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  1. Hi, anyone interested in swapping a 10cm ism male Red Devil for my 14cm Female Polleni? im at Samford... North side
  2. Moved my 2 bristlenose to a new tank about 4 days ago and I have noticed my female has got rather fat in the last 2 days. Nothing has changed in terms of how much they have been fed aside from not feeding them the day i transfered them. Have noticed the food is still coming out the other end as normal. I have also noticed she keeps hanging around and going inside one of the caves i put in the tank however I'm not sure if the male has found it yet. Could she be full of eggs and looking to spawn? Only food source i can think of that could have filled her up is a new piece of driftwood which they have both been rasping on but the male has not gained any weight. Should note they have spawned twice before in their old tank however i never really paid attention to any changes in the female during those spawns. I have attached a photo of her (i think)
  3. Hi all, So i got myself a pair of Convicts a couple of weeks ago. Housed in a 160ltr half round tank, they are still reasonably small but the only occupants of the tank. In the first week or so they worked together moving sand around the tank and just really making it their own particularly around the pipe area which he seems to have claimed. i know when they are breeding they get aggressive to other fish but the male has been going nuts at the female. And it has gone past the chasing around, she is getting damaged fins and i am sure she is missing a scale or two. This has been going on for 2 days, he may give her a break for a minute (at most) but then chases her down in whatever part of the tank she is trying to hide and starts belting her up again. Its like at times she tries to play dead in a top corner of the tank to try and get him to leave her alone, laying on her side not trying to move to much, but that may be exhaustion. Enough was enough and last night i put an egg crate divider in the tank so he couldn't get to her. I don't think there are eggs or fry in the tank (certainly not that i can see) but there is a spot in one of the caves that i can't see in. There are plenty of caves (another added from the pic i post below), and a tall plant in the left corner for cover to give her more places to hide but this hasn't stopped him. Its not when she gets in line of sight from him (he generally situates himself in the big pipe looking cave) he will hunt around the tank continuously till he finds her to beat her up. She is a little smaller then he is but not by a great deal although he has noticeably grown in the last 2 weeks since getting them, she has not. This morning both hiding in caves on each side of the tank, at least she is getting a break. Tank lights are on from 9am to 8pm... I feed most days morning and night but due to work commitments they may miss some morning feeds, food at the moment is nutrafin flakes and/or nutrafin cichlid pellets, yet i am going to buy New Life Spectrum today from one of our sponsors to give them some better quality, i got the food when i brought them so was just going to finish it first before buying any more but figure if it is anything to do with food quality i might as well just get the NLS sooner rather than later. Obviously i don't want to leave the egg crate in there long term.... And of course if i google it everyone has a different opinion on why or what to do.. So this is why i go to QLDAF to get some experienced answers, suggestions and advice. 1- Will males kill female convicts and why ? 2- I notice on the male there are maybe 3 or so colored scales (just single scales) on each side of its abdomen.. Could it be 2 females ? and this is why one is being so dominant.? 3- if 2 females , will one kill the other to be dominant ? 4- Is this just part of the breeding process... should i just let them be and sort it out (although i think she will be killed before they sort it out) 5- Should i rearrange the tank so they have to find new areas.... or seeing there are only 2 fish in the tank may seem pointless, as once he has claimed a new area i would imagine this will all start over again. 6-How long to let her rest before removing the egg crate divider ? And anything else you may be able to offer... Sorry the post is so long winded but i am really unsure of what to do next as i would like to have them breed in this tank and watch them raise their fry but don't want to see one getting killed in the process. Thanks in advance for any help. These pics are from before i added the extra cave and tall plant in the left corner, i can update with new pics later tonight if people would like to see if what i have done will help...just let me know.
  4. Female was recently purchased as a golden monkey ?
  5. Hi, I have found all my albino and common BN I have in my tank are females. All are around 5 - 6 cm and look 'pregnant' and have no bristles. Am looking for a male or 2 to put in the tank. There is 3 x albino and 2 x common females. Also will the females spray the eggs if there is no male or will they become egg bound?
  6. Can anyone tell me for sure if this bn is male or female sent from sony xperia via tapatalk
  7. Hey everyone Just a quick question.... I managed to capture two of my acei tanzania breeding... I saw the female acei pick up at least 20 eggs... this was just over a week ago...however she no longer looks as though she is holding...however...my female yellow lab has a mouth that is stuffed full of eggs - the fullest I have ever seen it...I did not observe her breeding and until 2 days ago she did not seem to be holding and now her face is really full....could she be holding the eggs from the acei?... I ask because in the yellows last batch there were 2 yellow and two acei tanzania babies (one got eaten) but the surviving one looks all tanzanian - does not look at all like a hybrid...is black with the typical yellow marking on tip of tail that acei have..this is my yellow lab's third batch of fry since I have had her and she is a good mother (she actually hides her babies and guards them)...has anyone ever heard of mbuna stealing or holding another females eggs?...could she have scooped up any eggs that were missed or spat out? Thanx.
