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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone. I am having an issue with one of my yellow tail acei. She is the tank boss of an mbuna only tank. There are 15 mbuna in total, most are juveniles. Over the last four days I have observed her shaking her head and having some kind of spasm. I am not confusing this with the shaking that happens when fish are trying to instigate mating or to warn others off. From my observation this is happening approximately once every few hours and often when she is swimming alone with no other fish nearby. She will be swimming along then come to a jerking stop, have a spasm which involves shaking her head and then go forward, stop with a jerk again, shake head and then return to normal swimming. If she was human I would say she was having a fit of some kind. I cannot see any visual indicators of disease on her. She is active and eating well. There have been 2 recent changes that I have made but I don’t see how they could be affecting her. 1) 5 days ago I moved all my mbuna from my 4ft to my 5ft to give them more swimming room and more rocks/caves. The tank is being filtered by their old canister with the mature media. I did clean this but only the same as I always do when doing my regular maintenance. 2) I added 3 new juveniles to tank. BUT, I observed this behaviour in acei BEFORE they were added. I am at a loss as to what is happening with her. She is the only one doing this. And this was not happening in old tank. My water parameters are good 0 nitrite, 0 ammonia, 10 nitrate. I only feed them food specifically made for mbuna i.e. veg or spirulina based pellets and flake as well as shelled peas and zucchini. It could be purely a tank boss thing - but my gut is telling me that something is wrong with her. If it was a parasite wouldn’t they all be doing it? What could it be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi guys, I'm considering buying a new twin 54w T5 light fitting. Just wondering what people recommend as there are so many to pick from. I'm looking for something of decent quality. Age of Aquariums have the aquilina and hagen power glo and they are roughly the same price, any experience with these? thanks in advance, Beau.
  3. Hi Guys, I recently just purchased a Aqua One Nautilus 1400 to go on a new 2x2x2 tank built by Dennison. The tank is what I think they call ero braced, ie the top lip is overlapping all the way around. This issue is the canister filters right angled hard plastic tube that goes over the lip into the tank doen't isn't wide enough to fit over the lip. (hope this makes sense) Anyone know where I can get some right angled tubing to fit or any other suggestions. cheers Ben
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Well finally got my hands on the 3d latex rock background I have been chasing for a while! So going to post pics up of my project as it progresses The tank is a 6x2x2 and was previously set up with Discus and b/nose, gravel substrate and anubias on wood. The filtration is a 4ft sump, 1200lt/hr canister (just with sponge/matting), and 2 powerheads. The old background was the nasty blue/black plastic you buy at the lfs So this is how it looked, crap pic I drained and cleaned the tank yesterday, getting ready for the re-scape. Cleaned the glass with a mixture of bicarb, warm water and vineager. Dried it off and placed in my new background with tank right way up. Held the background up with some wood to see which parts on the rear touched the glass and marked it on the outside with a nicko pen. I did this so to know where to apply dots of silicone when the tank was on it's side...see pics
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