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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys and girls just wanted to ask a few questions in regards to sumps and a few bits and pieces of information any help would be great.. So basically I am setting up a fish room which is a 6m wide x 9m long x 3m tall insulated shed As stated it is insulated and cladded on the inside including walls roof and the floor has the gaps been sealed off and tiled.. Now to the importants.. So basically I am planning on getting about 10 fishtanks with ranging sizes or all of them to be the same sizes with deviders... I would like to make a 4tier 4foot stand although I would like to know what size sump tank and filter I would need to be able to filter three 4 foot tanks? I am going to have 1x 8ft tank along one of the sides with two 4ft tanks below and then a sump tank below that.. Am I better off having one big sump tank and pump and running all of the tanks besides the 8ft tank what is everyone's suggestions? Also I have considered setting up an above ground swimming pool to try and breed some L333 pleco's with plenty of driftwood in it.. is it a good or bad idea what are your opinions of this ? Thanks again for everyone's help and I will post pictures up of the fish room as soon as I finish painting and sealing the grout for the tiles thanks... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. .heres the link: 4ft fish tank with accessories | Fish | Gumtree Australia Caboolture Area - Ningi | 1060559453
  3. just wondering what different options people use for larger fresh-water fish tanks as a centre piece 1000L type of set ups?? i like to keep thing's basic and currently just purchase the "rainforest garden driftwood" from the company PISCES -it's basically a large piece of driftwood with established anubias attached, and doesn't last long at all in tanks with GG's,tinfoils,silver-dollars etc lol.
  4. Anybody tried using webcam to view your fish realtime from your phone/computer? I was thinking of exploring this option and see what units are available and being used by hobbyist. I was initially thinking CCTV, but not sure how it’ll work. Plan is to view the tank as a screensaver realtime.
  5. so just got some pep and l397 fry and was just wondering couple of things. i boiled the zucchini for couple of minute to make it abit softer. so how long can i leave the zucchini/ cucumber in the tank for? what other veg can i feed them? what about carrots?
  6. IN THIS TANK IS! reddevils green terror texas 2 jack demspheys feather tail catfish peacock 2 plecos 2 blue eye chiclids :) :) :) :) :)
  7. Hi guys and girls. I have a hobby of making cabinets stands and hoods. Im located west of brisbane in ipswich. My page is on facebook, if u search custom built fishtank stands/ hoods. Timber designs. While I build to order, I still make up stanfs in meantime. Currently have a 4 ft by 470 wide stand. Selling at a great price. Pics can be found on my fb page. Cheers
  8. Looking for some where on the Gold Coast that will make a custom cabinet for my marine tank
  9. anyone got freshwater yellow fin bream, seen a few young ones around last year. but would love to see whos got them, pictures!! tell me abit about yours!
  10. Hi guys, I need to insect bomb our unit. We moved in one week ago and the unit is infested with fleas (yes it's disgusting) I'm getting absolutely attacked from them every single night so I don't have any choice other than bombs. I have a three foot tank in the living room with an ebjd and two clown loaches. The tank has an external filter and air stones. Ive heard you can just wrap the whole thing in garbage bags and tape it tightly. From the ground to the top. I would turn the air stone off for a day but leave the filter on cause it would be wrapped as well. Will this work? Is it ok to turn the air stone off that long? If I have to turn the filter off will that be ok for a day? ANY advise would be great. I have to bomb by lunch today. Thanks
  11. When should you do a full tank water change?? just wondering what everybody thinks cheers
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