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Found 58 results

  1. Ok, so I have a trio of Festae (1M 2F). Have had them about 6 months and all 3 are around the 6" mark, they were in a semi-aggressive 6ft tank, other occupants being: 5 dysfunctional Silver Dollars (don't ask), 1 Black Ghost Knife (20cm and a serial Tetra eye gouger prior to being in the 6ft!), 2 clown loaches (had 4 when I started out, 2 remain), 1 Firemouth (quick and witty enough to stay out of trouble), 1x 6" Oscar and a 20cm Sailfin Pleco that is as elusive to me as it is to the rest of the tank. About 3 months ago, 2 paired off, so I moved them into a breeding tank where they subsequently bred. Both the male and female have so far been excellent parents (ie haven't eaten the fry). I noticed today that the male seems to be a bit keen for another go and was chasing the female around, she seemed a little too stressed, so I made the decision to move him back to the 6ft with the other female. They have since hit it off and now I'm starting to stress that my 6ft tank is going to be overrun with Festae fry (and dismembered fish parts) Any recommendations other than separation, a cold shower for the pair, or selling all but the Festae? Anyone want to buy any fish?
  2. Male or female please thinking male
  3. Hey guys what sex do you think this festae is. Bars only show when it's angry other wise the top of the fin is blue and there are no visible bars only very light spots.
  4. I remember someone on here asking where to buy these and thought I'd share the ones I just picked up (3 off). The place I got them from has a few left if anyone wants to PM me. I'll tell whoever asks first. They're beautiful fish full of character and not afraid to boss around the other occupants of the tanks. I can't wait until they mature and colour up. FYI I've read everything on the net about the true festae and I'm 99% certain these are the real deal! Hope everyone agrees!
  5. Can anyone tell me is this is male or female?
  6. Whats the best way to stop my male attacking my female his probably double her size ive got a cave in the tank which she hides in will they ever pair up? Could I buy another fish use it as abit of a clown?
  7. Whats everyone feed there festae? Mine seem to be real fussy wont eat in front of me..
  8. Ive got a 10-11cm female festae and im getting a male tomorrow about the same size ive made a tank divider jut to be on the safe side How long should I keep seperated for (If at all) Or what are the signs they will be right togeather?
  9. I dont know how she go this... fighting maybe, although I have seen now evidence of agro, She's had it a few days, I did dose with aquarium salt but it doesnt seem to have helped. I will be moving her into a hospital tank later today. She has erect fins, but is not eating.... , everyone else in the tank is healthy and water conditions are perfect, how shall I treat this please... Thanks for all advice cheers Gary
  10. Ive just got 4 festae shiped over night to me all around 8-10cm they havernt eaten anything and are just all huddled in a cave in my tank. Think they had abit of a rough ride any advice on how to many there stress levels would be great thanks. Also noticed two of them locking lips?
  11. Hi all, I currently have a 3x2x2 that is temporary housing for my male and female festae. Would my 6x2x2 be big enough for the female 16cms and the male 23cms ? i am also looking to put some sort of other fish as it is a display tank in the loungeroom.. They are a breeding pair so would they eat a school of silver dollars or tinfoil barbs? chris
  12. Hey guys just after some advice. Im wanting to put two red terrors in my 4ft tank they will be in there by themselves will they be right in there so awhile? Everything ive read on them is saying how aggressive they are etc..? They will only be 5-6cms when I first get them. any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  13. Not to concerned about sex as its going in my 8x2 American community tank, so if anyone has one for sale or knows where I might get one from LFS please let me know. Prepared to pay good money for a nice fish... cheers Gary 0409890910
  14. My female Festae laid yesterday with her red devil partner. It wasn't intended. Is this a crime against nature??
  15. How big did your festae get to or what's the largest you've seen? I remember the originals of a club ol timer's near foot and half male. I lost mine the other week. This pic upset and disturbed a lot of facebookers .... what do you think ?
  16. Hey all, Was just curious on the growth rate of Festae? I brought 3 Festae roughly 4 - 7 cms from pet world about a week ago, They all have been living together relatively nicely with 2 albino Cory's and 5 feeders. ( 4x2x2 tank btw ) When I first got them I had them in a nice set up with white sand blah blah blah, anyway I noticed they where very washed out so I changed the substrate an now try are starting to look quite decent, I have heard so much about the growth rate of these fish and that it's shocking? Roughly could anyone out there give me some details on growth rate, early signs of sexing, roughly when the colours start to come out, when aggression really kicks in and if my simple diet is ok for them? I feed then with ocean nutrition cichlid omni flakes, and every second day give then some frozen bloodworms. I mean the more info I can get from personal experience the better. Thanks everyone =) and p.s. Please be nice lol
  17. Just wondering if festae only really colour up when breeding or distressed? My 5yr old girl is massive, when I had her in a 4x2x2ft with 2 plecos, 2 featherfins and the male her colours would change often. Now in a divided 5x2x2 with the 2 featherfins in her division and the smaller male (she nearly killed him) in the other. She is always green, is this because she is content and happy? She always greets me as she's always hungry haha
  18. Thought I'd share a pic of new festae pair I got their becoming one of my favourites
  19. Have I got a male or female here? Vertical bars come and go. Around 12cm
  20. Can you keep more than 1 female festae in an American community tank?
  21. Hi Recently got 2 female festae with a tank i bought. Had them for around 3 weeks and they've settled in well into a 4x2x2 i had spare. Only ever had forest jewels and ghost knife from American Cichlids so these are a bit new to me and the big girl is the major ruler of the tank but her colour changes are amazing. So considering I cant put much else in with her i was thinking of selling them (not right now as my girlfriend loves them but down the track) which brings me to my question of how much are these fish at this size actually worth? around 22cm around 32cm They are very healthy and fed extremely well, shame to get rid of such a beautiful fish but with their temper, me not wanting to attempt to breed them and my amount of existing tanks, selling them off may be my only option in good time. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. cheers
  22. Has anybody had any luck breeding a jag festae manaconda? Anybody? Thoughts and opinions on this breed which you must admit looks pretty cool Is this still a mongrel?
  23. Hey guys i live on the Gold Coast looking for a Female Festae about 8-12cm for my male. willing to travel to Brisbane if need be.
  24. hi all im planning on selling my festae and just need some help sexing it. (it was attacked by my dovii ) thanks mickyd
  25. Not looking to buy so much hence posting here and not in classifieds. just curious if there are any around as fry. havnt seen em for a while so was just wondering.
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