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Found 24 results

  1. Intro: 21/06/2015 Hi all, I am starting this thread as a fish journal for my small fish room, feel free to comment and give suggestions. I will try and give a few updates of my fish room via this thread, be it issues, breeding, tanks, new products and DIY. I am in the process or will be in the near future planning on expanding (my tanks), insulating (my room), breeding (the fish), and installing some DIY Hamburg Matten filters. This thread should help me keep my stuff together for posterity. I currently have approximately 14 tanks, not all of which are in use, and I keep a few odds and ends, Malawi cichlids, L# Catfish, Apistogramma, and my latest project Discus. Have to start somewhere I guess… Dan(danfishy84).
  2. rescue with a synodontis ill-treated- PlanetCatfish.com
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Was at the aquarium shop yesterday for supplies and stood watching the marine set ups as I always do, dreaming of having my own one day and saw a Duncan's coral with a clown fish half stuck inside one of its mouths. The poor clown fish was history. A friend who is a marine biologist said this is quite unusual as they generally eat plankton and other smaller creatures. What other strange things does everyone's fish do? I love how they all have their own little personalities. My Oscar has a love affair with the hose every time I do a water change lol quite funny to watch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Im really happy with my fish atm! I got my first tang (niggripinnis) fry today , My Ellioti are growing amazingly fast thanks to a food ive got my mits on and my success with BBS as of late . My peppermints are FINALLY looking like spawning AND im finally happy with my Oscar tank after adding a Salvini and plants! Life is good in fishy town!! Moments like these you need minitys....nah jks but it is good to get a UP, gets you through the DOWNS
  6. I have some silly common bristlenose breeding in a tank at the moment. If I introduce 6 small clown loaches will this disrupt their non sanctioned nocturnal activities? My guess is yes but im sure most of you out there have had a similar situation so im interested to see what the consensus is. Cheers.
  7. Have had a great few days! Ellioti have 20 odd wigglers. Got a package of 100 Cherrys from butch today. And I got 100odd FREE guppys off a awesome local!!!!!! Im in fishy heaven! Will post some pics and vids on this thread
  8. Off to clontarff north brssie this morning, any fish shops NEAR it? Not in the heart of brissie lol:lol:
  9. red ob male bi colour german import fire fish grasshopper fish cheers mark !!!!!
  10. Just heard through the grapevine a new city farmers is opening.. And they are looking for a person with knowledge of fish to work in the fish section! here's the link it doesn't specifically say its for the fish guy but thas what they are after SEEK - Retail Salesperson Job in Brisbane
  11. Hi, I have been lurking here for alittle while and thought it was time i joined! I am very recently into fishkeeping, with starting with a 27litre tank at the start of the year, and just recently set up a new juwel rio 180 litre tank (mts has hit quick). I have only just started introducing fish into the big tank, so currently the inhabitants are 5 rummy noses, 4 cherry barbs, 1 cockatoo cichlid and an albino bristlenose. Looking forward to learning alot :kitty:
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Took some pictures of my fish after todays tank cleans
  14. Hey guys, i have a couple africans, they were sold to me as red top zebras, but look alot like hongi. Please Tell me what you think this is 1 of the males. Sorry for the IPhone Quality. Thanks Tom.
  15. hey there, my name is jennie and i have just found the love of fish keeping. i have a 3ft and a 40lt . would love to me like mind people and find info about the fish i keep and maybe get some more fish.
