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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a couple of female fishers on the goldcoast... or any stores carrying them would be good. petbarn nerang had 1 last week and brisbane road didnt have any.. these are for a large 3 foot tank
  2. hey all started breeding fighters few months ago just wanting peoples input on the way you do things and il share my methods also. i have been lucky and have had no fighting with my pairs they have all taken to each other very well im using divided in half 3 foot tanks. and have 4 spawns going currently ranging from newly hatched to 5 weeks old. place male and female in bare cube filter off wait for buble nest wait for the fish to hatch and remove female later that day. remove male after the fry are free swimming turn air sponge filter back on once their swimming i use a blended to powder mix of sera flora hikari gold hikari exel and massivore all in equal portions.<i use and sware by this for all new fry they love it> after a few weeks switch to osi growth and devolpment flake and sera flora and frozen brine as treats every few days. when they start devoloping fins sort males into bottles and jars<what ever is available> enjoy looking at your fighters
  3. Hi all, Im a tanganyikan fan, with everything from gold head comps, calvus, leptos, etc but a Big rookie when it comes to fighters, although I've had it for nearly 1yr. It's always been in a 12L fish bowl. Water changed every week. Its a very lively character lol. My question is what other types of fish can/if any be housed with?? I just setup a 4 x 1.5 x 2 outside comfortably running at 24° with afew goldfish, silversharks and goldspot pleco. Not sure if it would be ok in the 4ft or just stay in the bowl
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. hi all I'm looking to buy some halfmoon fighters and others can anyone recommend a good place to buy some eg: online/lfs close to ipswich way would be good.. thanks in advance mickyd
  6. I'm thinking of getting one of those fighter setups with dividers in the middle. Before i do, i just wanted to know if they would be able to survive in there from a fri morning feed till sunday night? My other tanks are ok for when i head of for the weekend but i figure there isn't much for them to nibble on in such a small space. Also, what would be a minimum size for a fighter? I know they can live in a cup but i wanted to make sure they are comfortable in the space they are in.
  7. Please send me a quote. I would like a double lid, 1 at the front and one at the back so I only have to move 1 part to feed the fish. I will expect braces as it will hold about 65-70 litres fully topped up The red lines are stained/iced glass dividers so the fish can't see each other. (can be anything not 100% transparent, like bathroom windows) 15-20mm gaps under each divider. A price would be very nice. =) I plan to use a small canister filter as it will reduce the cost and complexity of the tank.
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