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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I have GT's and I've heard that dark substrate will make their color brighter I want sand was going to go with Tahitian moon sand bit its expensive , thinking of going cheaper sand such as bunnings but will it affect the color of the fish much? Cheers Sean.
  2. At the moment one of my fish has something growing on its eye, like a white fuzzy type growth, the eye is slight bulging out and I dont think it can see out of it... it is only on one eye Hasnt spread to the other fish or anything, they all seem fine But I dont know if its fatal or anything Anyways other than that I havent noticed anything out of the ordinary in the fish in question or any other fish apart from the patients behaviour Eating fine Its a cyprichromis leptosoma it swims normally but then turns around fully to see whats going on which is only the difference from when it was fine So im thinking it does that because it wants to check its surroundings and cant see out of the infected eye so every few strokes it does a 360 degree turn around Any ideas on what it is? and treatment? I'm hoping it will heal itself though but if its contagious I will remove the fish asap since its with my precious Tropheus
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