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  1. Good Afternoon Fellow fish nuts. Need some new backup Filtration? Something quick and easy for your quarantine tank? Or even a simple cost effective filtration system for your shrimps? This week we are happy to announce our Sponge Filter Bonanza Special. Follow the below link for all the details, and sign up for our up and coming specials. http://us13.campaign-archive1.com/?u=72 ... 155f3b8fd0 Cheers Josh
  2. Hi I've been away from fishkeeping for a number of years and have now decided to get a six foot tropical freshwater tank now that I'm living in west Brisbane. When I last had a tank, I used an undergravel filter, but from my reading, it would seem that the best option for one of these tanks is either a canister filter or a sump system. I was wondering whether anybody has opinions and whether there are any reputable places around Indooroopilly. Regards Lex
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm after filter recommendations for a 2 foot freshwater tank that's approx 60 liters. Was as running a Shark ADV 800 (various sponges only) in it but the impeller is getting noisy and no amount of cleaning is helping it and since it's in my bedroom I need it quieter. I just chucked in my Fluval U4 that I had sitting as a spare but the water flow on any setting is just too much for the poor juvenile Angels i have in there. Tank has a large piece of gold vine in the centre covered in sword and some stunted anubias. The U4 is ripping the plants from the wood despite it facing the short side with the water flow also facing the wall and upwards. Tank inhabitants are 3 juvenile Angels and way too many baby albino bristlenose pleco (which I'm slowly giving away). I'm not looking at spending a fortune, the Angels will be moved into the 4 footer as they grow and the plecos distributed/given away, so the tank will probably be broken down and put away....OMG...who am I kidding??? 😜😜 Picture attached. Ignore the murky water, just did a water change, oh, and the fish feeder, just came back from camping. Thanks!
  4. Watched the videos and read the marketing blurb, and must say am a little underwhelmed by it all. reminds me of G3 and g6 introduction. is just another large canister with lots of foam, and an additional accessory that is simply another inline filter. but on the positive side, has good flow for just 30 watts. have I missed something with this new fndangled filter??
  5. Hi im just looking for opinions on filter selection for my new aquarium. Its a 4 x 2 x 2. 400 liters I have been looking at a fluval 406 and all so one like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Aqua-Aquarium-External-Canister-Filter-Fish-Tank-UV-Light-MEDIA-KIT-2000L-H-/131247811389?roken=FmBhRY. My main concern with the ebay one is reliability and also power usage 55w vs 20w for the fluval. And with the 406 is it big enough. I have all so been looking at the eheim professional 2228. But cant find much about it. I dont have a huge budget as still have to get substrate, plants, lights, fish etc yet. Is there any suggestion of other filters to look at also. Thanks mike Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. I am setting up a 3 X 15 X 18 African display tank in my lounge soon and am considering filtration options. Tank will mainly hold peacocks and such, just the standard Malawi colour display on a smaller scale than I would like Obviously I would like to maintain my water as clear and healthy as possible, without making too much noise. At the same time I also want minimal impact on the viewing area by equipment as it is only a small tank to begin with. What are people's thoughts regarding a sump vs a canister? I had also wondered if imposed a sump about a refugium with some plants/shrimp but as it turns out I only have very little space (2ft) for a sump that space would probably be better utilised for media. Any suggestions greatly appreciated Cheers Gary
  7. Hi guys any one free to help a brother set up his sump tank. Im willing to pay 200 buks to help with piping set up. So far the tank has 5 predrilled holes two are are outlets and 3 are inlets. Am i to run 3 return pumps or just meant to join one powerful pump to split betwwwn 3 pipes. Ty for any ones help or interest. I am located in inala Tommy 0402911128
  8. Looking for a small canister filter for my 75 litre corner tank. Pretty happy with my Eheim 2213 that I use on another tank. Possibly overkill but this is the smallest Eheim make. The Fluval 106 is rated up to 100 litres, but a bit more expensive. Any other suggestions (preferably from the Techden?
  9. Hi, could anyone help me out in suggesting a air ran sponge filter and air pump please, have ordered a mid range priced canister to play with but am also interested in perhaps using an air sponge set up instead of the canister for a 45l tank which will eventually house a smallish group of Spotted Blue Eyes, Peacock Gudgeons and Glass Shrimp, planted lightly with Vallisneria nana, Lilaeopsis brisbanica, Native Penny Wort in natural aquarium gravel, thanks.
