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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone! i packed up all my tanks for a few years but i have got back into it, I started a 30 Liter planted nano about 5 months ago Live stock: 1 mustard gas Betta 2 Whip tails 1 Bristle nose 1 Fresh water crab I don't really know the names of half the plants in there so let me know if you can name some. Here is a video of my Betta and crab meeting for the first time. Here are some pics,
  2. Hi I've been away from fishkeeping for a number of years and have now decided to get a six foot tropical freshwater tank now that I'm living in west Brisbane. When I last had a tank, I used an undergravel filter, but from my reading, it would seem that the best option for one of these tanks is either a canister filter or a sump system. I was wondering whether anybody has opinions and whether there are any reputable places around Indooroopilly. Regards Lex
  3. .Hey just a heads up if you don't already have it by subscripton or have bought it in the shops, the October edition of PFK has a great article on Blue-eyes. They cover Furcatus, Gertrudae and signifer. Worth a look, You can't miss the mag it has a Furcatus on the cover.
  4. How many fish can you ID ? How many errors can you spot ? http://www.britishpathe.com/video/tropical-fish/query/aquarium
  5. These damn messy eating fish and best ways to go about keeping there tanks clean....my group of salvini seem to turn every meal into a woodchippers work and yep leave a nice layer of pellet "bits" all over the bottom of the tank....how do people deal with these fish with great culinary skills.....I imagine a few Oscar owners can help as I have heard these guys have similar dining habits... Don't know why but reminds me of a bunch of underwater cookie monsters...bits of cookie seem to go everywhere except...in the mouth...
  6. Hi all, We moved to Brisbane over a year ago, and prior to that lived in Canberra for a couple of years. Loving the warmer sunnier weather than what the Uk had to offer Been into fishkeeping for over 15 years, I just love it. Since March last year I have provided an aquarium cleaning service in Brisbane Southside, and now have joined this forum to connect with the local fishkeeping community here and get up to date with news and events. Thanks all, and look forward to conversing with you all on here...
  7. 10 ways to make money from your fishkeeping hobby | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping
  8. Had one of those good weekends for fishkeeping. Started off with a first time visit to Redlands Pet Centre. Met Russ, nice bloke, I was impressed that he remembered my PM from two days before. Sold me a couple of things for that fantastic discount (I should've got more but the missus would have killed me). Even the Purigen at the normal price was a good price, and finally got myself a primo Jager Heater. Also saw he has a nice selection of cichlids. Great shop, highly recommend it. Friday night put a bag of Purigen into my HOB filter on my display tank. Next day Saturday wake up to be pleasently surprised to see the water to be crystal clear - amazing stuff that Purigen. My tank has never looked so good. Saturday arvo rearranged the display tank, did a water change and intoduced my newish but still smallish Ps Zebra Long Pelvic into the display. What a great effect this had on the display! The Zebra Long Pelvic hasn't displayed his full colour but his mere presence has ignited all the other fish, so now my tank looks amazing. My Hongi, Labeotropheus Trewavasae are now showing full colour 80-90% the time (previously only half the time) along with the Cobalt Blue, Electric Yellow, and Red Zebs now twice as active. Thankfully, nothing overly aggressive from any fish, the ZLP himself is quite happy and not shy or hiding. Yesterday Sunday, my Electric Yellow colony spawned again and now have a female holding in the maternity tank. Easily caught her, straight into the net. Finally, I moved some juvie Ps Elongatus Mpanga out of my E. Yellow nursery tank - all too easy, caught them in about 2 minutes (wow, normally they're hard to catch and takes me 10 minutes). Now my E.yellow fry are happy they aren't being nipped by the Mpanga and the Mpanga are happy in their own tank and showing some good color. Just fantatsic when everything just clicks together nicely. All too often you see the horror stories posted on forums, so it's good to report a good weekend of fishkeeping!
  9. I've done some dumb things before i have to admit..................... stuck me fingers in a water change drum to check temperature, not realising heater inside drum had cracked glass, shocking ............ Trying to fix a problem air pump and tapping the open motor with cover off while it was running....... shocking In my early days, used to suck on the siphon hose to do water changes, getting mouthfuls of water - not realising the dangers of fish water. But this latest one yesterday is my dumbest. While trying to clear a blocked air line with a stainless steel welding rod, {similar to a skewer } , i had the skewer in one hand and was holding the poly pipe in my other hand. And gee that blockage just wouldn't budge, so i gets serious with it and push with all my little might.............. and.................. in the blink of an eye, the skewer had gone through the poly pipe, through one side of my hand, and straight through and come out the other side of my hand. Well, stuff me dead, i yelled out some sort of language that even i hadn't heard before....... i didn't realise the "f" word could precede so many expletives. In another blink of an eye , i had pulled that skewer back through and out of my left hand { luckily not my right - cause i am right handed and you know why i need that right hand } I was quite shocked by what had just happened and proceeded to wash under running water, but to my surprise there was hardly any bleeding from either entry or exit hole in my hand. It seems i was that lucky , i must have missed nearly every vein,bone,tendon and nerve. although the swelling and bruising is bad enough. Straight to the quacks this morning to get a tetanus shot and some good shi.t antibiotics. I asked the quack if i should have any other needles such as t.b. , or any other fish friggin disease that could be transferred - she looked at me and shrugged " i dunno" . So , nice meeting you all, cause in the near future i may contract some weirdarse disease such as: bigisdickis or athirdtesticle or manboobs or allnighterectness syndrome not to mention - hole in the knob, white spot, bloat, or fungus.
  10. Trying to squat down to feed fish in bottom tanks Gut won't let you When you finally get down there then stand up Knees crack Catch frontosa to strip Damn no fry Oops its the convict Stripping female Why won't fry come out? Realize that's anal cavity not mouth Colony of gold lombardi never had mouthfull Shit must remember Females are blue Sucking poo Where have all the fry gone?? Must get new pair of glasses Feeding time Dropped whole container of freakin food in tank Gotta control these shakes! Last but not least Fishkeeping is better than sex
  11. Well where do i start, whilst feeding my Nasty nasty fish the mongrel took me fingers off hahahahaaha my mate drew this at work on his break, he is a bloody awesome artist!!!!! Thought it was funny stuff Damn it hurt!!!!!! was told they would grow back! :wink:
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