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Found 19 results

  1. Not a bad gallery The Flowing Fins of Siamese Fighting Fish «TwistedSifter
  2. does anyone know of anywhere that stocks these near the gold coast, would love to get one
  3. Can you put a saimese fighter fish in a tropical fish tank??
  4. Hey, I've recently had to downgrade my large display aquaria cos I moved. I still have the empty tanks in storage but til we build more space I'm delving into nano's and betta for a bit. Quite a different kettle of fish, for me, lol. Big dispays are so easy! I've been pretty surprised at the lack of range regarding affordable proper nano lighting, though now am happy to report I found a great range of little LED's from Aqua One. They are STRONG (unlike those I got on ebay) and although I cringe a bit at straight "yellow" kinda spectrum, my plants n fish seem to love it. Heating. Where I couldn't use little 25 W standard aquarium heaters.. I tried a 7W internal round black pad (brand, can't remember!) but it blew up.. fault in the rubber seal I think. Then I was put onto external heating pads from Premier Pet.. 5W ... waterproof but are reccomended to keep under the vase/bowls. First 2 days the temp didn't go over 18 deg. This is was sad.. my HM and dragon super delta were less than impressed.... I was however told of a trick.. place the heat pad sideways between the two vases. Sounds so logical n simple yet I never considered it. Both 9 L vases have been on 24-25 since (I've never been home to check how warm in the middle of the day). So .. i'm happy with that. Just thought I'd pass on my experiences. Hope it helps someone P.S. Am soooo excited I'm picking up my Mustard Gas HM today from City Farmers Underwood He's paler than the show grade ones u see on Google search but beautiful.
  5. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can tell if its normal for a female fighter to help a male fighter to put the eggs in the nest??? I read that the females eat the eggs most of the time ??? So is it just lucky or something they do... Any info would be good Cheers mickyd
  6. I'm thinking of trying to start a business in gympie breeding fighters. Of course this wont happen over night but was wondering how the market is for half-moons in particular. Am i wasteing my time or can i make a liveing doing what i love? Of course im dedicated to at least try but thought i'd get an opinion from someone already breeding and selling fish... thank-you, Phil P.s- I know where i want my stock from and it is jodi from Fishchick Aquatics, Awesome stock and hasnt disappointed me in the past
  7. I got a dragon fighter yesterday and he's great, he's just in a 60ltr quarantine tank at the moment, but will be going into a 240ltr planted tank in a month
  8. been a while since i've owned any Siamese fighter fish, but we picked up 4 pair sunday night at the auction, my brother and i bred ours several years ago and used the standard brine shrimp and blood worms, but i'm wondering about microworms and vinegar eels, i have a few cultures of both and use them to feed my other fry, but will the fighters eat them? and more importantly, can i use them to feed fry if we end up breeding any, can they be also used to condition the females, any advice will be great,
  9. I have to vent... Someone stole a Siamese Fighter off the shop this morning. That is just seriously annoying.
  10. so brought this today for mrs all ready had the tank and gravel violet the fighter fish
  11. i have little fighter i have only had for a couple of weeks and now is on his side and floating he still eats , i fell bad that i might have to flush him, is there any thing we can do to help him or is there no hope
  12. Hey peeps I've got 2 double tailed dragons in 2 different tank one is starting 2 get something that looks like shredding on his tail, (what is it and how can I fix it)... He's still swimming around fine.. -Water is about 7ph, temp is at 25deg, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm and nitrate is between 20ppm & 30ppm I'd say.. Any help would be great.. Cheers Steven
  13. Ok just siphoning out my 4 bay fighter tank and I noticed this strange ugly bug thing in my siphon tube... I don't know what it is or how it got there, I do not like it. Pictures aren't perfect, bad light, trying to shoot a wet tube... Not easy... This is not from my rainbow tank.
  14. hey guys thought i would post my progress on my 1.5ft (45cm) fighter tank heres a pic from the first after noon with sponge filter, heater and the wood as well and heres a pic from this arvo after i put the moss on the log and black cardboard backing sorry for the bad photo hopefully getting a light tomorrow so will probs have a better pic tomorrow with the light on and an actual camera next week im gonna buy 2 whiptail catties and put them in and maybe a day or 2 after will put the fighter in the one i like atm is a red "super delta" which io saw at my lfs its about 25 bucks and looks bloody awesome will updat whenever i can
  15. My brother bought a fighter just before October 2009, anyway, they went on holidays, I looked after his fish for 3 weeks over the Christmas holiday, poor little dude was almost dead, nursed him back to good health, bright colours, no infections etc etc (Thats how I got into aquariums...). Gave him back. Few months later He goes on holidays again, I get the fish, and he's all dull, and has new infections that I don't know what they are. One looks like a big white pimple in his nose. I am thinking of taking him off my brother just so he can live his life without infections, gunky s**t water that never gets changed, fresh tank water with no chlorine or stupid chlorine neutralizer chemicals, or living 100% in medicated multicure water that never gets changed. Heres a pic, I dunno how or what to do. Wish people would learn, Fighters are fish as well, Not ornaments you only have to dust off every 6 months.
  16. Just wondering do male fighter fish sulk if the female wont mate with them? My son put his two fighters together and nothing happened and a couple of days later the female destroyed his nest. So I took her back out. Now he is standing on his head at the bottom of the tank, he only moves to come up for air and then he seems to be having trouble swimming. He looks like he's dying to me (we don't know how old he is). But I thought I would ask if anyone knows whether he could be just sulking. Thanks Carl & Jenny
  17. Just wondering how to tell if a female fighter is ready to breed. My son is trying to breed his fighters. Thanks Carl & Jenny
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