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Found 9 results

  1. hate that s#!ty feeling staring into my tank for an hour and come to the realization that fish must be eaten .... Sucks .... All of a sudden it was my favorite fish even if it wasn't.. Any one else.....
  2. I'm not feeling the best.. but mum has put some protozin in my tank to see if it will help, it kinda has to. as you can see in my headshots I have something fuzzy on my side. it was on both sides but what you can see is the worst, also my fins seem a bit tattered but not fin rotted. I'm not as active as I should be, however I have been eating still an since mum had put meds in my tank I am feeling a little better. is there anything else mum should do to help me get better? an I would like to know what I have. none of my family an friends have this either. my water an everything else is normal to. except the recent high temp we had and dad bringing home some new tank mates ( before the heat wave) nothing much has changed. thanks Sterbai.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. So I'm up late going thru old posts on here and come across a discussion on dechlorinating water during water changes. So I've kept tanks for about 15years now ands have always been under the impression that as long as you do less then a 50% water change no neutralizer is required! This is the way I've always done it with all sorts of fish and never had a problem but the more I read the more I see that every thing says to dose for the entire tank when adding water directly to the tank. So at the risk of sounding like a noob should I be adding neutralizer when I do water changes? Cheers Clint
  5. OK, I know that I've had a whinge now and in the past about folkl not showing but thought I'd just throw this out there. I won't be (intentionally) breeding fish anymore so I probably won't get to meet (as often) the guys that I have met through this forum. Despite me occasionally getting pissed off with those who don't turn up, all the guys that I have met, without exception, have been a pleasure to get to know.................always fair................always pleasant...............passionate about their fish-keeping, and, from what I know of 'em, good, all round eggs. I'd like to thank you all, as I now venture into the world of frontosa. In particular with regards to my recent dealings (and those not so recent, I haven't forgotten you, but too many to mention) Dave (fish junkie) for his gift of a tackle box, Bryan (Lippa) for some magnificent pieces of coral, Peter (Rainbowrunner) also for some coral and excellent substrate for the fronny tank, James (rastinger) for promising to take good care of the dovii and for always having a good jaw when he gets here, and finally, Rob (ozmo) always a pleasure to talk to and deal with, and I like him even more now that he just gifted me with a litre of Remy Martin, an absolute surprise!.............my thick head tomworrow will be down to you mate :-) Thank you all.
  6. Hello everyone! Last week I was here asking you good peoples about my JD's constipation/swim bladder issue... Well, thanks to the great info, he is fixed and VERY healthy again... I put it down to constipation from an unbalanced diet... The breeding pair (female is definatly a split, male standard) have been together for about 2.5 years, they are very regular breeders, they have always been close and get along well with eachother... They spawned last week, the following day I put in a new half plant pot cave into the corner of the tank as I could see how much trouble my 8 inch male has getting to the nest in the tiny cave that his 5.5 inch female laid the eggs in... The female started to neglect her eggs a bit... She wanted to move into the new home so she was not attending to her eggs as often as she should have.. Most of them turned white and she didnt really pick them out either (she was really slack this time) yesterday was D day... No eggs left, no fry swimming around.. First total failure of spawning.. Now Mr JD seems to be wanting to kill her! Chasing her around the tank... Water splashing everywhere..! Is he trying to kill her? Is this normal? Have you ever experienced this? could it be that he has felt SO crappy for so long due to his bad diet that he just has so much energy now? Jack Dempseys above all fish have the greatest personality and intelligence... It blows me away..!
  7. So how about it? Lets have one! Starting today: All Africans (with a few exceptions) are 50% off NFD for Club and QLDAF only All Goldfish (with a few exceptions) are 50% off NFD for Club and QLDAF only All Corals (with a few exceptions) 50% off NFD for Club and QLDAF only This will continue until the new Coral shipment next week - and until next Friday for the fishes! For you Club Members looking for a little upgrade, I do have a few of the Eheim 600 (2217) Canister filters left - and there are new LOWER prices on Ecotech Marine Powerheads and the Koralias. If you are looking for a fancy new show tank (and I'm sure some of you are) then some of the nicest Juwel tanks (excluding the Koralle 60) are heaps off - I got a super pallet deal and am passing the savings on to you! A Vision 450 is now only $1800 - Thats a 5' Bowfront, stand, filter, heater and light, schmick European styling! Hope to see you guys soon, my staff and I will be here (Well, except for DFF, holiday bludger is resting pretty ) Closed Sunday though, Public holiday 10-3. See you soon!
  8. Hey All, Just wanted to say thanks to a couple of peeps here on the forum: Fish Junkie and Chappo for the generosity towards me. Being that I am still rather new on this site even though I have been keeping fish for years, it's nice to know that there are people on here who are kind enough to help you out and look after you just because you share the same passion as they do. Thanks again guys, will see you both this weekend once I get back from Newcastle on Friday night. As for everybody else who reads this, If you have had the same generosity as I have, take the time to post it here and thank them too whoever they might be!!!! :) Cheers, Shannon
  9. That you should just ditch the hobby and move on? Do you lose intrest? Too much work? Home Troubles? Last year i was just gonna randomly sell all my fish and equipment because i wanted something different, but i didnt and bought a new tank hopeing it would intrest me more and it did. I am now at my limit of tanks and space and coupled with dilemas at home i just feel like giving up. What about you guys ever felt like ditching the hobby? Your thoughts..... (Didnt know whether to put this in Offtopic of General Aquarium sorry Mods ) Cheers Seph
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