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Found 2,025 results

  1. I quite enjoy watching my common guppies, mollies and shrimp go about their business. Was wondering what other fish people find interesting, fun or amusing to watch, and why?
  2. Hi members! I'm thinking of purchasing some fish that my local pet stores don't stock from online live fish retailers. Have been looking at Fish Tank Fish in particular. I would appreciate any feedback from members who have past dealings with them, also any other suggestion for a good online live fish retailer. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys and girls, Lately i've noticed Petbarn's prices and stock varieties of tropical fish have been quite good compared to fancy aquarium shops around Brisbane. What are peoples thoughts on shopping and buying fish at a petbarn rather then their LFS? They have a policy if the fish dies and your waters ok they will replace or give u a discount on your replace fish within a few weeks apparently. I know you'd never go there for the advice but the fish stock seem 90% healthy not to many dead or sickies in there and pretty clean tanks. Curious who shops there for fish or aquarium products bc of price or shorter travel times and their thoughts on how it compares to their LFS cheers,
  4. Sup guys Im travelling from oxley to woodford to collect some fish today at 11:30 am and expecting to arrive around 1pm. Just a thort , if any one is in need of some fish of either destinations leme no and the items can hitch a ride to or from with me. Loading up point would be "the ox" oxley pub and collection point up woodford would be opposite the cop shop. Just an idea for those who arent able to travel so far for a few spicimen that near each direction. P.m if ur keen. Of course u have to supply ur own buckets and pumps Cheers yo
  5. Hey guys kind of an open question but i am starting up a little three foot 150L tank and cant decide on what fish to put in it. i am cycleing it now but i love tropical tanks with plants so anyone got suggestions for a pretty and interesting fish that gets along with others doent get to big and wont eat plants...oh and wont cost me an arm and a leg per fish ( eg $200 per fish)
  6. Problem I have a Juwel Lido 120 which I have set up as a planted community tank. you know the usual stuff cardinals, yellow tail congos, rummy nose etc. I have a mixed school of Hatchet fish. I started with four Marbled Hatchets that i got from Pet City, 2 large Silvers from Annerly and a trio of small Silvers from Paul at Oxley. Since then I have lost 2 Marbled and 2 silvers and it looks like another is on the way out. It seems to be a swim bladder type of issue or possibly bloat. They all end up swimming upside down disoriented and then check out. The rest of the hatchets are fine, it just seems to pick the odd one off one at a time. All the other fish in thank are healthy and fact they are robustly healthy. All my water parameters are good and the Hatchets even have their own quiet slow water zone to swim in with surface plants. Its got me stumped. Anyone got any clues or experienced this issue. Thanks, Phil
  7. Does any one know what this fella is? Found him in a small stream with some mosquito fish. My best guess is a mosquito hybrid of some sort.
  8. Good evening ladies and gents, After years of not having a fish tank, I have finally decided to get back into it (my wife bought me one for my birthday ). I am looking for some inspiration on which way to go with my new fish tank, as I am second guessing if I want to go down the African Cichlid road again (I used to have Malawi colonies), as I would like to cultivate a more plant orientated aquarium. My wife and myself were looking at the African Cichlids, as my wife loves their colors, but I am still hoping to find a fish combination that will allow me to have a planted tank. I would love to take her to a show / display of various aquarium set ups and I am wondering if the upcoming Ekka will have a good variety of different types of aquariums setups for inspiration. Otherwise are there any other upcoming Aquarium displays / competitions in the Brisbane area that would be worth while going to? Otherwise feel free to post your planted aquarium set ups and fish combinations By the way my new aquarium is a 180l Octagon fish tank with 60cm height (small foot print for ground dwelling plants) and would need fish combination that would occupy all levels. Thank you everyone!
  9. fish food

    I have been using sera discus granulate and they love it but I'm looking at Sera Vipagran Staple Diet from the techden would it be good for them the fish I have for now r Nicaraguens /Geo. Brachybranchus /neets /Neon Blue Acara / jd or what would u use for them thanks
  10. Your wives may try to hurt you if you try this in your house, but I had an old salt and pepper grinder that stopped working a long time ago so I've repurposed it to feed my fish fry. I'm in a sling at the moment so I'm limited to building small things at the moment. Introducing the fish food grinder!!!! https://vimeo.com/169651369 I mixed fish flake, fluval shrimp granules and some algae wafers in there and it grinds it all up haha Tell me what you think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. next fish auction

    hi all just wanting to know where and when the next fish auction is in brisbane cheers johno
  12. The last few weeks have seen beautiful visibility and an even better clear water event is on the horizon! During these clear water days I actually found a latezonatus family, not just one, but a few in an aurora crispa anemone. The latz out off here are a dime a dozen, but a group of latz in an aurora, cool! The links to youtube do not work on here so put in the google search bar, starting with a capital l for like "liquidg marine life-youtube", then look for that video.
  13. Hi all, Hope this finds you well. We just bought another 4 foot fish tank that came with some fish. Some I can't seem to find what breed they are or tell their sex. The ones in question are these catfish/sucker fish that are 4-5" long and there seems to be both male and females of them (2 females, 2 males) from different patterns/colours etc. The is also a type of Angel fish that I am not sure of breed. There was supposed to be a breeding pair but when we went to pick up the tank, she said one of them had died due to being picked on by the cichlids that were in there (they passed on last night thanks to big bad Barry the 250mm Oscar (we have decided to trade him in at the LFS as we are sick of loosing expensive fish due to his bad attitude.)) Anyway, here are some photos of the fish in question that I'm trying to find out what they are; Thanks for the help and advice in advance!
  14. South American Leaf Fish

