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  1. Just after some advice I have brought a 4x2x2(430 litres ) to house approx 20 tropheus I currently have an aqua one 1200 and an eheim classic 700 I think it is and also a large internal filter(2000 lph) do u think this is enough filtration for this tank? Thinking sump later on but want to get this tank running in 2 weeks thanks benno
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hi, I'm in thinking stages of putting together a small native nano tank and am after ideas for ideal filtration for such a small tank, looking at around 30l. Fish will either be Threadfin Rainbows, Spotted Blue Eyes, Honey Blue Eyes, Desert Gobies, maybe some native Shrimp like Darwin Algae or Chameleon. Thoughts on filtration?
  4. Hi guys jusy recently got a 6x2x2 tank just wndering what would be the best filtration for it internal filters? Havernt used canisters before am open to susgestions tho. TIA will have a colony of chumbu frontosa going in it aswell around 10 or so fish from 10-12cms.
  5. I have a 4' / 200L freshwater community with the following inhabitants: * 1 x RTBS * 1 x Veiltail Betta * 15 x neon tetra * 6 x male guppies * 2 x corydoras julii * 2 x otocinclus It has been running for two months using pre-established gravel. Inhabitants have been added sporadically, and there has been no fish loss. Tank is unplanted, gravel substrate, plenty of driftwood. Current filtration is a 1000L/hr internal power filter using the ace venturi system, with 25% weekly water change. This approach seems to be holding water, so to speak. I've decided to move to an external canister (Eheim 2213), for a number of reasons, but mainly because the internal power filter is unsightly, awkward to clean (weekly), the venturi is loud, and the smallest bubbles it produces seem to stay in suspension and give the water a cloudy appearance. My concern is that the low water throughput of the Eheim compared to the internal power filter w/ venturi will result in reduced oxygenation of the water column, and reduced circulation of the water (around the heater etc). So it's taken a while, but I'm almost ready to ask a question. I wondered if one of those low power "wavemaker" style power heads would be an appropriate partner for the Eheim 2213. I realise these are not true wavemakers that you would use in a marine environment, rather a power head with a different diffusion pattern. Of that style of power head, the weakest I've seen is a 2000L/hr (2.5W) version. Using a regular power head, my understanding is that volume of throughput would be undesirably excessive for a 200L tank, but the "wavemaker" style power head apparently has more diffuse water disturbance characteristics. I also wonder how it could move 2000L/hr using only 2.5W. Does anyone have any experience using that style of power head in a 200L tropical tank, as an adjunct to an external canister filter? Would the type of water disturbance / circulation be helpful, or just overwhelming? There it was, a question...
  6. Gday people I was just wondering if anyone used different kinds of mechanical filtration instead of filter sponge to trap all the poo? Just wondering if anyone had some better system than cleaning sponge Every week Thanks for any input and happy new year Also interested in learning abit more about bead filters and were you can get them from thanks
  7. Hi people I have decided to connect 2 systems together for less maintenance as have other things to do I have a 8 footer on one side of the wall and a 12 tank system on the other side of the wall. I wish to run both off the one sump or does someone have something better in mind. I have a nexus already running another system and was hoping for something along those lines to run these tanks but am restricted in height so a nexus wouldn't fit. Is there anything with a backwash function that I can run this system off Any help appreciated. Thanks. Mark
  8. Hey Ive got a 2 tier rack, each tier with a 4ft tank on it. I was thinking about running one cannister for both tanks. does anyone do this at all? One thing I am concerned about is the syphon effect in a power fail from 1 tank to the other.....obviously from high to low Would I need check valves anywhere?? Pic below shows my plan and the ??marks are where im considering where the check valves would go?? thanks
  9. How many time are people turning there water over per hr I have recently done a test on one of my systems and was shocked to find out i was only turning it over twice per hour when i thought i was getting at least 4x per hr
  10. As the title suggests, who has experience with both? I just purchased a 2x1x1 for a shell dweller pair and have purchased a Fluval U2 internal power filter. I could have brought a C3 hang on, but due to room I selected the U2. Which sort is better?
  11. Hey All, This may be a simple but stupid question but what are the guides on what amount of filtration/aeration you should run in a African/american cichlid display tank? The tank dimensions are 8x2x1.8, Currently running an aqua one external 1000 filter and an internal otto (thinking that this is not enough but not certain) Trying my luck at breeding also and have a couple of racked systems with fish in it so I am sure there will be more stupid but simple questions to follow. Sorry if this is similar to a previous post.
  12. So, getting a 6x1.5x1.5 for Christmas from my mum (you may not have known but I'm 11 lol) so what canister filters would be suitable? I was thinking I might just get away with an fx5 but fx6 would be better, or a eheim classic 2260 although I can't find them anywhere. Anymore ideas? Stock will be a Tandanus Barramundi and 2 Desert Gobies until they're eaten or die of old age lol. Thanks in advance
  13. How do you calculate on whether you have enough plants to remove other forms of filtration, is the only way with a test kit
  14. I recently bought some bio filtration (k1 rip off) Does the real k1 float or sink? I only ask because i made DYI (Joeys' from youtube one) bottle, "k1" and air hose filter for one of my fry tanks. I noticed it doesn't sink so not all of the "k1" circulates. Is this a problem? or will it still do its job.
