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Found 25 results

  1. Start primping those pretties! Betta Australis is hosting a 10th Anniversary International Siamese Fighting Fish Competition on Oct 31st. Special guest judges Khun Preecha Ammara from Thailand and Mr Gerald Prodon from the Philippines. $200 cash prize for Grand Champion, plus amazing hand carved wooden trophy. Ribbons, Rosettes and prizes for Category and class winners. Show open to the public Sunday 1st Nov, many beauties will be offered for sale. Please email bettaaustralis@outlook.com to enter. See you there!
  2. Think your Siamese Fighter is the prettiest? Then put him to the test! Betta Australis is hosting a National Betta Show and Conference on September 12/13 2015. Entries closing today, so be quick! Newnham Hotel and Function Centre. 516 Newnham Road Mt Gravatt, Brisbane. Why not attend the conference? Go to the gala dinner? Or just enter your fighter into the comp! Own bred or bought fish, doesn't matter, as long as you join in the fun! Cash prizes, rosettes and ribbons, and a cool trophy for the Grand Champion. Show is open to the public Sunday 13th 3pm-5pm. Come along and see the finest Bettas in Australia. Some of these beauties will be for sale, so crack open the piggy bank! These stunners are not to be missed For all enquiries, please email bettaaustralis@outlook.com. Visit https://www.bettaaustralis.org or https://www.facebook.com/BettaAustralis for details. Bring on the champions!!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Whats the best way to stop my male attacking my female his probably double her size ive got a cave in the tank which she hides in will they ever pair up? Could I buy another fish use it as abit of a clown?
  5. Intorduced a male green texas and a female about 10 cm each . The male Is crazy he just chases her everywhere . Has anyone else had to deal with this and will she be fine ?
  6. Decided to turn the 2.5ft tank inside into display/photo tank, it was just housing some spare/backup honey blue eye broodstock anyway. So put in some Noosa River/Lake Cootharaba rhads, Snapper creek rhads and pacific blue eyes to have a look at. They have been in for a few days and the male rhads have started trying to show whos dominant already. There is a few big hits happening. Current list of species - 2f 3m Ornate Rainbowfish - Rhadinocentrus ornatus - Snapper Creek 2f 3m Ornate Rainbowfish - Rhadinocentrus ornatus - Noosa River/Lake Cootharaba 2f 5m Pacific Blue eye - Pseudomugil signifier - Obi Obi Creek 4 Common Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus cirrhosus lots of Cherry Shrimp - Paratya australiensis If anybody has a 2ft light for this tank in working order that will grow easy plants im keen to swap fish or driftwood
  7. New Species of Fighting Fish Found in Thailand | Biology | Sci-News.com Well not quite. Just that B. sp. "Mahachai" has officially been described. Now I have to remember to add a ensis on to the end of the name every time I type it.
  8. ok guys i went to a local fish shop today and saw a fighting fish that amazed me! it was a giant fighting fish i have never seen or heard of these guys until today.......the price was $60 if any knows about these guys i would like to hear more about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea and it was about twice- three times bigger than the normal ones
  9. Hey all, I know that neons battle out their hierarchy but everything i have read says a 2-3week period at most, mine have been at it for over four weeks there's 10 of them in a 3 foot tank and water parameters are good? One of them only has a tiny bit of his top fin left as the rest has been nipped off (but he's ok swimming and goes after other fish) and they are constantly at it.... I thought they were a peaceful schooling fish, i was looking forward to watching them dart around together or did I just manage to get the psychos? Would appreciate any advice!
