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Found 20 results

  1. I just came back from an apparently sure fire Rhad location. A mate caught heaps on Tuesday in this spot and reckoned there were plenty more to be had. I caught nothing except Firetail gudgeons. One thing I have noticed loads of Fire tails seems to me a lack of anything else, crimsons, Blue eyes or Rhads for instance. I have encountered this many times in the past. This creek was absolutely pristine, there weren't even any fearless in there if it wasn't for the Fire Tails I would be tempted to conclude that it was a dead stream. Last week I found the most amazing red finned Pacific Blue eyes in the skankiest waterway going, this week virtually nothing. Any ideas ? And no, my mate did not clean out the creek of Rhads on Tuesday.
  2. Never seen this before, went to an apartment and the guy had a small tank set up with a massive chain sword growing in it. To my surprise he had a Fire extinguisher on the floor feeding Co2 to the tank through a valve then to a diffuser in the tank. The extinguisher was clearly labeled Co2 only. Can you get them re filled? Novel idea though. Cheers Squidman
  3. .Hello my name is Joanna We live in Sydney with my husband. My husband started almost a year ago to set his new 4Ft aquarium. He was new and didnt know much, but he is doing really well .He Has 1 Green Terror, 3 Clown loaches 1 Red tip shark and 1 Bristlenose.. He wants a freshwater fire eel and I m trying t find one for him but I cant find anywhere. Apparently yesterday I called one shop in Hurstville and they told me that it is illegal to have fire eels even though he had it o his web page... Anyway I am just trying to find one for him because we are moving places and he is going to buy a 6Ft Tank. If you can Please help me.... Thank you
  4. Hi all, thought I would share a couple of pics. Only 7 years in the making to get these. Each pic is a different shrimp. Please enjoy the fruit of my labour lol Cheers mick [/url
  5. can anyone tell me the difference between ag.fire red and fire gold . i can only find pictures of fire red,which i have but have seen fire golds advertised , are these different or just a marketing name.
  6. nice fire male just gave him some females
  7. As above. You will have to be able do home maintenance on "mum and dad" fish tanks. Buy 500-1000 neons or other small tropicals from wholesaler @ 0.20 cents ea. Take these to tank you are regularly doing maintenance on and chuck em in.[At least a 5 footer.] The owner is delighted to pay 0.50 cents per fish to have in their tank. The owner pays for food,electricity,water etc at their cost and watches them grow. Once they are a suitable size you remove these fish and replace with a different species and the cycle starts again. Then you have 500-1000 neons to sell @ $2.00 each to lfs. All the growing and feeding costs are done for you. The prices i have quoted may not be correct but are used as examples. Is this better than winning lotto??
  8. New addition to the tank yesterday for some breeding. He is only about the 9cm mark but will be some nice fry from him. Does look best in person. What is it with peacocks and taking photos lol Never gives them justice Sorry about the glare off the tank. I was sick of taking pics after 30mins. Need to steal Footlong Carp's camera again lol
  9. How do I kill leeches and not hurt goldfish. I got some plants recently and they had some hitchhickers:( Cheers
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hi All, So was sitting down watching telly when I noticed the behavior, said to the wifey I bet they spawn real soon .. Got up for a ciggy & thought I would take a lil look see ... This is what I saw Worst part about it is were they decided to lay right in the back corner of the tank (4x2x2) not that bad you say, well its the same corner that is hard up against the wall :mad:, So got the old coat hanger and airline out and commenced sucky sucky time. End result is 300-400 lil bubs .....just when I thought I would give up breeding for a while Anyone up for some Firemouths in a few months lol
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Can anyone tell me what is the differents between Gold Compressiceps and Fire fin Compressiceps? Are they come from the same family or they are completely different? Cheers
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. just wondering how old or what size before the fire blues and bi colours start to colour up? So I can tell if they are male or female. cheers Jodie
  16. Question is people can fire blue females have eggspots on analfin just not sure any help would be great!!! cheers luke
  17. G'day guy's, just wondering has anyone seen these guy's anywhere for sale and/or if you have had any real bad experiences? any information would be appreciated
  18. I have a colony of fire blues, the largest “females” have faint egg spots on there anal fin . Are they sub-males? Will they colour up if removed from alpha male?
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