  10. Just wanted to make a post in honor of these filters. I mean seriously, how can these little filters be so good? After using a couple of the smaller models (pf600 &pf800) on a couple of smaller tanks under the house and seeing how effective they are. I recently added a pf2000 to my display tank (heavily stocked 4×3×1.5 mixed male african tank) and it has never been cleaner! It's already running a fx5 and a sunsun 2000l/hr canister that supplies my chiller so now it is well over filtered, but I can't get over how quickly the otto clears the water after feeding time. They have got to be the best value for money mechanical filtration you can buy and so so easy to clean and maintain. I'm sure most people who have experienced these filters will agree with me. My nice clear tanks
  11. Hi Guys, After having my 4 foot tank packed up in a shipping container for the past 4 years I decided to recondition it and start fresh about a month ago. I had an old 1200L/H Resun AE-806 External cannister filter which I was sceptical about using but decided it was worth a shot. I cleaned it out, adding new padding and filter media and then replaced all of the input and output tubing I let it run for a day or so. The water cleared up and the flow was average. Due to the height of my canister filter I had to put it at the end of the tank and thus run a 1.2 meter tube to the opposite end of the filter for suction. After doing this I noticed the flow pressure lowered but thought nothing of it. Then I added two oscars and 4 silver dollars and 1 gold spot sailfin pleco. The pleco only lasted a week or two before it died, it lost all its colour and had a sucken in stomach, I was feeding a mixture of algae wafers, spirulina flakes and zucchini but it wouldn't touch it. I did a amonia/ ph/ nitate and nitrite test the night before it died and it all came up normal. This was at the 3 week mark and as a safeguard I did a water change, the following days I noticed what looked like white specs growing on the glass which moved with the flow of the water and then my oscars started to get white spot. Living on a rural property means I only have access to tank water and I have made sure the temps are at 26 degrees and the water is testing normal but for some reason I keep having trouble. I was recommended to use melafix and pimafix for the white specs on the glass and after doing a course of that it was still there , so I bought some white spot medication for the fish and after 3 days they seemed happy and healthy once again. However just a week or two after medicating them I noticed my oscar had a hole in his dorsal fin and scapes on his body as well as a flesh wound on his jaw which weren't healing and he stopped being interested in feeding. Then yesterday he showed up with some white dots again. I bought a 400L/H Otto Filter to aid in cleaning because I noticed the Resun cannister filter lagging, i just checked the input and output tubes and they have black and white blobs growing inside them... Can anyone help me in fixing these ongoing issues?? I assume I need a new cannister filter perhaps?
  12. The design of these things hasn't changed since the 1960s. TFH used to be full of adverts for them. I have never seen one in Australia. Does anyone actually own one or owned one and what are they like. I would love to start a thread on retro aquarium equipment. The oldest piece of kit that I have is an eheim 2213 that says made in West Germany on it that I bought in the 1980's, still works well. Anyone remember whisper pumps ? What is the oldest piece of kit that you have and do you still use it ?
  13. Hi everyone, i have a nautilus 800 canister filter on a 3 foot tank which has decided to stop working. It will prime and will run for a few minutes then it will lose its head of water and stop circulating water. I've cleaned everything and the empaller continues to work it just stops pushing the water through... anyone had had anything like this before or know what it will be?? It about 6 months old but I have no idea where the warranty might be and my cichlids have for the most part been without circulated water for two days (the air pump is still working so at least they have that 😓 Any my help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hey guys just wanted some opinions about buying a brand new fx6 online on ebay from the US, it will be around 480 ausd including shipping. Just wanted to get some opinions if it would be the way to go or not? Cheers!
  15. Hi everyone, I have a question in regard to a canister filter I bought from a guy yesterday, an FX6. He had been using it on a marine tank and I'm going to be using it on a tropical. I would like to thoroughly clean the canister internals and sponges of the residual growth of calcium,,,looks like worm tubes,,,from the internal filter walls and baskets, the growth isn't particularly heavy and most was removable with a brush but the residue and a lot of stubborn bits remain, especially in the bottom near the pump. I have considered using a dilute solution of white vinegar and recirculating it for a period of time, then flushing the whole shebang. Anyone got and ideas (home remedies) which have the same or similar results? Pat.
