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Found 16 results

  1. Is it a common practice for female guppies to die after giving birth. I have had quite a few guppies die after giving birth and it happened again yesterday. I feed my guppies 3 times a day and when I fed at lunch time all was well but when I fed again at 5pm a female was on the bottom of the tank barely alive and new fry were swimming in the tank. My water parameters are NO3 zero, NO2 zero, PH 7.5, KH 80, GH 30, water temp 26 degrees Celsius. The ratios that I keep are usually 1 :2 or 2:5 but the tank that I lost my last female only contained females as i had lost the male to clamped fins a while ago. The tanks have Java Moss and Hornwort in them.
  2. I am chasing a couple of good quality Sajica Females to buy. Show me what you got.
  3. During summer I put about 20 2cm Bristlenose catties in a pond, when it started getting cold and I noticed the fish in the pond had whitespot I caught all the fish I could find (only 9 bn) and put them in a tank with the temp bumped up above 30, over the next few days all the whitespot died off and I thought nothing more about it until today. I still have 9 bn and they range in size from 4cm to 8cm, then I realised that none of them have bristles... They are all healthy, living with cories and discus, nothing to bite the bristles off. They are also on soft sand and nothing to scrape their noses on. Anyone feel like throwing in their 2 cents? Thoughts?
  4. I have 2 peppermint bn and i was wondering if they are both girls one is 9cm and one 10cm but not many bristles at all . Just dont wanna waste money on a male if i dont have to thanks! Both of them look like the photo attached
  5. Hi, i am looking for platinum, solid yellow or mustard gas, and red copper females. I was just wondering if someone can help me out. And no fishchicks useless and won't do anything- been there done that and she won't split " the pairs" or help.
  6. Hey guys just a quick question. I have a few females holding at the moment and just noticed that one of there poo was clear. Is this normal for a holding female? Cheers.
  7. - WTB Type of fish/goods:-Dragonblood females Sex(if known):-Female Size/Rating:-6cm + Breeding:- breeding size Qty:- 5 Price:- negotiable Location:- pick up or post if the price is right Shipping Y/N:- possible Contact:- pm on here Comments:- only interested in girls Photos:-
  8. A week ago tomorrow I bought myself a couple of Jack Dempseys, one on the Monday and the other on the Tuesday but about 10 minutes ago they laid hundreds of eggs on a log in my tank (it was my pair of oscars' home but they kicked them out). I wasn't sure of the genders of my two JD's and I'm still not sure if they are both female or if one is female and the other is male. They were both running themselves along the eggs over the over with little white things both hanging out near their tails. I was told fish don't have penises but simply spray sperm over the eggs but I can't see anything floating in the water around the eggs. They are both very protective and take turns at guarding. I would assume two females wouldn't share eggs so my question is, are my JD's both female or not and have the eggs been fertilized and will they hatch? PLEASE HELP!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. hey i have a male jack dempsey that doesnt want to pair up with any of the 2 females because he first mate died during the QLD floods and he doesnt like any of them he just chases them around the tank thanks
  11. Just thought I'd share with you all that 2 of my WC female mpims have cleaned spots on the tank floor and have their tubes down...now to pray that they will drop eggs, male fertilizes, and then she holds them (fingers and toes crossed)!!!!
  12. Hey just wondering if any one can tell me where I can get some female peacocks?, coz I cant seem to find many. Is there any breeders around Logan or Brisbane area that I can go to? Steve
  13. first one to die was was my female red devil,bred once and then the male was always bashing her around so i seperated them for a while,then put them back together and he killed her overnight :sob: .2nd death was my female Brasiliensis same thing bred once then the male killed her.wtf.both times i took the fry out,any suggestions?? shane.
  14. i traded some fish for some guppies on friday. by the time i got hom one wasn't looking too good.by that nite she was dead. in the morning i found another one dead, then last night found another dead. this morning i found another guppy and a swordtail dead. any ideas on what could be wrong. i have other guppies and red finned blue eyes and 2 swordtails in there and they have been fine. just this new lot of females. the males i got from the same place at the same time seem fine.
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