    Hi guys anyone know if you can get Monocirrhus polyacanthus (South American Leaf fish) in Australia?
  15. Hi All Haven't had a tank for quite a few years now. What do you guys recommend for day a 4x2 or something around that size?
  16. https://www.facebook.com/events/232664467099842/ Saturday 14th May AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA.
  17. Show us your sump setups

    keen to see everyones sump setups, ive never setup/ran a sump before and need ideas! every detail would be great. The sump will be for a 5x3x2.5 (Lwh) and it has 3 40mm holes drilled at the top of the tank, 2 slighty higher than the other one. The stocklist for the tank will be motoro ray pups and maybe a few other things untill they grow out then into the 8x4x2.5 when it gets built. I know rays need clean water. I have had one before. What size sump tank should i use? what size return pump? What brands are the best? What media does everyone use/like? looking at a shogun 500w heater for it, what does everyone think of these? Pictures would be good. Cheers !
  18. Hey guys and girls just had a few questions about the rainbow fish for those of you who have them.. is it better to have a little school of about 8-10 of them or just a couple of them? How big will they actually grow in a 4ft tank? And will they get along with many other fish? Or what fish should I put with them? And what water temp should I have ? Driftwood or no driftwood ? Would they breed in a tank or is it hard to breed them? Thankyou everyone for your help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. New to fish!

    Hey guys after seeing some aquascaping and some shrimp tanks (who knew you could keep shrimp!) i really want to get into the hobby. I used to keep some guppies, and now after reading i realize i didn't take the best care of them, although managed to breed. I want to set up a small tank and have a shot at aquascaping myself. I want to keep some australian native shrimp and maybe some small fish. So my main question is what shrimp do well with fish? Or what fish do well with shrimp? I would have lota of hiding places, and would want the fish and shrimp to breed. Any ideas on species? (Australian native) thanks heaps Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Hi, I have a small tank set up as a tropical tank. Are there any dealers in SEQ selling fish that have been genetically engineered. I am a huge science fan and skeptic and would love to be able to own a GMO pet fish. Thanks
  21. Hey guys I was wondering has anyone had any experience with any great,reliable and generally cheap courries. I am looking to purchase some fish and get them posted to me and I am wondering if anyone has recommendations that I can check out. Thanks a heap!!! -josh ps-example needed is from Brisbane to biloela region 4716
  22. Fish ID Please

    Took Mum outta town today to see a specialist, went to the local fish store and Mum being the saint she is thought she would do her good deed for the week and get some feeder fish, she bought 20 at $1.20 each, I have no idea what they are though, can someone ID them please, cheers.
  23. Hey all, Chasing the general consensus on tanks that have been empty for long periods. Mainly, would you buy one? I have an assortment of tanks that I have been sitting dry for just over 12 months, all 2nd hand but were in use previously and completely leak free. I moved in with my partner, and they have been waiting for me to put them to use, but life gets in the way, and now the arrival of a little one, I can safely say that my fish breeding ambitions are officially on hold for the foreseeable future. What I'm getting at is, Would anyone buy them as is? Or would I be best to strip them down, clean them and redo all the silicone? (I was planning on doing this anyway before using them myself) Thanks guys Jesse
  24. I got back on to Facebook last week (much to my disgust) as my mate is getting married tomorrow and all the photos are going to be put up into a private page for all invited to see, so now that I have created an account again, I thought I'd use it to suss out pages, groups on native Australian fish, shrimp, plants that are getting around, can people suggest a few off the top of their heads? [MENTION=17713]LukeEggler[/MENTION]?
  25. My pond (which is really just a pool that hasn't been looked after for years) has no pump or aerator and yet fish are still able to live in it. as i am adding some more native catfish to the pond, I've been doing research and i have not seen any pages where people have a self sustaining pond without use of a filter/pump, which brings me to wonder, how are fish able to live in my pond? I have no plants in it ( hopefully this will change soon) yet there is a hard, thick algae muck that is all over the pond. most of it has sunk to the bottom, although theres a few bucketsfull worth that are floating on the top. the inhabitants of the pond are: a salmon tail catfish, 100s of firetail gudgeons, 100s of guppies, 50-70 convict cichlids, 12 crayfish.