  8. I was just hoping someone may be able to tell me if my Severums were male or female? Please
  9. Hi guys am after a female eye biter for my male he is around 150mm long .the tank boss needs a woman y should his life be better than mine lol.
  10. This is mort. So named as it was beaten to death and should have died. Nursed back by Bree its more than 5 years old. Any thoughts on its sex? I currently have custody lol. Not trying to breed more just interested in thoughts as I have always thought it looked female. Never tried to vent.
  11. Male or female please thinking male
  12. Hi I've just moved my new male to his home 3days ago. He has just started bubbles this morning I awoke to this. I have 4 very happy females in their own community tank. Both tanks are heated. His is a filtered, Heated, 55lt . Not sure if I can breed in his tank as he has a filter on low flow but grills for water flow... can you move him and the nest? And which girl? First time poster so any tips are welcome. This is my male tank. He is the only one and in the middle. betta-aquariums.php
  13. 25cm Female Red Devil for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  14. Looking for a couple of female fishers on the goldcoast... or any stores carrying them would be good. petbarn nerang had 1 last week and brisbane road didnt have any.. these are for a large 3 foot tank
  15. Male or female? So hard to tell I think male as no dorsal spot ??
  16. I have an add up looking for a mate for my daughter's Firemouth The issue is that today I took a closelook at her "male" Firemouth and I think he is a she . Can somebody please confirm or deny my suspicion so I can re-adjust the add accordingly . Have look at the spawning tube .
  17. HI everyone, I've now had 2 people say they think one of my males is actually a female so i want to post a couple of pics here asking for everyones opinion. I think it's a male based on its breeding tube being small and pointy, but the fish does have a pearl marking on it's dorsal fin that lends itself to being a female Your thoughts?? breeding tube 20150302-IMG_7501 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150302-IMG_7512 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr pearl on dorsal fin 20150302-IMG_7505 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150302-IMG_7506 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr many thanks
  18. I would like to buy a female to go with my (assumed) male. I have a 5 foot tank, with this fella (about 25cms) who I would love your help identifying properly, and a convict. I have been trying to work out if he is a green terror or a silver saum or otherwise. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  19. I dont know how she go this... fighting maybe, although I have seen now evidence of agro, She's had it a few days, I did dose with aquarium salt but it doesnt seem to have helped. I will be moving her into a hospital tank later today. She has erect fins, but is not eating.... , everyone else in the tank is healthy and water conditions are perfect, how shall I treat this please... Thanks for all advice cheers Gary
  20. ..I have a pair of bristlenoses - one male and one female which have been together romantically for over a year. They have their little cave and other rock shelters, hiding places. Can I add another female or two? Or will there be problems over territory and guarding eggs/fry?
  21. .Hi guys! I'm hoping you might be able to help me out. My husband and I have a 650L tank with a variety of fish in it at the moment. My favourites however are the three Geophagus that he bought me for my birthday. I have one male and two females. They've been pretty easy to look after so far and I haven't had any problems with them. But now one of my females is looking quite ill and I can't find much information. She's looking very pale and very bloated. She is also kind of floating around the tank rather than swimming. (she's not floating upside down or on her side. But she is hovering near the top of the tank rather than down near the bottom where she normally swims and she's quite slow). She also seems to be taking in a lot of water, her mouth is gulping a lot. I thought at first she might be pregnant, but the male isn't showing any signs of raising young and I can't see any eggs or fry in the females mouth. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!
  22. Both male haha they might have been displaying for the girls there were a batch of eggs a few days later Both
  23. Hi peeps, I'm looking to buy a female Flowerhorn at least 15cm in size and must be on the north side. Let me know what you have with price pls. Thanks in advance.
  24. I moved my common breeding pair into my display tank so I could shut down their tank, There was already a male albino in the display tank, last couple of days i noticed both males fighting and also the female fighting with both males. Come home from work today to find a dead female, there is 4 logs in the tank along with plenty of hiding spots. Is it common for this to happen, I have never herd of it. 1st pic is female 2nd pic is breeding male 3rd pic is male already in display tank Cheers Doug
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