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Found 8 results

  1. Anywhere in Caboolture/north brissy that sells this stuff at a reasonable price?
  2. Hey just wondering where to buy those fittings to put your sump pipes in through your glass and no leaks plumbing my sump this weekend need to buy all my fittings taps pipes thanks!
  3. Eco-Lamps KP90 - Planted 24" Eco-Lamps KR96 - Planted 6500K 24" Fluval Aqualife & Plant Performance LED Lamp 25w ( 61cm - 85cm ) Above are 3 Fittings available from one of our sponsers I was originally going to use a Fluval LED on my 30x15x20 planted tank - but that was about a year ago and now it has competition . I was wondering if anybody has any experience with these - particularly with regard to a 20inch (500mm) depth . I know that the kp90 is twice the price of the already expensive Fluval but is it worth the extra . I am starting out with no added CO2 but may wish to add it later . As for plant types I will see what works . Also looking at commercial substrates what is avalable and what works ? I have done planed tanks before - but I have not used off the shelf gear to do it ( usually ghetto rigged diy or suchlike ) At present the only things set in stone are the tank and stand and the Eheim filter and that it is going to be freshwater planted . Suggestions welcome !
  4. Hey, I want to plumb 4 x IBCs together via the taps, what sort of fittings are available? Are there fittings to reduce down to smaller say 20mm hose? I'm going to plumb them up to a constant pressure pump for grey water use at home. TIA...
  5. I know one of the best places in Brisbane to go is the Irrigation shop on Moss St in slacks creek, but any ideas on finding some of the bits cheaper? I don't like to go cheap and simple on my setups but I'm up to $150 so far already (pricing it all out in a spreadsheet).
  6. Hi all, I've just plumbed up the water to my tanks with irrigation pipe and fittings, the ones with barbs and flicked the switch to the pump... to my frustration a few, not all of the joints are leaking.. I've got the clamps on the joints but this hasn't stopped the drips.. I did pull apart 2 joints and wrapped them with ptfe (plumbers tape) and that seems to have stopped a few of them, but i don't really want to do it all of them. Does anyone have some advice on other ways to seal these joints??
  7. Finally decided to sump my remaining tiered setup so I'll be needing a diamond drill bit and some plumbing gear in the next few weeks. I have done a search re drilling etc and couldn't find the exact info I needed. Here are my main queries, I would appreciate answers to any or all of them: 1. What size bulkhead would be recommended for a nine 2x15x15 tank setup (3 tier) in 6mm glass? 2. What size hole needs to be drilled for the above sized bulkhead (what size drill bit should I buy)? 3. What size sump pump would be adequate for the above setup (to house BN) which would be around 2 meters high? 4. Does anyone know a good plumbing supplier close to Geebung/Virginia that could supply bulkheads, strainers, connectors and pipework (all in PVC)? Once again, all help and thoughts welcomed. Will probably add more questions as they arise.
  8. Hey guys, I have seen this on here previously but i cant find the post I am wantin a really cheap place to gettin fittins to fit into my 25mm holes to plumb to my sump I have never used a sump before so what fittings do i use? wats the easiest and cheapest way to do it? I need about 25 complete fittings so i wanna go cheap but affective Cheers Nick
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