  10. I just had a look in my tank and i have 2 male b/n fighting over a log and i think i saw a female in there. The logs had 1 small male fanning in it for days and now the bigger lazyer one has come over and appers to be attacking the smaller one. Should i do anything or let it go and see what happens . The tank has 2 ceramic logs and a bamboo log in it. With 2 males and 2 females. Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I have 2 oscars in a 4ftx2ftx2ft tank, they have been in there since I bought them around 6 months ago. They have always seemed to get on apart from a little pushing here and there, a little lip locking, but never anything more than that. Recently I gave there tank a good clean out, and yes i moved some of there gravel around but I did try to leave the larger rocks and other features in the same spot. I came home yesterday afternoon to see the smaller of the 2 with a nice chunk taken out above her nose, She seems fine and is still eating but I have noticed that they are a little more aggressive than usual, and certainly more jumpy. So 2 questions, Is this war wound something i should be concerned about? and Should i think about separating the 2? It just seems funny that i have never had any major issues with these fish, even after cleaning there tank previously, but now all of a sudden they seem to have a problem with each other. any hep will be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. hey everyone im getting a 3ft tank this week and will be setting it up as a planted tank i have heard that because betta's and gouramis are both labrynth fish that bettas are extremely aggressive towards gouramis i was just wondering if this is true as i want to try and get my hands on a giant betta or another type of wild caught sort of one and ive been trying to find tankmates and im kinda keen on keeping a few (3 or 4) dwarf gouramis in the tank just wondering what peoples thoughts are
  14. hi i have recently bought 2 tiger oscars both about 20 cm long dont know their sex but 2 days ago they start it they are biting each others lips and are opposite to each other and than they are next to each other head next to tail and one of them start to shake the back fin than tyhey are fighting again one of them have demaged front fins a bit and a bit of skin demage what are they doing? will they get hurt??? how can i stopped it?? or are they breeding? they are in 2 footer just for now as when i bought them they came with 4 footer tank and stand and hood but i had to move them to 2 footer as the stand and hood were in bad condition and i sand it and paint it and want them nmove back to 4 footer on friday as i wikll be finished by than so guys please help what are my oscars doing??? cheers i am really worried i will lost them:(
  15. yesterday afew hours after my water change and some redecorating of my tank, two of my calvus started fighting (sorry it's abit hard to see with the driftwood there)my pepps started bumping heads and some brichardi were chasing each other more then usual. This morning the 2 of the brichardi started getting in on the calvus fights as well... ok i know it's not the water change (or maybe it is?) i'm not worried about the pepps they have tough heads and brichardi are fine. but i'd hate one of those calvus, should i isolate one? one those those calvus has been picking on the other calvus since he was first put into the tank, only yesterday was there any retaliation... or could this be part of a breeding ritual?
  16. 1xlarge oscar 2x severums(big for there size) 1x small sev 1xgreen terror(medium) green terror got added today then got attacked by oscar is it just the whole "new kid on the block" sorta keep outta my way thing because they were mouth fighting on and off for about an hour then the sevs would nip the side of him but now there all fine ill post tomorrow on how there all going but is it normal for them to start fighting the newest fish? cheers ash
  17. hi i have two 20cm albino oscars living together they have been living together for atleast 1 year that i know of now, laitly they have been starting to fight any help would be appricated with this on what to do thank you
  18. Okay I have a 4x2x2 with 2x frontosas in there one is about 30cm it's a male Burundi ad the other is a female bout 25cm not sure what type moat likely Burundi, I came home and my bigger fronnie has a few large splits down his fin. In a horizontal form. Now I'm not sure if thats a disease or if they have been fighting.they seem fine though. Help please cheers!
  19. can i put plants in a fighting fish tank, can fighting fish have tank mates, how big can a tank be for fighting fish????
  20. hey all, I have 2 medium sized angels and 2 small angels in a 70 L tank. Ive noticed that one of the mediums is attacking the other medium.... what can i do to stop this? Cheers
  21. Hey, No i don't mean Siamese Fighting Fish . What fish would you pick in a fight to almost Beat/Kill anything else pound for pound?. Seph
  22. Hi everybody, My daughter has just bought a fighting fish.Can someone tell me what ph the water should be and how many pellets and how often to feed it? I've conditioned the water. Thanks Richie
  23. Hi All, I Just bought a new female CM BN off toushae, Thanks mate, and introduced it to my 4ft display tank. There are 1 CM BN female, 1 CM BN male n 1Pep BN Male. the 2 ladies keep goin at each other. the new one is bout 10mm bigger than the old one. is this just showing dominance n will it stop of will one kill the other?? Any help would b much appreciated Thanks Tim
  24. I have 4 dolphins in my tank, the 2 larger ones (about 18cm and 20cm) both changed colour, almost black, then their at it. They start circling each other, about 30cm apart then they come together at the mouth, aggressively, smash their heads on the glass then start circling each other again. I removed the larger in to a bucket for 30mins then introduced him but they started up again so now i have the smaller one in a fry saver (in the same tank). i dont have another heater or an air pump otherwise id put one of them in another tank Anyone know why they would be acting like this? They have been relatively peaceful fish up until now and ive had them since xmas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. got some frontosa, had a male on his own and bought two i thought were females, he is showing alot of aggression towards both, is this normal any ideas?
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