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Found 55 results

  1. hi, does anyone know id blue fin notho killifish are available in Australia?
  2. Hey guys, setting up a new freshwater tank in my room over the next few days. I've got my heart set on a group of 6 danio. 3 red fun zebra and 3 regular zebra. And I was hoping to grab one or maybe a pair of something pea full but a bit bigger and maybe slower to help fill the tank out. The tank is 165 litres 2.8ft wide,1 deep and 2.4 high. So preferably something that will hang out mid/bottom tank and not spend the whole time under a rock. There will be one large, forked piece of timber with some plant cover around where it meets the surface, a few river stones and some grasses. I'll probably have pockets of tall this grass for the danio to dart around in. The tank will stay around 26 degrees Celsius and I'll have a bit of fast water moving through the tank for the danio. Is there any of the smaller fresh water shark breeds that a pair of would find my tank comfortable?I can see that possibly being a bad mix at some point though. thoughts? Any insight is helpful. cheers
  3. Hey all, Noticed some early signs of fin rot on one of my Deltas and was wondering what does everyone recommend for treating. Thanks, Dylan
  4. Hi guys,mi haven't noticed a lot of feather fins on here. Why is this ? I aquired a fairly decent sized one today from work (lfs) and just seeing if any one else out there has a monster feather fin
  5. Hi Everyone, Im looking to purchase Long Fin Bristlenose catfish, Im additec to them:help: Dan
  6. Hi all, I have a small 50ltr tank running which is my "rescue" tank. In short it's a tank I put the fish I rescue from family/friends into before moving them into a permanent home. I have an adult albino Cory that's in there that has had his tail fin removed. At first I thought one of the two serpae tetras had done it, but on closer inspection I saw several RCS sitting on his tail nibbling at him. Not only was his fin missing but he had a few raw spots on his tail as well. Has anyone else ever had RCS do this (feed off a live fish)? I guess they could've just been taking advantage of the serpae's work... Tank is 50ltr and currently houses 2 serpae tetras, approx 6 Khuli loaches, one albino BN pleco, one albino Cory and RCS by the dozens since they are breeding like flies. I have put the Cory into a fry cage and salted & medicated the water. His tail is healing and I would guess it will take some time for the fin to grow back. I'm hesitant about moving him into another tank until his tail is healed but it seems cruel to keep him in a small fry cage for an extended period. I really don't have anywhere else to put him that's "safe". Will he be okay for a while in there while he heals? Cheers ~Col~
  7. I have a female Sajica, that had the Crap beaten out of her by the male. I Qt her in a 2 footer . Her fins were pretty based around, but she is recovering, however she has developed fairly severe fungus on her left pectoral fin. I have been treating it with a fungus treatment, however it is still quite fuzzy. What I am wondering is can I physically remove the fungus from her fin with tweezers etc to speed things up ?
  8. Hello, i've had this kandango for just over 1 year its around 3-3.5 inch's long. Just wondering if it's male or female as i have a female in tank with this one. I've tried venting and from what i can see it was female but im quite novice at it. Thanks Brent.
  9. Hello everyone, First of all, I’d like to apologise for not being very active on this forum apart from the buying & selling section and mostly being a CD-ROM on here. Basically, I’m looking after a friend’s aquarium while he’s away. When I had a closer look at his fishes (after vaguely recall his partner mentioned a recent yet consistent drop in fish numbers), I’ve noticed a few irregular characteristic (Photo 1 to 7) on some of his fishes (Neon/Cardinal Tetras mostly). Photo 1. Possible fin rot or fungus growth. Photo 2. Taken with flashes on possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal. Photo 3. Irregular fin and head shape on another Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 4. Relatively healthy looking Neon/Cardinal Tetra within his tank. Photo 5. Possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 6. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. Photo 7. More possibly diseased Neon/Cardinal Tetra. 3 weeks ago, I’ve transferred a small patch of Java Moss & a few shrimp from his tank to my own. The mosses appeared to be growing healthily, but the three shrimp had disappeared overnight and one was found beside the tank the next morning. Nothing suspicious could be recalled and related to today's suspicion. Today, I’ve noticed that fins on my neon tetras are shredding, I’m suspecting I might have brought over some sort of diseases or bacteria from his tank to mine. Photo 8. The most severely damaged Neon among my tank. I’m just trying to identify what’s wrong with them and hopefully treat them. On another note, prior to this, I’ve also lost a colored widow from unconfirmed causes with signs possibly suggesting a bacteria related disease or aggressive territorial behaviours Water parameter had comes back perfect from 2 different shops with small amount of Nitrite found in both testes. Water change prior to the water tests was 2 months ago, the person who ran the testes had indicated an impression on the readings from the test and the frequency of water changes. Ph:- 6.8 Ammonia:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrate:- close to nil, <0.02ppm Nitrite:- acceptable range of nitrite present but will be absorbed by plants. Gh:- N/A Kh:- 161.1ppm Size of tank:- 18” x 9” x 11” Approx. 26L Temperature °C:- 27oC Been running for:- 4 months Filtration:- Internal Filter Fish in tank:- Colored widows x 5, Neon Tetras x 11, feeder fishes x 11 and Kuhli loaches x 3 Plants in Tank:- Water cress (Nasturtium microphyllum), Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatic), Java Moss Feeding:- Flakes, once a day Last water change:- 3 days ago Water change every Monthly or longer
  10. Hi, I had a guppy giving birth on Monday (bluegrass) and caught it to put into a birthing tank. Problem is, whilst catching it, it got caught between the wire side of the net and the glass and I accidentally squished it a little. It lost movement of its dorsal on its left side. I put it into the birthing container and it gave birth. Given its injuries, I left it in that tank until today and put it back into the top tank. After closer inspection, it appears as though the gills on the injured side are inflamed and red/purple, and the fin on that side has rotted away. It is interested in food although spits most out again. Is this an injury healing thing, or a its going to die thing? Thanks
