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Found 9 results

  1. I am just after some info on java fern, one of my plants ( the largeappreciateaf variety)is absolutly covered in young plants, their leaves are about 3-4 cms long I was wondering at about what size they should be before transplanting and what is the best way to plant (in pots , gravel, sand or on wood or rocks). Any input would be appreciated as I have never had java fern before.
  2. Bulb plant I have had for quite a while Big bunches of this fern Ive had for ages and keeps growing but no idea what it is. Leaf is kind of transparent like subwassertang. And I know this is anubias nana, i have 2 of them but are there different types of the little guys? They're around an inch tall. Would really like to know if anyone could tell me. Thankyou
  3. Can anyone help my java fern is dying and i dont know why all of a sudden its going black and rotting from the middle. Water temp is 27 ph is7.8 amonia 0 nitrIte 0 niterate is around 30ppm when i check before weekly water change. Fert dose every 2days excel recomended dose -a little less flourish and flourish iron with water changes. I have an algae that looks brown to purple on lavarock and anubius that wont rub off but thats not killing the fern Any help would be great.
  4. We put together a tank using the Hamburg Matten Filter system. With the goal of hiding what some say is a detractor from overall beauty.(IMO water quality comes before anything else. Hence I worry not for a little bit of blue foam) The foreground of the tank was meant to be grown out in Glossostigma and the wall was planted out with 3 types of Java Fern, African fern is on the root and Java moss and Anubias fills in the gaps. Aquarium-60cm x 45 x 45 Co2-citric acid and baking soda 2 x 20w T8`s Tank is stocked with neons and 2 discus we were gifted recently. We created the hill using Flourite and Poret. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDJAkOiRLYA The discus arrived a little unhealthy with internal flagellate due to bad bad water quality in previous owners tank. Fish weren't able to eat. I don't believe in antibiotics. So we raised the water temp to 32c, this increased their metabolism and allowed their immunity to build up. After a while they started feeding and were fed food soaked in 3%solution of Epsom salts. After a bit of a photo session we noted pre-spawning behaviour. Cleaning of the root and shivering shaking posturing. This morning the root was covered with eggs. Parents seem to be into the caring of the eggs. Other than the Glossostigma struggling we are extremely happy with the setup and how its going. Water parameters are perfect and filter maintenance is non existent. A perfect aquarium for modern day living.
  5. Hi All, What is the difference between: Needle Leaf Java Fern -&- Narrow Leaf Java Fern -OR- Are they the same thing? Thanks,
  6. Hi guys i just attached some java fern (which i got from mic) to my driftwood i am very happy with the result hope u guys like it too:) sorry for bad quality pics Ipod camera is not the best
  7. As of tomorrow i will have 3 types of java ferns (standard, crested and needle) i want to put them in tanks i have a planted tank (1200 x 30w x 35h) cm and it has a double t5 4ft light on it, just wondering if that is to much light for hte java ferns?? If so what big plants should i chuck in there? I also have many 2ft tanks with no real lights on them if they would be better, cheers
  8. Hey guys, I bought a piece of java fern bout 2 weeks ago and stuck it between 2 pieces of drift wood and it's not looking to well....... what am i to do? Cheers
  9. I am looking for some Java Moss, and all the LFS within a 100kms radius from where I live do not have it and they do not have Java Fern either, and some of them looked at me a bit blank when asking about it, as if they had no idea. Is it an expensive plant ?. I am on very limited funds so cannot afford a great deal. I was looking on eBay and found a company from Taiwan selling it very cheaply US$0.99 with free postage, but I want to know, can it be imported into Australia as I thought we had strict Quarantine rules regarding plants etc, and do not even want to waste US $0.99 if customs will take it. Can it be propagated at all ??? or can I get seeds for them?? I want to put some in our main tank, so when the only 2 surviving female guppies have their fry, they will have somewhere to hide. As I will not put fish into our other tank until it is cycled. I will be setting up some fry hatching tanks eventually which will not have any substrate in it at all, just so that the females can have their babies then go back into the main tank, but until then I want to be able to get some Java Moss and Java Fern as that is what I have been told that it gives the babies some place to hide in case they are born in the main tank. I will not be able to purchase any until next Thursday 25th as that is our pension day and I have to budget things, as this will be a luxury item, as I already have on hold some glass thermometers to be paid then. Thanks for any help. Jane
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