  15. Hi all I have a cycled tank and sold the filters yesterday. I have just introduced a new eheim classic 600. The tank is 48*15*15 with no fish just substrate. Tested the water this morning with results: Ammo - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 10ppm will contunue to test water daily and add small ammounts of fish food. Has anyone done this arse about way before? Would anyone know an estimate on the time to establish the new filter?
  16. Hi guys I have a 5ftx18x18 with a fluval 305, fluval 206 and an internal Otto 1200 lph. Just wondering if this is sufficient enough for my tank that has 20 mbuna cichlids in it? Thank you
  17. I fixed the filter problem as I clean it yesterday and it never restarted, had to buy a new one today,Aqua one 2700 so let's hope it does the trick,thanks to all who help me out with a few ideas,Brett.
  18. I have a 200L 48'x12'x18' tank running an eheim 2217 and an internal 1200LPH filter. stocking is 2 angels 8 guppies 10 mollies 1 bn 1 L080 2 Yoyo Loach 20 cardinal tetras I plan on moving the mollies on and getting more Angels. In saying that the flow from the internal makes it hard for the angels. I was wondering if the internal isn't needed. Could i take it out and would there be any negative effects on my tank.
  19. Hi all I currently have a 3 tier 4ft tank rack which I am using for breeding. The filtration is all over the place with a large canister, sponges and internal filters everywhere so I want to convert the bottom tank to a sump. The top 2 tanks already have a 25mm hole drilled in them (one in each at opposite ends) as I was running a 700gph canister on the top two. I was wondering If when I turn the bottom tank into a sump if these pipes would be adequate for overflow and for the pump and what size pump you would recommend?
  20. Hey there members of QLDAF. Just wanting to ask a question in regards to filtration on my Display tank. Now it is 840lt and atm i have my new FX6 (with 3 or so liters of cycled marine pure from my old canister) Otto 1800 that is cycled and a serenity 1500lt cycled internal power filter. Without an increase of bio load to the tank, do you think i could take the Otto away to use it on another tank? or would that be pushing it a bit? Tank parameters are spot on and all fish are super healthy. Thanks in advance, Troy
  21. Hey everyone, I am currently having renovations done and in the process getting a 6x2x3 (LWH) tank installed within a wall. Need some help with filtration options... Sump was my initial plan, maybe a refugium but thinking I could plumb it within the wall and hide it away in the cabinet underneath. What size sump would I need? Also I'm planning for discus, is there anything I need to know that they are specific to regarding filtration? And can anyone recommend any places/people to get custom built aquariums in Brisbane? Thanks heaps, Alex.
  22. Hi all I'm new here to the forum. I've got one question on filtration in my tank that I always go over. Currently I'm running a 4 x 18 x 28 with about 30 cichlids ranging from 1 inch to the biggest which is a 5 inch acei. I'm running a DIY sump which holds 24litres of bio media in the way of pot scrubbers and about a litre of matrix. I also have an ac 500 for mechanical. My Nitrates have been high due to a few missed water changers but are back within limits now. My question is would it be overkill to add a eheim 2217 just for piece of mind and considering a wavemaker is going to cost around 150 I'd just prefer to buy the eheim for flow and extra bio. Andrew
  23. Hey guys so i'm looking at doing a 6x3x2 for my pbass and chuck a couple of rays in there too, i don't really wanna have a sump in the house so i was seeing what people thought was a good idea? I'm thinking of going a FX6 and a 2000lph internal or maybe a wave maker? Thanks James
  24. Ok...so i have a 840 litre tank that we are setting up as marine. I have an Aqua one 2700 lpf canister. I know a sump would be highly beneficial, however after costing the necessary bits & pieces. It would cost about the same for a new canister. Would 2 canisters + wavemakers / internal filter or 2 be sufficient. Looking at live rock & fish with a sand substrate at this time? cheers
  25. Hi guys, I am (very) slowly putting together my first marine tank and it's going to be a nano reef. I am aiming for a mixed reef that will eventually house a pair of clownfish and a few snails for clean up crew. It's dimensions are 30cmL x 30cmW x 35cmH and holds 35L. At this stage it will be skimmer less, and nutrient control will be provided by small weekly water changes with ASW, evaporation top up will be manual. Circulation will be provided by a wave maker and I plan to have a chiller and heater to keep the temperature in check. Something else to keep in mind is that I'd prefer to have as little equipment in the tank as possible for aesthetic reasons At this stage I can't/won't have a sump on this tank. If you WEREN'T able to have a sump, what type/style of filtration would you choose and why? Please be sure to mention specifics (filter media type etc) I have done a decent amount of research and at this stage I'm leaning towards a hang on refugium with miracle mud and chaeto/algae and live rock rubble. But I thought it would be wise to consult the marine gurus. If you require any other info about the tank to help with your decision, just ask. Thanks in advance, Beau
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