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  1. Just wondering how often i should be cleaning my eheim canister for my tropheus tank and what part to clean and what parts not to ? I do water change of 1 bucket of 11litres every day and on saturday a good vacum and 20litres (100litre tank) Iam running the eheim 800 lph and also an internal 600 lph. I usually clean the internal foam on saturdays. Obviously the fish are only juvies around 12 at 3cm and will be getting a bigger tank as soon as we move end of month. Thanks in advance ben
  2. I have a 65L Aquaone tank (with hood) currently cycled, planted and stocked with 1 Betta and about 6-10 cherry shrimp. I was until recently running an aquael turbo 500 internal filter which was brilliant, but it had a fault where water was getting into the sealed motor chamber, and that 5/4 times turning the pump on/off at the outlet it would fail to do anything other than make horrible whirring noises. So obviously with the unit being less than 4 months old I had to return it. Since they have gone up massively in price, are out of stock in the LFS and hardly anyone in QLD even sells them anymore I swapped it at the LFS for an otto PF200N. I was told that they can be great little units, but the otto has waaaay to much current output for the tank and Mr Fish is getting blown around the tank and is not happy at all. It's also the loudest internal filter I've ever used and living in a small one bed apartment this is a major NO NO. I am currently running a small hang on filter until I find the right internal but it is limited in the amount of media I can use in the chamber. I'm not keen on a canister filter since I have a dog and all it would take is for her to chew an inlet/outlet tube and my whole apartment is flooded. What would anyone recommend for internal filters with large media chambers that are QUIET. Thrown in a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of what size filter I am looking at. Shown is the old Aquael. Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who can offer their experiences on internal filters. Kritta.
  3. 1- 600x285x340- 57 lit 15gal 2- 900x390x450- 158 Lt 41 gal 3- 1300x365x450- 214 lt 56.5 gal 15 Gal will be a quarantine/ fry tank if needed. would i need to run this tank all the time? and should i plant it? 41 gal i was thinking would be planted and have fish like rainbows, mollys, guppys, neon ect? 56 gal would be planted and have 3 pearl gouramie and 3 angel fish, 6 juii cory , 5 kuli loaches and something else...? OR 40 gal 3 pearls, 1 angel? and 6 corys. 56 gal a large fish something with personality and a few cory ? So for these types of tanks would these filters be ok? i need to keep cost down and electricity low. 40 gal Aqua One Advance 750 Aquis Series II Canister Filter OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 800 LPH and a sponge filter. 55 gal AQUA ONE ADVANCE 1050 AQUIS SERIES II CANISTER FILTER OR AQUA ONE NAUTILUS 1400 LPH and sponge filter 15 gal not sure yet AS I dont know if this tank needs to run full time or only when needed? thanks guys [h=1][/h]
  4. Ocean Free Junior Jumbo Sponge Filter- Sponge size is 14cm x 16cm. Perfect for larger aquariums as supplementary filtration or keep a sponge filter going in your tanks for those times when you need a fully cycled filter in a hurry. It can be a life saver!!!! Head on over to our website to snap up some of these massive sponge filters today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Ocean_Free_Junior_Jumbo_Sponge_Filter_for_up_to_68_p/qhu124.htm
  5. Post is to let people know there seems to be two different types of eheim classic cannister in our (Aus) shops. I bought a 2217 with eheim media bundle at the start of this year from a well known retail shop. It looked identical to the old 'Made in w.Germany' and ''Made in Germany' models but has "Made in PRC'on the label. If it didnt have the new COI printed on it I would not have known it was not european. Tonight I stripped it down to check the impeller/motor/magnet/shaft, and it is in excellent as new condition. flawless and not a blemish. Today I received a 2215, from a different shop, probably better known and is very well regarded. The photo on the website shows the old style classic, but I recieved this new shape. The actual cannister, hose, Quick connects, etc all appear the same, but the motor housing and 'lid'of the filter are different looking. This one is made in PRC, and looks like it is made in PRC. A quick inspection of the magnet shows the surface of it has lost part of its outer coating already. I was considering sending this back, it was not what the photo on the website showed and was not the quality that I knew eheim once had (regardless of where they are made). But then I sat down and thought it over, the other filters at a similar price point are all made to the same or even lower standards, and it does come with a good warranty, so lets see how it does. The new 2215 was advertised as having 1xcarbon, 1x white fine filter, and 1x blue coarse filter. The unit arrived filled with 1x carbon and 1x white and SIX blue pads. Would make a pretty neat mech filter itn that configuration, but I removed 4 of the blue filters and used some 3rd party bio media. http://i1038.photobucket.com/albums/a461/isarich/DSC_0690_zpsk7vbyslf.jpg The 2215 fired up straight away and feels like it has more than the 600ish LPH even at a 1.3M Head and chocka full of media. And it is running dead silent, you cannot hear the thing from more than a meter away. I will tear it down in two weeks time to remove the carbon pad and see what the impeller magnet looks like. Long story short. It seems the classics that come with eheim media are the old shape cans, made in PRC. The classics without bio media seem to be this new, cheaper looking, style. Also made in PRC. The product photo on the outside of the carton "is" accurate, so if buying online I recommend phoning ahead to confirm what the box looks like. Assuming you are wanting the older style, and not ready to trial'n'error these newer versions.
