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Found 7 results

  1. I am currently planning the build of our new home and like you all am building it around a fish tank. I'm going to have a 7x2x2 sitting in the middle of the open plan living space sitting between the living room and dining/kitchen. I will have it built in with a hanging hood from the ceiling. It is obviously going to be viewed from both sides and I will not have any plants, only rock work and drift wood.will sit into a 'wall' which will house all pipework and cords and more than likely a sump underneath (I will get more advice on all of this in a DIY thread) My question is I want colour, limited aggression and Americans? I have a bit of a hit list already, Blackbelt, Pearsei, Synspilum, Sajica and possibly a firemouth and Brasiliensis plus an existing gold saum and a few silver dollars. I would love some suggestions, I haven't had a tank anywhere near this large and have only kept the saum and silver dollars before so want to get some advice on how these guys would go together, is that too many fish for the size of the tank and very importantly have I missed something with great colours? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just to let the ANGFA members know, the field trip to the sunshine coast this Sunday (21st April 2013) is still on. We will be going to lower Martins Creek. THis is the creek the runs through Buderum Falls (see first photo of the falls i took last weekend) The second site is the South Maroochy River below the Wappa Falls (see otehr photos). Should be a good trip, finishing with a BYO picnic/BBQ at Wappa Dam at 1pm. Hope a few members can come along and see what we can find after the recent flooding. The creeks certainly look in good condition and there are plenty of regular suspects around (rainbows and gudgeons).
  3. Hi Everyone I am introducing a NEW required profile field "State" This field will be required by new members upon registration however existing Members will need to update their profile manually. As of Monday 14th January 2013 if you have not made the changes to your profile the system will force you to make the changes before you can continue using the full forum. The new profile area "state" will also show on your postbit under your avatar picture for other members to see This change is to help limit any errors made when dealing with members who are not local via the trader. On another note While updating your profile we ask that you check to see if your location (suburb/town) is still current. The use of general area's like "Gold Coast" or "Brisbane" will not be accepted. YOU MUST use a suburb or town in this area like "Loganholme" for example
  4. Some great days have been had by us all on aandtsociety club trips over the last couple of months and these are a few selected pics from our club threads for you to enjoy, hopefully. This was a calm day for free diving then rock pool collecting,both in one day. We have been lucky with some clear waters at some sites. All club collecting trips are here. http://southeastqueenslandm.aforumfree.com/f18-marine-fish-and-invert-collecting
  5. The last month or so has seen some top trips by aandtsociety guys and gals to collect our own reef aquarium species, maybe spear a fish or two or just observe the wonderful life forms we seek out for our tanks in the wild to get a real understanding of how they live their lives. This is where all our field trips are. Marine fish and invert collecting. These days I don’t catch much at all,unless one of the clubbies ask for something, but then again we all do that for each other. It has been cold at times and for the next month or so there won’t be many trips, the cold air is the issue, the actual ocean temp these days has risen by a degree each five years on average starting from just over the last 15 years back it became obvious. From 16c down to 14c in winter, to what we have now. On a dive two weekends back, in the past in this area now would be 17c at this time of year, it was 22c,we have certainly got problems with the ocean. One good thing I suppose, the whales will settle around Moreton bay for their holidays,lol, here more now and the white pointers that were in the hundreds here in the eighties and their numbers all over are exploding, are not getting up here as much. Of late from last years breeding season the most abundant types of fish have been the pyroferus mimic tangs,and many other acanthutrus species,not the hepatus,this years season with them failed,then there’s the femininus wrasse,quite a few of those around, both very popular fish for marine aquariums. Each year there are varied types of reef tank species that are featured in abnormal abundance from the diverse planktonic dispersal, which is the way most ocean life move from being born near cairns as an example to Victoria and populate a reef, wreck or anything that is stationary in the ocean. Of course that far south they always die as the temps drop below 16c,that’s the death temp zone for tropical species. From Byron bay south, not much survives the winter that came from up here and a billion times billions times billions of tropical life go south from Q in the currents and near all die!! These tiny transparent cod,crayfish,wrasse,chaetodons,corals,most marine life are amongst the plankton at their first part of life and they are plankton at this stage waiting to sense the sounds of reefs, like the clicking of crabs and the sounds of the waves powerful energy and head for the bottom or accidentally find it,99 percent don’t get a life and that’s natures culling number before any human interference. We used to talk of a things like this in the eighties once we knew what was happening as the year of wrasse or pomacanthus angelfish, it really depends on what types of life that are going past under the cloak of transparentness at planktonic size feeding on the plankton around them as they grow. If a strong wind comes into play at the time there is abundant dwarf angelfish in the east Auzy currents plankton out off us, then from February the next year as they start to become big enough to show them selves, that is a year of abundant dwarf angels. On average wrasse are first coming past, then chaetodons, then pomacanthus and centropyge and many others amongst these have their time of anubundance going past us out to sea in the east auzy currents, we used to call them etties. That’s how the ocean places life at sites originally void of life or had suffered a severe environmental disaster, all over the world, this is how reefs get life and the closer to the equator; this goes on all year round! But now we have ocean temps getting a bit high for phytoplankton to exist in these zones and import our CO2 and convert by the sun to its silica based shell, that’s what the diatom algae need in our aquariums to make their silicon, this is from discarded shells as the plankton grow or die in your aquarium or there was heaps of silica in your new substrate from the beginning, weird algae the diatoms,lol. These incredibly important life forms, phytoplankton and their past relatives gave us life and have been keeping us all alive, as with the life forms before us and the oceans alive for hundreds of millions of years!! So acidity from the most valuable life form whittled down by a third in numbers now from our infestation will wipe out the more delicate corals and that includes anemones,morphs,etc, at reefs close to the equator over some time and that’s a shame for future generations. One good part of this global certainty is the south east of Q will get the barrier reef life down here over time,lol. We are seeing this already!! That’s enough about what I can’t do anything about and society are not seeing quick enough for most to realise its coming and what I wont see that much of in my time,so here are some collected species. One of the guys got this lovely lineatus, he had been trying them for months till this one made a mistake and home it went. Because of the warmer ocean temps the peps are breeding all year round now, this is a juvenile and an adult female with ovaries in the ready for egg production and passing to its tail,that’s the green you can see in its carapace. These are the dwarf lemon peel flavissimus angel fish and its mimic, the mimic is a little faded, they have been in together for a few weeks and the mimic has faded while living that close to the actual angelfish it would mimic in the wild, for it’s own safety. The mimic is to young to have its substantial fighting tool as it would at adult hood at either side of its peduncle and the dwarf/centropyge has a nice sharp fighting spike on each gill from birth. One of the guys has a nice latezonatus pair now,in these two the male is bigger then the female, his last partner must have been eaten and this one is his new chicky babe that would have arrived at the anemone ready to take on what sex was needed as a near transparent very tiny fish.
  6. The next ANGFA Qld meeting is Friday August 13 at 8:00 pm at 178 Alexandra Rd, Clayfield. The talks will be from: - Glynn Aland who is talking about the Chinchilla area of the Upper Murray Darling; - Joel Huey who will speak about catfish; and (time permitting) - Leo O'Reilly will give a species talk on desert gobies. The shop will be open and the auction will run after the talks for the bargain hunters. Membership has been dropped to $20 this year so it's a great opportunity to join up. Members are also invited to participate in field trips. The next one is on Sunday 21 August in the Gold Coast hinterland.
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