine seem to be real fussy wont eat in front of me..
  10. So my sgjd breeders i recently brought got there first lot of wriggles in the pot ... (Well second lot they ate the first) Hoping to leave them with parents for 3weeks,, just wondering at what stage to start puting freshly hatched brine shrimp in there?? Cheers
  11. My ray loves to eat earthworms which he can eat non stop. I usually get it in the tub from the pet shop. However, it is really hard to get hold on it. So, I went to Bunning and bought the wormfarm. The guy in Bunning say, it is ok to feed the ray/fish with these earthworm providing i do not feed the worms with acid food/meat or onion. Do you think it is safe to feed my ray with the worms from the wormfarm.?
  12. Hey, I bought a pleco today, only a baby one around 10-12cm, I've got around 28 African cichlids, they keep taking the algae pallets I put in there for the pleco! How can I feed the pleco properly? Ha thanks!
  13. Hey all, I have a 6x2x2 with an external canister filter and an internal jet filter with an air hose keeping everything oxygenated. I have 3 barra around the 8-10cm mark who are happy as Larry, an archer fish who doesn't stop all day, a native rainbow fish who hangs round the surface keeping the film clean and my two little bullrout, about 10-12. Good rock cave and drift wood set up with numerous options to hide. Oh, and about 10 wild caught fresh water shrimp who have made the rocks and logs their home. Before and after work I check my freshwater bait trap for guppies and shrimp to ultimately meet their doom. The bigger shrimp survive and find a place to hide, which is what I was hoping would happen so my bullrout have something to stalk at night. I'm not sure if my bullrout are eating at all. The barra demolish 20 guppies with in minutes so the bullrout don't get a chance so I was hoping that the shrimp who make it to the sand would eventually get eaten by the rout but I don't think it'd happening. Is there anyone who keeps bullrout that can help me? Should I get a long set of tweezers and try enticing them with dead food incontinence of their nose? Thanks in advance. Ps. The water is fine for the fish, I get it checked every two weeks and I do my own testing in between...
  14. I have put together a video showcasing how we feed our fish. We have been feeding our fish, African cichlids, dried seaweed or nori for over a year now. In that time we have noticed improved health and coloring in a very large group of fish(all of them). We used to only feed Hikari and Nls. Both are great foods but I still felt like I was macdonalding our fish. With such large groups of fish I had to feed excessively to get the smallest guys fed. This led me on the path of discovery and we haven't looked back. With so much veg food I'm able to feed freeze dried krill to all fish. Now I don't recommend this to the wider public but it's pretty good evidence on how good the nori is. Make sure you get one without any additives and if your stuck I have some spare packets. Enjoy the video and subscribe to pick up the latest content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VUU2sk5V8A&list=UUeM3rTtEtVZv9vXQrAnIjLA
  15. Got a lot of African cichlids, and wondering good things too feed them? Im getting spectrum tomorrow but I was told you can feed them like veggies or something? I'm not sure? Thank you!
  16. .A friend has two Green Terrors and they just had babies. This was unplanned, what should he do and is there any food he should get ?
  17. https://vimeo.com/110700577 From The Native Dude
  18. .ive got 2 nice pairs of angels that spawn regularly and as im working though the day, I cant feed the fry and im loosing them. has anyone got any ideas to help me out ??? cheers marty
  19. .Hi A freind of mine has saltwater fish tank and feeds Nori seedweed all the time can I feed this too my community tropical tank for a change already feeding zucchini ,peas,flakes,bloodworms ,algae wafers ,NLS Thera A. Thanks
  20. These shrimp are just freaky to watch - and when it is feeding time it is like watching Aliens...Have them at the shop and they are just cool to watch. They lined up today so thought I would take a vid of them. Riffle Shrimp Riffle Shrimp- Available at The Tech Den click here for pricing and availability
  21. Hi everyone, Have just been shelling some peas for my goldfish, cichlids and loaches and was thinking of other things they eat. Does anyone know what fruit you can feed them- goldfish in particular? There is a wiki how page about giving them bananas and oranges, and a YouTube video of them eating kiwifruit... Has any one done this? Would this wreck my filter? Cheers!
  22. Just curious to see how much and what you guys feed your common or sailfin plecos? Is a stable diet of algae wafers acceptable?? How much do you feed and how often?? Commercial food experience is preferred! Just looking to order some bulk food and calculate the costs of my fishkeeping (: I know it's unlikely but amount of food in grams would be extra helpful Cheers, Richard
  23. Hi, I feed my fish every 2 - 3 days, I know have a rather large Ghost Knife and was wondering how often do I feed him, I have been giving him frozen bloodworms, is there anything else they particularly like? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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