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Found 8 results

  1. Hey All, Just wondering what would be my best option for a substrate to use in a NON Co2 based tank. My tank is a 45cm Cube that get's plenty of sunlight, so if you could recommend something that feeds the plants well but requires next to no liquid fert's just pure natural sunlight! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi guys :-) I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on a good quality aquarium plant fertilizer :-) Much appreciated
  3. I've been reading alot about plated aquarium ferts but am now wondering if it's simpler to use tablets or spikes directly around the roots of the plants. More cost effective? Could there be other problems arising from using these (assuming it's a comprehensive mix)? Advice most appreciated.
  4. Hey guys can you recommend any fertilizers that can be added into the soil on an established planted tank Cheers
  5. I am just starting a planted tank and was wondering if tablet fertilizer was safe to use with bottom dwellers . About 4months ago when I started using root tabs I was loosing kholi loaches were dying ,I also lost some peppy fry. I was thinking that because they dug around plant roots the fertilizer might not be safe. I use flourish liquid and Co2 would this be enough nutrients for plants
  6. Just wondering what people use for their root fertilizers on here? API tabs, ferts from ebay (like this or this), or customised subtrate from the get go? I'm looking at adding some rooted plants to an existing tank that doesn't have much apart from some small anubias, java moss and cherry shrimp, and any help/advice is much appreciated!
  7. What are the opinions on substrate fertilizers or what people have found to work? I am planting a 4x2, so far I know I am wanting to put bigger, hardier(?) plants in such as Echinodorus, anubius (on driftwood), amazons of varying types & sizes and for the taller plants - val and aponogeton. As for smaller 'filler' plants I'm not sure yet until I have the tank planted out with the bigger ones. I will be using a mixture of 3mm and 5mm gravel. Lighting I will be using is 4 x 54W (T5) with 2 x sun lux 14000K & 2 x blue lux coral tubes. Thanks Kristy :puppy:
  8. Have seen people mention the use of liquid Fertilizers and slow release Fertilizers for plants in aquariums,are these normal garden type Fertilizers or special aquarium ones? Also do these affect the water quality for the fish? Do they promote the possibility of blue green algae? Please any info would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea on types or effects of these.
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