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Found 9 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi guys, I went to hound Ryan (Japes) again today and bought some interesting pieces of melaleuca and also a nice main structure of mangrove which I cannot wait to get them in the tank. I was also finding out a nice schooling fish for my nano which I found. These were some of the pictures after Ryan fixed up my camera for me (I am a total noob at cameras however would like to get more into photography of my tanks and fish). There are lots of water markings on the tanks that I did not clean off when taking the pictures as was too busy chatting away and finding out information instead. And there is lots of background light as you can see in the pictures as there are tanks everywhere haha which make taking pictures hard for a beginner like myself. These pictures are nothing flash so please be kind Photogenic angels
  3. Hey Guys and Gals, Fishchicks most recent batch of imports from Glaser in Germany and wild Bettas from Indonesia are now in store, and I took a few photos while in store today. Wild Blue Discus Pelvicachromis taeniatus nigerian red Gold Laser corydoras Harlequin rasboras
  4. Hello Dwarf/Planted/Community Lovers, We (briztoon, gingerbeer, and myself so far) will be having a meetup next Saturday, the 24th of July. If you're into South American and West African Dwarves, Pencilfish, Tetra, Rasbora and Planted setups/Aquascaping or maybe even Aquatic Photography, we invite you to come along for a coffee and a chat while we annoy Jodi-Lea, possibly Todd, and any other customers :geek: I won't be bringing anything super exciting like prizes or giveaways, but if you want to come and meet a few of us, talk fish, and cleanout Fishchick Aquatics (except for the Indian Almond Leaves, gingerbeer gets angry and he keeps a list of people who have done wrong to him) then we want you to come down! I'd personally like to see Sponge, Marty_87 and discus_noob and a few others make there way over Saturday, July 24 at 9:30am at Fishchick Aquatics, Shop 17/478 Ipswich Rd, Annerley. We meet at the Coffee Shop up the stairs from the store on Ipswich Rd right at the junction - not the one on the corner. Cheers, japes
  5. Hey guys, A handful of us met up together to pillage Jodi-Lea's store after a new shipment from Peru (?) arrived today after being in quarantine. Unfortunately I did not partake in the purchasing of new and exciting dwarves, as I had only planned to pick up a pretty standard Tetra order that Jodi-Lea was holding for me; on the same day as all of these other fish nerds were inbound on their search for F0 Apistogramma. It was a good day out for me making the 90 minute trip south from Caloundra as I got to put a couple of faces to names for those I hadn't met previously, and catch up with a few people that I had known previously from sales and trades. I attended with wallet and camera in hand, choosing the usual nifty 50mm lens which proved to be pretty useless for any full room shots, but I still got some pretty nice photos to showcase Jodi's fantastic store and the good time we all had spending money there! Without further adieu (and in chronological order..); Apistogramma eunostus. This gorgeous female (.. or possibly not) ended up in the capable hands of gingerbeers son, Squirt. Was a funny fish and a perfect model! Apistogramma cacatuoides male. The Blue Mustard Halfmoon Betta pair that KenR60 ended up with. Hello sweety! I have to be honest and say that I'm usually not a fan of Bettas, but some of the more advanced strains are absolutely stunning. A few of Jodi-Leas tanks, first shot are actual stock tanks, not displays. Beautiful! Beautiful Guppies. (My) Hemigrammus erythrozonus, Glowlight Tetra, picked up 30 of these gorgeous specimens who are now settling in nicely to their new surroundings. Apistogramma eunostus Apistogramma bitaeniata gingerbeer (minus asscrack) and Rod hunting females of one of the newly arrived species, with Rod pictured retiring to the pillow. gingerbeer teasing some beautiful Angels. A. macmasteri complex male (hope that's correct!). Rod and briztoon (Right) checking out the Dicrossus maculatus that I spotted but failed to mention until late in the precedings! Anyway, that's it, but it was a good fun day out and nice to catch up with a few forum members! Cheers, japes.
  6. Hey guys, Steve (gingerbeer) mentioned in chat the other day, it might be time again to organise another Fishchicks visit/get together for forum members. Steve said he'd prefer a weekend visit this time around. As I have the weekend of April 16th/17th/18th free I was wondering if anyone else would be interested. Everyone knows I don't need an excuse to visit the store, but I do have one last tank to fill, so I'll definately be heading there that weekend anyway. Have my eye on a pair of the Apistogramma agassizii "Flamenco" for the last tank. So if anyone else is interested, feel free to leave your name here, and we'll see what can be organised. Peter
  7. hey just just wanting to pm jodi from fish chicks but cant seem to find out how to pm her. for people that pm her does she have a seperate person account aswel for people to pm her? thanks
  8. Hey guys, Was in at Fishchicks today talking to Jodi-Lea and the Apistogramma aren't released from Quarantine until the Wednesday due to Tuesday being a public holiday. She's let me know that if we have a meeting Saturday would be the best day for it, so at this stage it looks like: Coffee etc. at 9:30-9:45 Saturday, January 30 2010. Store opens at 10am. For newcomers to what will now be a regular event We will be meeting at the Coffee shop up the stairs on Ipswich Rd, I'm pretty sure it's still there and didn't get wiped out by a runaway car yesterday. Jodi may confirm different details as I'd hate to be a day late or early
  9. Anyone interested Myself and Rod are grabbing a coffee and heading to fishchicks to pick up fish/ see the new shipment. If you want to join us please do - 0448 500 056 11.30 ish for coffee - shop opens at 12.00. steve
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