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Found 64 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm a new shrimp keeper and loving it so far, and really enjoyed looking through some of the photos on this forum I came across Thai micro crabs on some articles from overseas and they seem so adorable. But sadly AFAIK not available in Australia. Seems we have a native crab that's very similar: http://www.aabio.com.au/research-continues-on-the-false-spider-crab-amarinus-lacustris/ Anyone happen to have had any luck finding them or buying them? When I lived in remote NSW as a little kid I used to find them (or something that looked like them) but I can't really travel 700km to the old spots to go looking haha.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hi guys, After seeing many cool threads on planted forums and other forums utilizing cool rock scapes I am trying to find a wide range of rocks. I know I am not the only one in search as there are many of my friends in Sydney, Melbourne and also on the Gold Coast (points to zane ) all in search of quality rocks. Where can we find rocks in SE QLD such as; 1. 2. 3. 4.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum after looking at it several hundred times and I finally had enough of a reason to get on it. I recently had a guppy die-off due to camallanus worms and I only just confirmed it today by looking at my betta's poo. I cannot for the life of me find anything less than 1L of Panacure and I was wondering if anyone in the South Brisbane area might have some they are willing to sell to me? I don't really want to buy 1L of it when all I'll be using is about 100ml. Also, is there any other product that I can buy that will help with my little problem? I also have a siamese flying fox and an otocinclus in the tank with red cherry shrimp and pest snails. I would rather keep my shrimp alive (snail death doesn't bother me) but if I can't avoid killing my shrimp, then I can't avoid it. I am also willing to buy a litre of it if anyone wants to split it with me to keep the cost down. Thanks! Have a lovely day Meredith.
  5. I got a new 5000lumin dive torch from Hong Kong a while ago cause my camera torch is only 2000 and wanted to try it out so Danny and I went to the south port seaway near the sewerage pipe looking under the rocks and here was a form of capensis that I have only seen in other areas. It was with in the usual types, heaps of them there and all of them love a ton of nutrients in the water, but always low light and this one is no light? any way right back near out of reach in the torch beam was the veiny pink variety, very nice. It's been in the tubs for a while now and the broken edges and bleached bits have all cleared up but as you can see, the red/maroon that most are based on is starting to take over from the edges. Oh well i will chop it up and in the tank it goes in a low light spots.
  6. Hi Everyone, i live around Warwick area and im about hour or so from toowoomba i'm trying to find sellers in Warwick preferably and looking for the following 1. 2x Peppermints Bristle-nose Male & Female 2. 2x Orange Spot Bristle-nose (Male & Female) 3. 2x Corydaras Bronze(Males) 4. 2x Corydaras Albino (Males) 5. 2x Corydaras Leapord
  7. Morning, hope everyone one is enjoying the festive season. I'm about to do a new 8x2.5x2.5 build for my beloved p-bass, but I am trying to find a cabinet and hood similar to this, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks James
  8. ..Was doing some water changes and looked down at my bottom tank and saw the 2 love birds out and about together, so I quickly snapped a photo. Hopefully he is dragging her back to his cave!!
  9. Looking for Lichnochromis acuticeps (malawi gar) and there like near impossible to get in aus. A few years back there was a few around but all seem to disappear. If you know of anyone with a male or colony or fry please let me know aus wide. any help would be great. cheers
  10. So JayPee is all out of blue vinyl and I'd really love to find some this weekend. Can anyone point me in the right direction around Bris? Maybe a sign shop that is known to have some in stock??
  11. Here are some shots of my new flame angel, an Aberrant morph. Very different and awesome! basically they lack most to all black pigment. This guys like a red hot fire cracker under the lights!
  12. Hi all, Trying to find some 55W power compact tubes for my 4 tube fitting that's on my 4 foot tank. Just wondering what people are using and where they get them. Cheers!
  13. hi just got a couple of cichlid trying to work out what kind thay are and if any one could tell me what sex if it is possible
  14. I mix my own ferts and I am almost out of the potassium sulphate that I bought on line through a seller that I cant find any more. I cant find any one else who sells it. I've been to garden shops and the major home and garden retailers and the best I can find is Richgro Sulphate of Potash. It claims an analysis of 41.5% potassium as sulphate. The richgro website offers no more info than this. My calculations show that the potassium in pure K2SO4 is closer to 44.8%. Does any one know if this product is pure? Is it safe to be used for DIY aquarium ferts? Alternatively, does any one know where I can get pure K2SO4? Any input would be welcome Steve
  15. Wondering if anyone knows where I can find those food safe plastic drums with screw tops for ageing water? I am sick of using my spare fish tank. thanks
  16. was just wondering where i could find a new 120L - 200L plastic drums? i want 1 for my water changes, just dont know where to start looking or even prices :S? Anybody know? Something like this thanks
  17. Anyone know where to buy natural slate in the toowoomba area?
  18. Hi guys and gals wondering where to get gobys and what sort of price they normally go for.
  19. Hey guys, I'm curious as to where I can find the aforementioned colours of Mystery Snails. I've seen numerous pictures of them and I think they look amazing. Anyone know of any sellers around these parts? Thanks.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. I'm sure there is a sticky on AAE but I can't find it can someone help me Cheers Marty
  22. i did a search on here but did not find any place that have them now ? if some one can help me i would be mega happy size smaller the better but will buy what ever i can find and i am sorry if i put this in wrong place thanks for all your help matt
  23. Hey all, Just wanted to share the wood I picked up for my 4x2 tank today. Fingers crossed it fits OK.
  24. 1 5x2x2 1 4x2.5x2 2x 2 fts 1 2 x 2 x1 1 sump 2.5ft regretfully the rececnt breakup with my partner she has decided to move fromwhere we were at rothwell tosome else soon so ethier have to sell up or find a place to store my tanks the 5ft and 2x2x1 and 1 2ft have live stock in atm . also a rough price on the whole lot would be nice. nyone have anyroom to store them?? thanks everyone im really sad about this. flick me a pm if able to help. asunderf
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