  6. 30 + years ago under gravel filters were popular, are they still being used? The breeders I came across did not use filters in their breeding tanks just an air stone and in the shop situation we only used air stones and no filters. I see the shops selling all sorts of 'scapes some that should not be underwater. What is going on. Maybe aquariums aint aquariums anymore they are artworks. Ponds it seems are still a bit traditional but some are opportunistic, I always wondered about a windmill to run a bucket ferris wheel pump to lift and aerate water to a top level pond that overflows back down to the bottom pond - sort of movement action all the time the breeze blows. The other idea that caught my attention is the oriental idea of a garden quiet seat, from where you can only see the tranquil things and not the ugly stuff some even have a portal through which you can see distant mountains or a town hall clock. add in some cascading ponds and you would really have something special. I am banned from such enterprises my wife wants to keep things basic and lo-key.
  7. Can someone help me understand what sized air pump i need? My set up is going to be 6-8 nano tanks, each is almost exact 10 litres on 2 racks (4 on top and 2-4 below). Im using ATI Hydro sponge filters in the mini size for all the tanks and want all of them to run off the 1 air pump with a gang valve to split everything. At the moment im using my TetraTec ASP100 but even though it seems to work, water flow isnt great- this model does say its for 50-100L but i dont know what its LPM rating is. How many litres per minute does a pump need to be rated at for this sized nano tank to give sufficient filtration?
  8. To be a legend, you have to have been around the block a few times. To have ground it out long term. To have saved the day, or just powered on. There is one beast, more highly respected than any other HOB. And that beast is the Aquaclear 500 or as its now called, the Aquaclear 110. Now the aquaclear waterfall hang on the back style filters come in many sizes. The 110 though is the BEAST. It easily matches most medium sized canisters in quality of filtration. + Proven over many many years. + Parts still readily available. + From a successful company that is only going to continue to grow. + Much quicker to clean than a canister filter. + Easy to customize filter media to tailor it to specific aquarium and fish types. + Easy to DIY into refugiums etc. + Easy to troubleshoot + Favorite of n00bs and pro's. - Does not fit on tanks with bigger lid lips than its bite. - Can be tricky to use with some lids or hoods. - Noisier on tanks that are not totally filled. - Not legal to marry in most of the Australian states.
  9. Hi has anyone had a pro aqua 2200lph uv canister no : hw-304b if so are they any good?
  10. Does anyone have any experience with aquarium top filters please? Looking for filters for a std 4ft planted native tank and Im considering using 2 x 700lph HY303D models. The reasons why Im considering these filters are: The aquarium will be open topped so they will be no issues to fit These filters appear to have a trickle flow rather than the destructive currents of internal powerhead filters Only the pickup tube and powerhead are in the tank and are black (same as my background) I can load one with ceramic rings and the other with zeolite Will only cost $35 each plus media Am I missing something? The tank will not be heavily stocked. I also plan to run duckweed/frogbit on the surface.
  11. Pretty much a question around the title but first up a disclaimer that I don't recommend this or anything like that and I run three filters in my tank which makes it a little more robust. Background is this tank has been running for a few years so well established, has two canister filters and one internal for mechanical filtration / powerhead. When cleaning a canister filter (say one every 3 months), I use the hose (town water) to spray out the filter wool (or just replace), the sponges and the ceramic ring biomedia. Ceramic biomedia always stays wet and gets more of a quick rinse. I use the API FW master test kit and have for a long time never had a mini-cycle doing this. I know the test works as I've had ammonia readings testing DIY substrate ferts in a bucket and on an unrelated mini-cycle. So it's bugging me on why I'm not killing off my bacteria population with a filter clean to some degree. Tank is well stocked. I'm assuming that most bacteria in the filter are in the biomedia and are protected as I only give it a quick spray. Also perhaps tap water treatment isn't strong enough to kill off bacteria with only short exposure? And that the bacteria in the other filter plus in tank gravel,etc pick up the slack before I can notice it. Is that possible?? I mean I find it great I can give the filters a really good clean but .... Wondered what others do for cleaning filters?
  12. As the title suggests, who has experience with both? I just purchased a 2x1x1 for a shell dweller pair and have purchased a Fluval U2 internal power filter. I could have brought a C3 hang on, but due to room I selected the U2. Which sort is better?