  11. Is it normal for Bristlenose tail fin tips to go milky white? Or is it a sign of fin rot?
  12. I got into my albino longfin catfish tank today and found my antlered longfin. The first and last photo's were taken yesterday - The third one entitled antlered albino was my first photo of him as a juvenile. Has any one else seen a male like this lad. The Bristles flare out to a brush effect. Peter :confused::confused::confused:
  13. Hi all i have a long fin common bn female and i think see is about to explode i dont have a male will she be ok or needs a male to loose the eggs any help would be great Thanks
  14. My longfin bristle nose have fin rot,that is not responding to treatment so far,been treating for a bit over 3 weeks have tried wardleys fin rot medication ,then antibiotics raised temp to 30c regular water changes no nitrates or ammonia ,a couple of them have a reddish colour on their fins and tails .Any thing else I can do .Also have a uv filter running.Cheers
  15. Hey guys, the other day i bought a robinstoni and put it in my 8ft tank (it was the same size as almost all of the fish) but today i came home and he had a split tail and dorsal fin. So how do i treat this?
  16. Few months back Few Weeks Back Week or 2 ago - hard to catch on glass Just tonight.
  17. I think my cichlids have fin rot. I'm a noob with fish and not sure need help please. I'll up load photos soon. Wat are the best ways to cure it if i have it. Cheers wade
  18. have been using Melafix for two weeks to only little result can you just keep using this product until repaired (as it says) or break for a week or two then start again Your suggestions and experiences would be greatly appricated
  19. Can a fish survive with a broken pectrol fin, broken at base near body :/. Its a freshwater Angelfish...
  20. Hi All, Has anyone had any experience with the above species before, or even know anything about them. I am in the process of setting up a 4FT Juvenile Native Tank with 2 x Neosilurus Hyrtlii (hopefully around the 5-6cm mark) and 2 x Australian Bass (around the same size). I have chosen these two species, as they both take me back to my childhood fishing Somerset Dam with family and friends (not that you can catch Neosilurus Hyrtlii there, but the normal Tandanus, I believe it was Tandanus anyway). The Australian bass will be purchased around the same size. Within the aquarium, they should have the same growth rate (so I have been told) so one species wont grow larger then the other and start being a bully. I have been trying to find information on the internet specifically about the Neosilurus Hyrtlii regarding Diet and Habitat, but I haven't been able to find anything detailed. I have spoken with a couple of people who have witnessed these amazing catfish in their local habitat and they have said that either gravel or sand will be fine, but most people will lean towards gravel for the substrate. I don't want to assume that like the Tandanus Tandanus they will eat insect larvae, prawns, crayfish, mollusks, and small fishes in case this is wrong and they prefer something different. Within my tank, I will have driftwood and some rocks providing lots of places for the young fella's to hide, along with Val and a few other native plants. The tank will be set to 24c and ph around neutral to alkaline. Any information on this little fella would be wonderful! Cheers! Kieran
  21. About a month ago my electric blue jd got a little pimple looking thing on one side of his top fin. Since then it's gotten a tiny bit bigger and now I've noticed one or two small ones on the other side of the top fin. The spots are the same colour as the fin. Just looks like a growth. He's acting normal as always. Any ideas/suggestions? Worrying now that I've noticed the other smaller ones
  22. I had a look at the Mrs' tank this morning & I spotted the blue dwarf gourami hanging around the surface, looking a little dull in colour, also has a weird round mark with a furry look to it.. Just wondering if yous know what this could be & how I can fix it. All the other fish seem fine, no differences in them at all. It's on the bottom fin, sorry about the photo quality. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Keegan.
  23. Hi all. I was cleaning out my GF's tank which held her fighting fish and had a bit of a major whoopsie lol. I put her fish into a divider and placed it in one of my tanks as I have done before without any troubles what so ever. This time however, the little sod escaped (only way was to jump over so im still rather suprised he did escape) whilst I was cleaning and when I looked back at the tank there was ol' pinky in the corner with a very irrate fish beating him up. Stupid mistake i know but now I have 2 problems. 1) a pissed off girlfriend lol 2) more seriously a fighter who has had basically every fin on his body torn off completely. Will his fins ever regrow after such destruction? He is a testament to the hardy nature of the fish that he's still alive and back in his own tank but he cannot swim well at all which is no suprise and he has very limited ability to keep himself upright so he just leans against the edge of the tank. He is eating occaisionally if I place food in front of his mouth. I know they are cheap etc but I do not like fish dying/ being injured and I would like to save him if he can recover to having functional fins but I also don't want to be cruel and keep him alive if he will never recover the fins that he has totally lost. I have Melafix and plan on using that if he is saveable. any other tips or advice apart from don't put fighting fish in with bigger fish regardless of a divider? Cheers, Steve.
  24. I have a common long fin b/n and i have just relised it has a cut on this head i duno if its infected. If you know what it is or any ideas pls let me know.
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