  16. In view of the many questions I've received regarding my fish pics on the forum, I decided to put some pages over to fish photography on my web site. Although I've been a pro photographer in another life, shooting the usual crap such as weddings, portraits, corporate events and stock etc, my focus has been for a while now, on presenting my interpretations of what I see/feel, as opposed to simply "capturing a moment in time"...............ie I can do what I want instead of chasing the bucks. I have to say, that fish photography has become a real challenge in presenting it how I would like to, and I have not yet fully mastered the technique of isolating the fish from it's environment. In fact, it's the hardest photographic assignment that I've ever undertaken. Anyways, There's some info on this page as to how I am "getting there" that may help those who have DSLR's and would also like to achieve what I am still chasing. There'll be more pics to follow. THROUGH MY EYES kev
  17. The nearest I could get to water movement............I'm still working on it :confused: :confused:
  18. Just got home and found my wc apistogramma panduro belly up. Having pets sucks when this happens
  19. Over 20 yrs ago, I worked in a LFS. Every Monday we would get tanks ready for the shipment of fish that arrived Tuesday, mostly wild caught imports. The boss told me to get the 8ft planted display tidied up as he had a surprise shipment. This tank was purely for large shoals of individual species that would be emptied of fish at the end of the month and a new species introduced to show how good an individuual species looked in a large shoal, in a large display. It had just been emptied of some of the largest, most colourful congo tets I had ever seen, which were then moved to other tanks for sale. I had always viewed this tank as "special" as it was only ever stocked with wild caughts. Tuesday came and he pulled one poly box aside and said he would see to it himself. He set up a drip line into the large bag inside the box whilst I dipped the other fish and then went for lunch. When I came back, I saw the most magnificent sight I had ever seen in the hobby Anyways, when he priced 'em up, I was gobsmacked at how expensive they were.......these weren't the ones in the display but smaller ones in the "for sale" tanks. Over the coming weeks, I noticed that the main buyers of these fish were those who kept discus, and knowing a bit about both, I shook my head that these guys were keeping the two species together (I assumed). I also assumed that it was only folk that could afford wild caught discus that could afford these fish............I couldn't.........even at trade price. As an aside, I'm not the one to mix fish from different continents/biotopes/climates etc and other than a 4fter that has rescued fish in it, I never do, and thought that I never would. More than 20 yrs on and I saw some of these fish again, whilst not really looking for 'em actually. My boy fell in love with them and has been pestering me for weeks saying, "they'll be alright with the discus" (our only understocked tank). We'd built up some credit, so pricewise, although they are still expensive but not as much as they were 20 odd yrs ago, I ummed and aahed and procrastinated, saying that they really weren't suitable for a discus tank, but eventually relented. The discus tank is at the bottom of their PH range, the top of their temp range, not as fast flowing as should be etc, but I thought, "what the hell, I can keep an eye on things and give 'em their own tank if things start going pear shaped". Anyways, there's 10 of 'em in there and what a sight to see a shoal like that. The're all about 5 cms and nothing near as nice as the ones I saw all those years ago, but they're still eye catching and will be even more so, as they grow. What were these fish I saw all those yrs ago, swimming in front of a backdrop of wisteria,cabomba and hygrophila that so captured my imagination and had me question, "what if?" The price over 20 yrs ago, for an individual small fish was 7 quid, which would equate then to around A$16 They were a shoal of 30, each of them no smaller than 10cms............weaving and turning in unison, as mine are right now...................Dennisons Barb.............bloody beautiful! I'll let you know if I've bought trouble putting them in with discus. :confused: kev
  20. Hi, I bought these fish off a lady I bought a tank off. She told me they were red zebras and mainganos but I am not to sure. Would someone be able to tell me what they are. Sorry the photos aren't very good. Thanks
  21. Can anyone tell me what this bloke or blokette is http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii224/wolften04/Red2_9023.jpg thanks wolften
  22. Sup Fishy People, i just stumbled across this forum searching for some cheap fish, i usually browse petlink but this place looks pretty pimpin i been keepin some pretty little fishies for 12 years now, only in the last 16 months its gotten pretty serious, im 29 and im almost finished my final exams of structual engineering, i keep a few rarer speciecs of fishies and just your common bread and butter fish also to cover the cost of the rest , but im sure your all friends of impulse buying and MTS by now heres a breif list of some of my fish i keep and breed Agamyxis Pectinifrons naevochromis chrysogaster Polypterus Bichir Tropheus (cherry reds) Altolamprologus compressiceps Gold Head Altolamprologus compressiceps Fire Fin peppermint bristlenose albino bristlenose emerald green corys Satanoperca leucosticta Lamprologus ocellatus 'Gold' Cyphotilapia frontosa Karilani island 'Yellow Dorsal' Fossorochromis rostratus electric yellows electric yellows "lions cove" got them from "aquariums alive" goldcoast found them to be quite an attractive varient electric blues common bristlenose i have all this in a custom built fully insulated shed, inclusive of solar heating & lighting the entire system is filtered thru a 2000ltr vortex style headed flow thru filtration system running approx 30,000lph using davey's pumps and pressurised irrigation fittings, it also consists of 40kg of crushed coral rubble, and about 1 square meter of biological filtration media. so what do you guys keep??? Tha Boss
  23. hey guys i am restocking an american tank with geos. I have a brasiliensis who sometimes picks on new fish. Doesn do it to all of them but does it to some. I have got 3 new brasiliensis who he wil not leave alone. They are now all in a corner and all i can see is him nipping at them. Why do they do this? Could it be cause the new ones aren 100% healthy? Any help wil be great. The tank not over stocked either its a 6 foot and all thats in there atm is 4 brasiliensis, jd and parrot all of medium size.
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