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Found 9 results

  1. I somehow ended up with a fish tank that uses light bulbs that are specifically only used in these Juwel fish tanks. I need to find replacement bulbs and have had no luck. Tried a online Melbourne fish shop but at checkout it said the seller details are not correct so the place must be shutdown. Preferably someone on the sunshine coast that sells them or else anyone that could post these bulbs would be great. If anyone can tell me how I can get hold of:Juwel T5 High Lite Tube 54w 1047mm Please help.:confused:
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Hi there, i currently live on the gold coast and am on the hunt for leaves, i know the where abouts of some japanese maples, but would like to find out where i could find IAL or perhaps even an oak tree
  4. im in need of some things for my new tank! where can i get all this stuff!! must be good quality and good prices - preferably online or on the gold coast. Tahitian Moon Sand Substrate best 300w heater cheapest white rocks or ornament rock type things lol (must agree with south american cichlid's) best cleaning products for aquaium eg; glass cleaner, gravel vac, etc. best filter for a 200-215 L tank
  5. Hi Guys's, Looking at making one of the following for my 6x2x2: http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?t=387870 (Mine will be bigger, I'm using 2L example used 500ml.) Depending on the sized container's I can find I may split the flow into 2 smaller ones.) Im struggling to find a pump that can deal with 1.5 metres of head height and only pump between 150-200 litres per hour. I was thinking of using a 1200 litre per hour powerhead I have lying around, but I am unsure how well it would deal with the head height and drawing/pusihing water through the filter at the same time. I would prefer a inline filter to reduce equipment in the tank. Anyone got any idea's? Thanks, Craig
  6. Quick question Is it okay to collect your own driftwood. Say if I wen to the river (Logan River) and found branches & roots there would it be okay in a tank (after boiling and/or soaking first).
  7. does anyone know of any stores in brisbane that sell iwagumi style rocks? thnx
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi, I have just moved to Brisbane and am wanting to get back into fish keeping. The wife is OK for me to go a 4 foot tank (to begin with ;-) ) but it has to have a really nice cabinet and good finish. I have been looking around and have not found anything yet... any recommendations for aquarium stores with a quality tanks+cabinets and good selection? I checked out http://www.dalbarb.com.au/aqua-units.htm and they look like they might be the go... pretty spensive but I will go for it if the quality is good. Does anyone have any experience with these...are they worth the $$? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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