  13. Need to supply air via sponge filters to 35 tanks. Would a Hiblow HP80 be sufficient?
  14. Wondering if you cover a sponge filter in gravel or sand will it aid in the filtration area. Any thoughts?
  15. After much research into an energy efficient filter design and suitably sized tank for Tropheus i settled upon a few 5x2x2's and a two tier stand. Pete (PETFISH) was approached to put together the setup and has delivered two superb tanks and associated galvanised steel stand. Real pity that he is currently unable to source any more glass :-( I've still got quiet a bit of work to do this coming weekend to vinyl the back of the tanks and play around with how i want the air to enter the pipes, but the photo's below should give an understanding of the setup so far (please ignore the leopard print blanket)... For those interested in the concept at play here, i suggest checking out the following video: Im really hoping to get away with an LP20 or LP40 at most to adequately filter (mech and bio) both 5x2x2 tanks. Time will only tell.
  16. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this. I am going to set up three of those 240 litres plastic pots I bought at Masters as ponds, I have power heads on them to agitate the water, but I think I may have to set up some sort of filtration system. Anyone got any good Aquaponic or diy canister solutions that I can build ? Thanks, Phil By the way, after having some Moggil creek Crimsons that I caught on Saturday kamikaze on me I decided to cover the whole pond. It was set up with a shade cloth over 50% of the tub in a tent like fashion, but using gutter guard (the cheap bunnings one) and cable ties I have managed to jump/bird proof the whole pond and installed a removable section for maintenance .
  17. Guys just curious as to if anyone here uses pond filters as a "canister" filter on there tanks? Is there any reason you shouldn't? Also, Internal powerheads seem to max out at 2000l/hr (the ones I can find anyway). Can you use a marine wavemaker in a freshwater tank if you desire more flow? Any Input/advice appreciated! Cheers
  18. .Does anyone use a UV filter in their freshwater set ups? Are they worth while buying? I have a 1600 litre tank with a sump, and I'm thinking of adding a UV filter.
  19. Hey fellow forum peeps We have just received our container from our tour of china and have a couple of NEW goodies to share (more coming in November) First of all we have taken the every day sponge filter a step further and introduced 2 NEW models Model # 1 HI-FLOW XY-380 The HI-FLOW filters are much the same as your old sponge filters except they are now made with a different grade of sponge. The new sponge increases the flow through rate and prevents clogging. The new HI-FLOW sponge filters are also MUCH MUCH easier to clean compared to the traditional sponge filters Here you can see a comparison on the materials used The New HI-FLOW models are available now for only $7.95ea ($7.20 after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are only $6ea ($5.40ea after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW Model # 2 HI-FLOW and SILENT XY-380 That's right we have engineered a HI-FLOW sponge filter with 0 NOISE... the unique design of this filter produces many micro bubbles to create it's current draw. The creation of these micro bubbles in return give a flow that is completely silence (no more blop blop sounds from the fish room) The use of micro bubbles also give a greater flow into the filter with the use of less air. What this means is 1 you have a greater oxygen exchange rate in the water and #2allows to to run more filters off the same air pump The NEW HI-FLOW SILENT models are also available now in our online store. They are $8.95ea ($8.05ea after forum discount) or if you buy 10 they are $7ea ($6.30 after forum discount) xy-380 Sponge Filter Large Aeration HI FLOW We also have a NEW HI-FLOW jumbo model available but more on that one later
  20. ..We received an offer for some of the Aquael Pond Filters and Pond Systems and we just had to jump on these. Due to the price we got them for, we are taking 30% off and you still get your QLDAF discount off that again! To give you an idea just how good these prices are do a google search on the Aquael Klarjet 15000 and compare the prices. The Klarjet 15000 is designed for ponds up to 15000 liters - it comes with a Aquael PFN 7500 pump (we normally sell this for $219 by itself) and a massive filter box 52x100x75cm with media and also includes a 11 watt UV and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. By the time you take off all the discounts - the QLDAF Member Price ends up a bargain price of $472.50 With a bit of thought you might find these useful with IBC's too. Anyway - here is the link to all the specials so check them out... Aquael Pond Filters
  21. Hi All. Great price today only on the popular Large Sponge Filter. Link - Age of Aquariums - Bio - chemical sponge filter ( upto 480 litre ) Ben
  22. Hey guys, Anyone used sponge filters with a powerhead attached to them for shrimp tanks? Will only be using a 450lph powerhead, just so the water flows better and well will be kept cleaner. sorry about the potato quality picture, phone has a camera and processor from the 15 century. Tank is 3x2x1.8 Will be a new scape that is different again lol. Regards Nathan
  23. Hey, im looking at buying a 6ft fish tank stand and accessories for axolotls. i would prefer if the tank was fully setup with filters, sand, rocks and plants ect so i can pick up and basically fill it up and put in my axolotls. any help would be much appreciated and if you know of someone wanting to sell please let me know. price is negotiable so send me a price with a few pices and ill get back to you. will pick up in brisbane, sunny coast and gold coast, or south burnett area (or withing reasonable distance). Cheers.
  24. Hi guys, just wondering if it would be beneficial/wise to use two medium sized canister filters, with one input placed at each end of the tank, instead of just one larger filter with the input/output in only one area of the tank. Not asking for any particular reason, just curious. Does anyone do it this way?
  25. Hi guys can anyone recommend online shops to get eheim filters for the best price? thanks cheers
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