  16. Was just thinking, would you be able to run one of those single or double sponge filters through a solar air pump? Would it be strong enough?
  17. Just wondering if anyone could suggest some globes and pumps for the lighting and filtering for the Juwel Lido 120, I'll be picking up a Juwel Lido 120 this weekend with tank, stand, non working light, non working filter, heater, apparently the filter and light don't work but it could just be needing a new globe and pump.
  18. http://www.pacificwater.com.au/product/ro-unit-fs-201-aquarium-ro/ Picking up one of these friday (pending advice) Any reason why this wouldnt suit my needs? I have a new 140L reef plan in the works.
  19. Been working on my new filter drums today. Going to make them up one at a time and swap them out so it doesn't upset the filtering system, someone else started the filter design and the drums have seen better days, so brought some new better ones. They are currently full of lava balls and they keep blocking the system so have to go. This will end up containing this new BioHome media that is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread....hmmmm, jury is out on that one, only time will tell (f**king expensive sh*t I know that much). I have glued some egg crate in the bottom (with super strength araldite) to stop the media from blocking the flow and allowing the air to flow up through the media. The water comes from the tank into a pressurised pond filter that I use as a mechanical filter and UV, then through the inline heater and splits into 3 lines, each one going to one of these drums and then back into the splitter that takes 3 into 2. Each of the 2 lines goes into a separate canister that contains a filter sock, bag of Seachem Purigen in one and sock with a bag of carbon when needed in the other. Then from there back into a 10,000lph pump and back up to the tank. At each end there is a ball valve to shut off water supply and a tap and hose fitting under the tank for draining and filling the tank. I have glued an airline into the bottom of each of the drums and these are connected to a battery backup air pump to protect the biological media in each of the drums in the event of a power cut. There is another backup air pump supplying the tank with air in the event of a power cut as well. No such thing as overkill, is a stupid word. If the Nitrate stays too low it can mean only one thing.......you do not have enough fish in the tank. Go and buy some more! Only thing I am not sure about is my idea of supplying air to the drums (which they don't currently have) to protect the bacteria in the event of a power cut (and we get a few), What will happen when the tank pump stops circulating the water and the air pump is still blowing air into the drums. I am guessing it will get pushed back through the splitters at each end of the system as the drums are all individually connected via the splitters. At one end they go to the heater and then into the mechanical filter and back to tank. At the other they go into the filter socks and then onto the pump and back to tank. I am hopping as they are only air pumps, so low pressure, they will not have enough power to push the water and the crap from the foam filters backwards from the mechanical filter and then into the tank. With a bit of luck as it is only small bubbles from an air pump they will simply pass through the water and back into the tank. If it works really well I may even be able to remove the airlines to the tank as the air will get pushed back into the tank protecting the fish from suffocating. But does it mean I will see lots of air bubbles coming out of all the returns to the tank. Hoping that will not be too visible as I hate air bubbles in the tank. I use a wave maker to agitate the surface and oxygenate the water, so didn't want airlines in tank, but have no other way of protecting the fish..
  20. Hey there Fish Friends, I have come across the petworx Canister filter online, just wanting to know if anyone has had any experience with this brand for filters yet? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advanced! Details of Filter are as follows. 1200Lph 3 stage filtration - All filter media included. Roughly $100
  21. Hey ppl, I am setting up a few 6' x 18" x 18" breeding setups and am thinking of air driven side drop filters or Poret foam corner filters, am leaning towards the corner filter as I can utilise both corners of the tank for flow and can place marine pure balls behind the foam for a clean look. Air driven for cost and ease of maintenance, what do you think? Sam.
  22. Hey guys I was wondering wether I could have a bit of someones filter material/sponge/whatever. I have finally got my tank up and running again and don't particularly want to to go through a cycle again. I live in Jindalee, so if anyone close by wants to donate some established muck that would be great haha!
  23. Hi all, I have an Mr Aqua 12g 45l Bookshelf tank that I'm going to dust off and set up seeing I don't have the room for a larger tank and I'm just wondering what people would suggest for a filter, I used to run an Eheim 2213 which ended up shatting itself and I ended up smashing. Should I run with another canister, or something else, not looking to spend a lot either.
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